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By Frosty Wooldridge
May 11, 2009

Most U.S. citizens live their daily lives without a clue, without a thought, without any understanding of what faces their children and this civilization in a short three decades. The president of the United States lacks comprehension of our accelerating dilemma concerning immigration. Our Congress remains impotent in the face of overwhelming evidence facing future generations.

It’s breathtaking to watch when one understands what we face, yet remains powerless like standing on the beach the minute Hurricane Katrina struck New Orleans.

When future historians in 2035 write about how the United States devolved into a struggling civilization hit with water shortages, energy crises, climate destabilization and degraded quality of life issues?they will pointt to unrelenting immigration that created an overload so astounding, so crippling and so destructive to this civilization.

In Dr. Otis Graham’s “Unguarded Gates: A History of America’s Immigration Crisis”, he writes, “Most Western elites continue urging the wealthy West not to stem the migrant tide, but to absorb our global brothers and sisters until their horrid ordeal has been endured and shared by all--ten billion humans packed onto an ecologically devastated planet.”

But historians will scratch their heads when they ask the question: “Why did Americans do it to themselves? What were they thinking? What were their leaders doing? Why didn’t they move to stop the obvious when they still had a chance? Why didn’t they take action in 2009 when they knew what they faced?”

Many profoundly educated experts addressed it: Too Many People by Lindsey Grant; Population Fix by Edward C. Hartman; Blind Spot by Adolfo Doring; Peak Everything by Richard Heinberg; The Long Emergency by James Howard Kunstler; Food, Energy and Society by David Pimental; How Complex Societies Collapse by Dr. Tainter; A Bicentennial Malthusiam Essay by John Rohe; The Population Bomb by Paul Ehrlich; The Transition Book by Rob Hopkins; The End of Nature by Bill McKibben and more.

Yet citizens slept and so did the president and so did Congress. I still receive letters from readers arguing for their own suicide in the face of indisputable evidence. It’s astounding at how stupid this civilization proves itself in the 21st century. The dumbing down of our education systems in the 1970s created generations lacking the ability to think critically. Americans won’t look back and they can’t see forward. Richard Heinberg said, “In our race for survival, our media people are the cheerleaders for our extinction.”

Today, after the first 100 days of Obama’s term, the April edition of FAIR’s (Federation for American Immigration Reform) Immigration Report connected the dots and sketched Obama administration’s immigration policy. "With or without [amnesty] legislation, the administration is sending unmistakable signals to illegal aliens that they will not vigorously enforce laws against illegal immigration.”

FAIR said, “Since that time, "unmistakable signals" have been translated into unmistakable deeds, all leading to the inescapable conclusion that not only won’t the administration vigorously enforce laws against illegal immigration, but their intent is to dismantle immigration enforcement programs altogether. Following an Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) worksite enforcement action in Bellingham, Washington, in late February, the administration stated publicly that such actions are under review.

“By the end of March the review was over and so, apparently, is worksite enforcement. Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano signaled in late March that the arrest of illegal alien workers would be abandoned in favor of going after employers only. A planned enforcement action against a military-related facility in Chicago, suspected of employing hundreds of illegal aliens, was called off. Even more pointedly, DHS released 27 of the 28 illegal aliens nabbed in the Bellingham enforcement action and issued them work permits and the right to remain in the country for an indefinite period.”


Janet Napolitano, an open borders governor in Arizona who allowed millions to cross that state’s borders during her term, finds herself in an even more powerful position to allow millions more to invade the USA. Historians will dub her the “Benedict Arnold” of the 21st century. They will say, “She relished that title to her last breath.”

FAIR said, “Napolitano indicated that the administration will focus its enforcement efforts on businesses and executives responsible for employing illegal aliens. How the government will be able to prosecute businesses and executives for employing illegal aliens without conducting worksite enforcement is not clear. Nor is it clear how ICE plans to carry out enforcement actions against company executives, while ignoring the illegal workers on the factory floor or the construction site.

“While DHS was reviewing and gutting worksite enforcement, the president was busy appointing illegal alien advocates to key positions in his administration. With the nomination of Thomas Perez to head up the civil rights division of the Department of Justice and Esther Olavarria as a deputy assistant secretary of DHS, the upper echelons of the Obama administration have now been filled with individuals who are openly hostile to any sort of immigration enforcement.”

In other words, our own president and his minions proceed to degrade and not enforce any of the laws on the books. No questions asked and now answers given! Historians will write, “President Obama, though he meant well, sewed the destructive seeds that Balkanized and overloaded America with unlimited immigration amnesties that turned a flood into a monsoon.”

“What distinguishes the actions of the Obama administration from those of its predecessors is that the president is affirmatively dismantling existing immigration enforcement programs and infrastructure,” FAIR said. “While Presidents Bill Clinton and George W. Bush did little to enforce immigration laws when they assumed power, their inaction was merely a perpetuation of the status quo.

“The status quo inherited by President Obama, on the other hand, was one in which ICE was successfully carrying out enforcement actions against businesses, prosecuting employers, deporting illegal workers, and discouraging other employers from hiring illegal aliens. In the case of the current president, not enforcing worksite immigration laws required a deliberate and calculated change in direction.”

With 20 to 30 million illegal aliens running free in the USA, “The Obama administration’s policy of non-enforcement will not go unchallenged in Congress or by organizations like FAIR that have worked hard to promote sensible enforcement of U.S. immigration policies. Secretary Napolitano’s announcement that worksite enforcement would be curtailed drew immediate concern from key members of Congress on both sides of the aisle who urged the administration to maintain efforts to rescue American jobs from illegal aliens.”

Get involved by joining “FAIR, too, has been waging a national effort to keep the heat on the administration to protect the jobs of U.S. workers. In the media, and through our national network of immigration reformers, FAIR will make sure that the president and Congress hear the voices of the American public.”

By 2035, when another 100 million people manifest within the USA and 70 million of them immigrants and their children?everyone will scratch their heads, “Where did all these people come from? How are we going to solve our water crisis? What happened to oil reserves? What happened to our culture and language?”

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The historians will write, “Americans back in 2000 didn’t understand their predicament and they were too stupid to learn or take action to stop it. Their American Dream became an American Nightmare. They joined the ranks of the third world by their own apathy.”

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Janet Napolitano, an open borders governor in Arizona who allowed millions to cross that state’s borders during her term, finds herself in an even more powerful position to allow millions more to invade the USA.