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By Frosty Wooldridge
August 6, 2009

Part 4: Pregnancies, jobs and lifestyles

Detroit, Michigan, a city where I worked for 15 years, presents a mirror of Black communities around America. African-Americans in 1990 made up 67 percent of the total population. In the past 15 years, 300,000 Muslim immigrants moved into the Detroit area with tens of thousands being illegal. In the process, they pushed African-Americans out of their communities.

At the same time, immigrants took jobs from American Blacks at alarming rates of speed. Immigrants undercut Blacks in auto work, janitorial, fast food, construction, taxi cab service, grounds keeping and just about every job in Detroit formerly worked by American Blacks.

Last year, NBC anchor Brian Williams reported a 76 percent dropout rate for Detroit high schools. At first, that number seems impossible, but educational disintegration began with adding a dozen languages to Detroit’s classrooms, i.e., Arabic, Spanish, and many more dialects alien to America. With the linguistic chaos came ethnic tension. Without a single language and small classroom size, American Blacks in Detroit and across the nation suffered increasing academic failure.

In Los Angeles, unlawful immigrants’ kids commandeered classrooms into learning centers for Spanish speaking only at the gross neglect of American Blacks. Numerous ‘race riots’ resulted, but the main stream media neglected to cover them or named them ‘incidents’. Today, LA high schools see cops on every corridor of high schools and most Americans that can afford it, send their kids to private schools.

Listen to my friend TerryAnderson on Sundays. He chronicles the events as they happen to Black Americans in LA. He roars, “If you ain’t mad, you ain’t payin’ attention!” He exposes how Mexicans kill Blacks, take over the schools, take the jobs, trash the neighborhoods and run Blacks out of LA. Pretty scary stuff but happening today!

What happens when kids do not receive an education at the most basic high school level? How do they function at a functionally illiterate level?

Black women have the highest teen pregnancy rate (134 per 1,000 women aged 15-19) in America. I think latest statistics show unwed Black mothers outnumber married Black mothers.

They immediately become welfare queens with 1,2,3,4, 5 and more babies. In Detroit, I watched them step through the Kroger doors with five kids lined up hand in hand with one on the way. After I had worked a 14 hour day, they used my money via food stamps to feed their broods. Didn’t make me happy!


As for Black Americans:

Dwight Kirk of Coalition of Black Trade Unionists said, “The black unemployment rate jumped or leaped or bounced — whatever verb fits — from 10.8 percent nt in May to 11.8 percent in June -- more than 3 times the increase in the national rate. Bottom line: as the jobless crisis has gotten worse for all workers, the heaviest toll has been on black workers, millions who are becoming nomads in a globalized job market. The June unemployment report contained even more eye-opening “news”:

Nearly half of the 360,000 people who lost their jobs in June were African Americans, even though black workers are only 11 percent of the civilian workforce.

Black workers suffered the highest job loss (172,000) of all races or ethnic groups in June.

While white unemployment inched up from 5.4 percent in May to 5.5 percent in June, black unemployment, already in double digits, soared from 10.8 percent to 11.8 percent in the same month (i.e., 10 times the increase in the white unemployment rate).

Meanwhile, 40 percent of black teenagers were unemployed in June, nearly 2 times the rate for white teens.

The long-term trends are even more daunting. In the year since June 2002:

The number of unemployed black workers has increased by nearly a quarter of a million (214,000).

The black unemployment rate has increased four times faster than the rate for white workers (1.2 percent versus .3 percent, respectively).

Black teenage unemployment has risen from 30 percent to 40 percent in just one year (in what economists call a jobless economic recovery).

Dirk said, “This statistical snapshot is a timely wake-up call about several important trends:

(1) The current unemployment crisis is having a profoundly unequal impact on different segments of the workforce.

(2) The job crisis is accelerating in the African American community.

(3) Because of the sharp and substantial increase in black unemployment, the jobless disparity between black and white workers is growing significantly.

Nonetheless, our U.S. Congress pumps an added 138,000 new immigrants into this country every month. Again, it allows another 100,000 to enter the job market unlawfully as illegal aliens each month. Those immigrants cost, according to the Edwin Rubenstein report: $346 billion annually across 15 federal agencies every year.

Imagine what that money could do for Black America!

I find it peculiar that our new Black President Obama rolls along like our former White presidents with his ignoring our borders, our jobs and our communities being overrun by illegal alien migrants. While Black America suffers in the unemployment lines, White America finds itself in similar circumstances. In excess of 15 million Americans cannot find a job and 32.2 million Americans subsist on food stamps! That’s horrifically crazy to be happening in America!

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At what point will Obama and Congress turn off the flood spigot? At what point will they enforce our laws and represent Black and White American citizens rather than wholesale corruption being carried on by every employer of illegal aliens?all 20 millionn of them and more?!

What’s going on right now is downright sickening to all Americans!

Part 5: Looking forward, solutions

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What happens when kids do not receive an education at the most basic high school level? How do they function at a functionally illiterate level?