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By Frosty Wooldridge
August 13, 2009

Immigration continues to wreak havoc on the United States of America. It’s killing our culture, our language and our way of life. Over 2.5 legal and illegal immigrants add themselves to our already overburdened schools, cities, hospitals and infrastructure—annually. No let up in sight!

Let’s change America’s future toward a positive and sustainable society. We do not need another 70 million immigrants added to this country in the next 30 years. Let’s engage a “National Moratorium on all Immigration.” Let’s stop flooding the United States with such huge numbers of people that we cannot sustain our own citizens.

The U.S. government cannot handle any more immigrants, we taxpayers cannot handle them, our environment cannot handle them and our dwindling resources cannot handle them.

Here’s the exciting news and you can see it on the videos at with Roy Beck. Mr. Beck coupled with several other top websites like to change the course of our history. We suffer 15 million unemployed Americans in August 2009 while our government imports an added 138,000 legal immigrants and 100,000 unlawful immigrants in the month of August. Congress will dump another 238,000 again in September into the USA and on and on and on.

An astounding 32.2 million Americans subsist on food stamps today. Our schools cannot cope with immigrant children or their 100 languages. Our kids suffer. Our communities suffer. It’s time for a “time out!”

“I'm excited to tell you that with special designated contributions, NumbersUSA has joined with several other organizations to mount a new ad campaign on national TV,” said Roy Beck of You will see this "Elevator Ad" running at various times on nearly every program on CNN and Fox, day and night.”

No. 1: View the ad here.

“We are running this ad to proclaim to the nation the dirty secret that is being protected by nearly all news media and by nearly all politicians.”

The dirty secret that the elites don't want the American people to know is: The federal government is continuing to import foreign workers into this country despite 15 million workers already being unemployed.


“If that sounds too radical to you, please read my blog calling for an Immigration Suspension Bill,” Beck said. “I talk about the fact that even our allies in Congress are too timid to introduce a bill that should be mandated by the current Jobs Depression. Please read my suggestions for action in using the TV ads and faxes to apply pressure on all Members of Congress to stop all immigration except U.S. citizens' spouses and minor children, and special-needs refugees, until unemployment is low again.”

No. 3: Watch my video blog for this week.

“Some people say they like getting their marching orders in person,” said Beck. “So, come into my office on the banks of the Potomac and let me describe to you our action needs of the week.”

No. 4: Go to your personalized Action Buffet and avail yourself of as many actions as you can take.

“There is so much pressure needed to focus your Senators and U.S. Representative on the immigration issues and what needs to be done,” said Beck. “Our Action Buffet Team has added a number of new actions this week. Joe Jenkins sent you some alerts later in the day. Before midnight, you had already sent 98,000 faxes to Congress!!!”

Dear readers, become one of 1.1 million members of and swell our ranks to get this immigration stopped. If ever you joined an All-American effort, and for free?this is your moment in history. Action, action, action! It is SO easy to fax the pre-written letters to your Congress-critters.


“You will see the corkboard surrounded by some new tabs that are part of our brand new Local Power initiative on our website,” said Beck. “After you have taken actions, please click around on this revised web page and see the new features. Especially note the convenient page that shows all three or your Members of Congress, with grades, discussions, contact info and a Tip Line for you to use.”


“The links to the Town Hall meetings are listed under the photo of each Member of Congress on your My Three Congress members page,” Beck said. And, as always, keep coming back to the NumbersUSA home page every day to keep up with the latest in immigration news, views, videos and actions.”

I urge you to take it to them! Tell all your friends about this website. Non-partisan! This website represents every American citizen! Give Beck your best and let’s move together in such huge numbers that our Congress must pay attention. No gripe, no complain, no whine, no bellyache, no bleating, no grumbling, no nitpicking, no nagging or crying!

Action speaks louder than words! This is your moment in history to make a difference for you family, your community and your nation. Let’s get up to 2.0 million members and more before Congress dumps another amnesty on us!

Listen to Frosty Wooldridge on Wednesdays as he interviews top national leaders on his radio show "Connecting the Dots" at at 6:00 PM Mountain Time. Adjust tuning in to your time zone.

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The U.S. government cannot handle any more immigrants, we taxpayers cannot handle them, our environment cannot handle them and our dwindling resources cannot handle them.