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By Frosty Wooldridge
April 8, 2005

If you enjoyed an audience with Condi Rice, what would you say to her? How would you rip into her for berating American citizens as �vigilantes� if you lived in Southern California where illegal aliens number three million?

An average American citizen, Liz Demarco wrote Condi Rice a letter:

Ms. Rice, your statements in Mexico on March 10, 2005 have come to my attention. You visit Mexico representing the United States, and, to all intents and purposes, you betrayed American citizens on behalf of Mexico. So many incidents occurred that have been recorded that my difficulty in writing this letter has been where to begin.

American citizens will be impressed that you have mastered "George Speak" in such a short time. In your interview with Mr. Alatorre of Television Azteca, you were asked about national security issues, and Mr. Alatorre made reference to "the security in the border line, the narco traffic, and the mafias taking control of the jails.� Your response was, "I would like to think of it as we are together concerned about our joint security. We very often, after September 11th, think about the threats of terrorism, the need for border security. But, of course, all countries are vulnerable in this way and so the work that we've done together on smart borders, the work that we've done together to make our borders more secure, this protects Mexicans and this protects Americans."

What work might that be, Ms. Rice? Mr. Bush has not authorized the Appropriations Committee to approve the funds for the additional Border Patrol authorized by Congress. According to an article last month, the Border Patrol Agents in Texas were providing taxi-service--memorialized on camera, and dropping illegal aliens off at a bus station in Texas, instead of returning them to their country of origin. Snipers are killing our Border Patrol agents, and there is little, if any, effort to apprehend them. One day in early February, Border Patrol agents seized 1,580 pounds of marijuana, valued at $1.2 million. Since October 1, 2004, agents in the Tucson sector have seized 177,386 pounds of marijuana valued at nearly $142 million.

Crime is rampant on our borders. The majority of terrorists in the September 11, 2001 fiasco came through Mexico and over our �smart borders� into the United States. The notorious Latino gang members, M-13 or Mara Salvatruchas, who originate in Central America, come over our borders through Mexico because it's easy. MS-13 members are known to cut the testicles of their enemies and feed them to their vicious dogs, and other times they have cut the heads off their opponents to play football soccer with them. They now operate with 8,000 gang members in 28 of our cities. Tell us with your Bush-speak, Ms. Rice, how you�re protecting our southern border. How are you stopping the $128 billion annual drug traffic? You aren�t because my grandmother could hike over undetected!

The laws of this country are not being enforced by elected or appointed government officials, or by the judicial system. There are 20 million illegal aliens in this country. It is not our responsibility to feed, clothe, medicate, and shelter these illegal aliens. It appears as if you and Mr. Bush will only be satisfied when this country is barren and its citizens demoralized.

At a time when more than 15 million Americans are unemployed, the Bush Administration, with your firm support, continues its efforts to impose/legalize more illegal aliens. Through the amnesty known as the "guest-worker" program, you are importing competition and outsourcing jobs. This results in depressed wages covering the full spectrum of employment. Mass immigration-generated wage depression exceeds $200 billion annually, according to economist George Borjas, Professor of Economics and Social Policy, Harvard University.

When I say you advocate a higher form of slavery, I refer to your overt support of this Administration's encouragement of "slave wages." On March 18, 2005, an article was published about an $11 million dollar settlement by Wal-Mart, and the analysis of the wages paid to the illegal aliens performing cleaning services for Wal-Mart showed an average payment of $1.23 per hour. Therefore, it is rather tacky when reporters point out that you can trace your ancestry back to the "slave" days, when what you currently advocate is revoltingly similar.

For a glimpse of the new America you are creating, visit the website of a family in dire straits, We deeply resent the negative changes in this great society of ours.

