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By Frosty Wooldridge
May 18, 2009

Years ago, Americans enjoyed national logo brands that signified excellence, distinction and quality. When pulling into a motel, a family looked for “AAA approved” by the American Automobile Association. That logo meant a quality night’s rest anywhere in America.

Another logo, YMCA meant a family might enjoy recreation within the bounds of high moral and ethical standards. It still does! The same goes for Shell, Sears and Penny’s.

However, today, a new kind of paradigm stretches across America: make a profit without standards! Make money without legal responsibility. Make a profit at the expense of our laws.

Froma Harrop, journalist for The Providence Journal, wrote a piece on May 15, 2009, “Illegal immigration in tough times,” that illustrated this dilemma. Millions of employers hire illegal aliens off the books. Many of them hire aliens with forged identification that disrupts millions of legal American citizens’ lives.

Fortunately, “President Obama has launched some early immigration reforms that make sense. Notably, he has moved the brunt of enforcement away from the unauthorized workers and onto those who hire them-Obama orders ICE agents to impose fines and press criminal charges against employers who knowingly hire illegal aliens.”


Remember the “A” for ‘adultery’ on the woman’s blouse from the book “A Scarlet Letter” by Nathaniel Hawthorne? That letter signified shame and contempt for someone that broke the rules. Today, she might have her lawyer right beside her to sue the husband for emotional abuse?ah, but that’s another topic!

How about a new pride in supporting American businesses in the United States? How about a new logo “We E-Verify” on the outside of businesses nationwide? That logo ensures that business owners check to see that their employees consist of American citizens. It ensures they play by the rules. It’s a win/win for Americans looking for quality and citizens looking for jobs.

The absence of such a “We E-Verify” logo shows potential customers that the business owner doesn’t check the legal status of his/her employees and doesn’t play by the rules. In other words, he wears the “A” for ‘adultery’ against the American taxpayer.

Harrop said, “E-Verify lets employerrs confirm a worker’s information with the Social Security Administration database over the Internet. Westat, an independent researcher, found that E-Verify cleared 96 percent of employees within five seconds. Less than one half of one percent was not verified because of errors in the Social Security database. The rest were illegal aliens.”

As expected, cheap labor and open borders advocates demonize E-Verify because it does the job! Harrop said, “It enables enforcement of the law without scenes of ICE agents hauling away poor foreigners in handcuffs-our working poor deserve the same protections against unfair competition that our doctors get. And in this economy, there need has grown desperate.”

Today, 32.2 million Americans exist on food stamps. Over 14 million Americans stand in unemployment lines. Hospitals bankrupt from serving non-paying criminal aliens by the millions while social services serve those not legally residing in America. States buckle under the educational, medical and incarceration costs of 20 million criminal aliens.

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We need to support our own that play by the rules. It’s good for business. It’s good for American employment. It’s good for our country. Look for businesses that proudly feature “We E-Verify” on the fronts of their stores. It would assure you that businesses take pride in honoring the laws of our country by employing Americans.

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However, today, a new kind of paradigm stretches across America: make a profit without standards! Make money without legal responsibility. Make a profit at the expense of our laws.