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By Frosty Wooldridge
October 1, 2009

What does a citizen do when the government does more harm than good, more damage than repair and more malfeasance than can be tolerated?

At the present time, our U.S. Congress shoves 160,000 legal immigrants down our throats every 30 days. Month in and month out, year in and year out, decade in and decade out. For what? All the while, we suffer 15 million unemployed Americans and 35 million subsisting on food stamps! Yes, that number proves correct!

Do they know what they are doing? No! Do they understand the implications? No! Do they think about the future? No! Do they take into account our culture, our language, our environment, civilization? No! They drive us in a Faustian Bargain with a final result of forcing us into a Hobson’s Choice.

A dear friend of mine, Washington DC writer Don Collins returned to his old home town south of Pittsburgh, PA for a high school reunion. The town’s size remained the same from 60 years ago. Nice streets, nice homes, nice schools and nice tennis courts.

“After a good visit with an old friend there, he subsequently emailed me a rather poignant note which raised an interesting question,” Collins said.

My friend wrote in part:

"The one big thing I do wonder about in the whole immigration issue is this: What would be the economic result if we were able to stop or drastically slow immigration? I read in The Economist and similar publications that Japan, most European countries (and China) all have enormous problems facing them because of the aging of their populations. All of them have low birth rates within their native populations and few allow or receive much immigration.

“Economic pundits contrast their situations with that of the US which has a relatively young population only because of immigration.

“The countries with low immigration and aging populations are expected to suffer severe problems in funding their equivalents to our Social Security and Medicare with a diminishing number young workers paying into the system and more and more oldsters on the receiving end.

“What would be the solution to funding our Social Security and Medicare if we were able to stop immigration? When I look around Greensburg and Pittsburgh which are ethnically Germanic, Italian, British Isles and Slavic I see a population which is old and tired.

“You can go door to door in Greensburg, as I have with political messages, and find a large majority of retired people. It is unusual in most Greensburg neighborhoods to have a working-age person come to the door. We have almost no Hispanic, Asian or African American population here.

“It is certainly comfortable for me and most of my friends and neighbors to live in such a cocoon, but is it economically feasible in the long run? I would be interested to hear your enlightened view on this problem."


“Good questions,” Collins said. “I sought perspective from a true expert, the Special Project Director at the Federation for American Immigration Studies (, Jack Martin, and got some thoughts that are at least the beginning of an answer.”

Jack offered these helpful comments:

"Part of the answer is that, along with our greater longevity, we are in better health longer and should be expected to have a longer productive life. If that means working beyond what is currently thought of as retirement age, so be it.

“There are going to be some shrinking pains, to correct for the growing pains we are now experiencing. But, there is not any way to achieve a demographic transition without some pain, and the pain that we should be experiencing is one that leaves a more sustainable future for our descendants.”

“Another part of the answer is that the period of low U.S. immigration from 1925 to 1975 showed that we did not need to have large-scale immigration to have a healthy economy. You might want to look again at the Issue Brief Low Immigration and Economic Growth on FAIR's website.”

“I would also suggest to your friend that he read Shoveling Fuel for a Runaway Train by Brian Czech. Czech is a biologist and university professor. Publishers Weekly wrote about the book, ‘[Czech] is as good at popularizing economics as Carl Sagan was science.

“Finally, it is worthwhile to read the August 17, 2009 article in the Christian Science Monitor entitled "Is Population Growth A Ponzi Scheme?" Its author, David R. Francis, says that ‘notions that population growth is a boon for prosperity – or that national political success depends on it – are “Ponzi demography,” says Joseph Chamie, former director of the population division of the United Nations.’”

In a September 21, 2009 report on Lou Dobbs Tonight reporter Casey Wian colorfully said:

"The cheapest way to stop global climate change is not converting to solar power or buying a hybrid car. It's putting on a condom. That's the conclusion of a London School Of Economics study showing that money spent on contraception is about five times more efficient than money spent on clean energy technologies.”

As you can see from Collins’ and Martin’s rational thoughts, we, as a civilization, must come to terms with massive, unrelenting and unsustainable immigration. Do you want to place it in an environmental perspective? Quality of life? Energy crisis? Cultural crisis? Linguistic crisis? Water shortages crisis?

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You may pick anything you want, but none of the consequences will go away unless we turn off the spigot with a suspension of all immigration for a period of 10 years. After that period, we need a “US Sustainable Immigration Policy” that might allow 100,000 immigrants a year because that many people egress annually. Then and only then, will our civilization be able to survive into the 21st century.

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You may pick anything you want, but none of the consequences will go away unless we turn off the spigot with a suspension of all immigration for a period of 10 years.