Tuberculosis, which claims two-million people a year now, and was virtually wiped out before the Mexican/Latino invasion, Chagas Disease, known as the "Kiss of Death," kills 50,000 annually, Hepatitis A and B--there have been 100,000 reported cases passed on by illegal workers/carriers in the food industry in the last couple of years, and leprosy also unknown in the United States exceeded 7,000 new cases are only a few of the �treats� your Indian, Brazilian, Caribbean and Mexican friends have brought to America.

We also welcome malaria, which had been obliterated, the new and exciting West Nile Virus, and E-coli intestinal parasites. Mycobacterium bovis, which causes tuberculosis, found in rotten cheese imported illegally from Mexico, is the most recent �gift,� and has resulted in an outbreak you may have read about it in New York this week. A herd of cattle in Texas will be destroyed because the animals have contracted tuberculosis.

Did you drink tap water while you were in Mexico? Of course you didn�t. You would have acquired a gastrointestinal bacterial infection while you were busy praising �impressive Mexican institutional function.� On the other hand, the scale of Mexico�s inherent and pervasive corruption is impressive. There are more billionaires in Mexico than in Saudi Arabia, but they �don�t play well with others� - - they don�t want to share their wealth.

While in Mexico you assured President Fox, �My country will not tolerate illegal actions by the Minutemen vigilantes� will not pardon any extra-legal actions by border vigilantes, nor do we support the activities of these groups�even though we cannot interfere.� It is outrageous to make these statements before the event takes place, and with full knowledge that you are supposed to �represent� America.

Your behavior boggles the rational mind. You have the unmitigated gall to cast aspersions on the �Minuteman Project,� which is a �peaceful effort� to call attention to the blatant neglect on the part of this Administration to secure our borders. This is a Job that Americans Are Willing to Do because our own government will not make any effort to secure America�s borders. You should think of the Minuteman Project volunteers as undocumented Border Patrol. Since Mexican snipers are already shooting at the Border Patrol, it is not a far stretch of the imagination to assume the violence will continue. The MS-13 gang probably looks forward to performing additional surgeries in April.

You sit in your Ivory Tower, and give not one thought to the detriment and diseases brought into our country by the failure of this Administration to secure our borders. Yet you are willing to tolerate illegal crossing of America�s borders, and you are willing to turn a �blind eye� to these illegal activities on the part of Mexico.

Over one acre of farmland or natural habitat is lost to development for each person added to the population. If current mass illegal immigration and consumption trends continue, by 2020 all domestic oil supplies will be depleted and the United States will be forced to import almost 100 percent of its oil. Every day we permanently remove 3.2 billion gallons of water from our aquifers than is replaced by natural processes. �We the People� are not going to be displaced and starved out of our own country. In sharp contrast to the United States, Mexico is legendary for its strict treatment of illegal immigrants on their soil; foreigners must all �duly prove their legal presence in the country.� Whom do you represent?

If you cannot see that the flow of mass illegal immigration is sucking America dry, perhaps the term �demagoguery,� applies to you. A demagogue leads the populace by appealing to prejudices and passions - an unprincipled politician.

This issue is not about race or ethnic group. We don't care if your skin color is purple - we cannot feed, clothe, medicate, and shelter any more illegal aliens. They are not undocumented workers � they are illegal aliens. Over 10,000 illegal aliens cross our borders everyday. Since no one is enforcing our laws, the majority of them end up somewhere in our country, with American citizens� tax dollars and Social Security benefits paying their way, and being subjected to the myriad of diseases that heretofore were extinct. You politicians are so ready to use �buzz words� like racist and bigot when the truth is we cannot sustain the current population. You know we are on a downward spiral, and you choose to ignore it. The National deficit is in the trillions, but there�s not a problem? China, Japan and other Asian countries have already announced they will be investing in the Euro, and not our dollar, which is only worth the paper on which it is printed.

The �United States� is overrun with illegal aliens, and we have already lost much of life, as we knew it. Hospitals are closing, declaring bankruptcy because they cannot accommodate the demand for �free� services to illegal aliens, the educational system is in the toilet due to bilingual education, the welfare system no longer exists for Americans who need assistance, Social Security has been depleted because the �fund� has been misused, and population growth has encroached on our wild lands. Food, water, gas and electric energy are at an all time low, and we have far exceeded the carrying capacity of the United States. We have depleted the fossil fuels that power our cars, and provide us with heat in the winter, and they cannot be replaced.

In Oakland, California, the police have been pressured to stop the practice of �drunk-driver� checkpoints because many who were stopped have been illegal aliens. Whether these illegal aliens are under the influence of drugs or alcohol, La Raza, the most powerful and popular Hispanic hate group, with a $42 million budget, calls the checkpoints �racial profiling,� thereby putting an end to this onerous harassment of illegal aliens. Not only should these illegal aliens be arrested; they should be deported.

Arizona Governor Janet Napolitano said she has billed the federal government for nearly $118 million in costs for imprisoning criminal illegal aliens for which Arizona has not been reimbursed. In a controversial plan, the Board of the Los Angeles County jail voted three to two for the plan to train clerks at the jail to identify illegal aliens and turn them over to federal custody for deportation or prosecution. It is costing California $10.5 billion per year for education, medical care, and incarceration. California schools used to be in the top-five percentile until they instituted bilingual education � now the rating is lower than low, fitting right into the plan to scuttle America�s heritage.

Idaho has applied to the federal government for disaster relief caused by the enormous influx of illegal aliens. To all of you public officials who encourage illegal aliens to continue to break American laws, and for those of you who have private agendas: American citizens are not going to tolerate much more. We oppose your efforts to reward those who are breaking our laws.

Samuel Adams wrote, �It does not require a majority to prevail, but rather an irate, tireless minority keen to set brush fires in people�s minds. The demand to secure our borders and stop the flow of mass illegal immigration is about overpopulation and survival. Someone wrote the following, "The Third World is at your doorstep and anxious to present you with the bill as they jump on "the entitlement bandwagon." We are not going to continue to support illegal aliens.

Notwithstanding your obligation to uphold the laws of the United States, your job demands that you protect the American citizens you represent. You are not upholding your oath of office, and you are not alone. Few government officials are doing the jobs for which they were appointed or elected. "We the People of the United States..." have the right to see to it that our laws are upheld. You, and other elected or appointed officials, must realize that democratic principles are interwoven into the very fabric of our thoughts, our mission, our emotions, and our lives. Step forward into the reality of the 21st Century, and know there is no such thing as job security � not even in the State Department, although your position may be as secure as our borders.

In closing, the definition of treason: Violation of allegiance toward one�s country or sovereign; the betrayal of one�s own country by waging war against it, or by consciously and purposely acting to aid its enemies. The shoe fits you!

Fellow Americans, Liz Demarco is an American. She�s you, she�s me, she�s angry. This is her country. It�s your country. It�s our country. Start writing, calling, emailing, telling it like it is. We�re all sick of Condi Rice demeaning our legal citizens in favor of illegal aliens. We�re sick of her being a clone of Bush. We�re sick of our country being sold down the river by our elected leaders. We�re sick of illegal alien migration.

Write for that 28-point action letter to stop this nation-destroying madness. For you West Coast night owls, every Thursday you can catch yours truly in Las Vegas, Nevada on Mark Edwards� "Wake Up America" talk show on 50,000watt KDWN-Am-720 10:00 PM to midnight PT, or on the worldwide internet at On the home page, click on heard around the world. Five nights a week, Edwards engages patriots from across the nation to bring you the latest on this nation-destroying invasion. If you are affected by illegal aliens, please write 600 to 800 words for national publication. Your name will remain private.

� 2005 Frosty Wooldridge - All Rights Reserved

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Fellow Americans, Liz Demarco is an American. She�s you, she�s me, she�s angry. This is her country. It�s your country. It�s our country. Start writing, calling, emailing, telling it like it is. We�re all sick of Condi Rice demeaning our legal citizens in favor of illegal aliens.