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By Frosty Wooldridge
December 31, 2009

Part 14: Muslims play for keeps, Napolitano wants to show her love

In the State of Washington last month, Muslim Maurice Clemmons methodically killed four police officers in cold blood as they sat eating breakfast at a diner. Last month, in Detroit, Michigan, a dozen Islamic immigrants fired on FBI agents as they called for an Islamic State and Sharia Law to be enacted in Michigan. Another Muslim ran over his daughter (for wearing jeans) and killed her in Phoenix, Arizona in November: honor killing. At Fort Hood, a Muslim U.S. soldier, Major Nidal Hasan, killed 13 and wounded 28 Americans in a shooting spree. Nigerian Muslim Abdul Farouk Abdulmutallab, flying into Detroit, Michigan over the weekend, attempted to kill all 268 passengers on board with explosives sewn into his underwear.

Homeland Security Chief Janet Napolitano beamed, “The system works!” on national TV, but in fact, the bomb failed and security failed. Nearly 300 passengers could have and would have met their deaths if Abdulmutallab’s bomb blew up.

What does it mean? It means Napolitano exemplifies incompetence at the highest levels. While she later retracted her absurd statement, the U.S. Congress imported another 2,000 Muslims into the United States in December with the refugee program. Total for 2009: in excess of 24,000 Muslims arrived in the USA and we have no clue as to their intentions.

Reality check: we play Russian roulette with our culture, language and civilization! Call it political correctness or call it stupid as a doornail, our leaders couldn’t find their rear-ends with their own hands. Harry Reid advances ‘multiculturalism’ that will never touch him and Speaker Nancy Pelosi loves ‘diversity’ without having to stick her feet into it. Both advocate ‘political correctness’ at all costs.

In a brilliant piece, “On terrorism it’s time to know, to profile, and to discriminate” by Newt Gingrich, he calls for ‘discrimination’ in full force as to ferreting out Islamic terrorists.

“America is long overdue for a serious global strategy that includes targeting threats such as the terrorist killer at Fort Hood, the individuals recently arrested in Detroit, Denver and New York, and the five Americans detained in Pakistan,” Gingrich said. “The scale, persistence and sophistication of the enemy requires an honesty, a clarity, and a scale appropriate to the response. Once again, instead of targeting the source of the threats, our politically correct government decides to make life more miserable for the travelling public by imposing hopelessly meaningless rules such as not allowing passengers to leave their seats in the last hour of the flight. Bound by cultural sensitivities, the default reaction of the bureaucracy is to review the procedures and wring its hands ineffectively.”

How stupid are we?

“Before a lot more Americans are killed we must acquire the courage to tell the truth and to act on that truth,” said Gingrich. “We know our opponents are radical extremists of the irreconcilable wing of Islam. We know they have an ideology which is anti-female, desires to impose fundamentalist Sharia as a form of law, is hostile to other religions and is prepared to kill the innocent to achieve their goals. We know how to identify these enemies but our elites have refused to do so.”


Protecting the Rights of Terrorists: More Important than Protecting the Lives of Americans

“In the Obama Administration, protecting the rights of terrorists has been more important than protecting the lives of Americans,” said Gingrich. “It is time to know more about would-be terrorists, to profile for terrorists and to actively discriminate based on suspicious terrorist information. The United States should track down the owners of every website that promotes terrorism and systematically root them out. It should be as dangerous to a person promoting terrorism as it is to execute an act of terrorism. The same should apply to the electronic communications of every known radical (and using these communications to track down every unknown radical).”

The United States Must Actively Root Out Every Terrorist Website

“The people behind these websites should be barred from getting a U.S. visa if not in the United States (concurrently, we should make it easier – not harder – for non-terrorists to get visas because we want to encourage the law abiding while discriminating against the potential terrorist),” said Gingrich. “It should be reasonable for the flying public to have expected that when the Nigerian terrorist's father reported he was going to a terrorist training camp he should automatically have been barred from getting a visa and from flying into the United States.

We Need a "Grand National Strategy"

“Americans should also note that ABC News is reporting that two of the plotters to blow the Amsterdam to Detroit flight out of the air were released from Guantanamo in 2007, attended an "art rehabilitation program" in Saudi Arabia, were released and took up senior leadership positions in al Qaeda in Yemen. Americans should also know that nearly half of the remaining detainees in Guantanamo are from Yemen,” said Gingrich. “The recent arrest of five Americans in Pakistan and the report there are 25 British citizens training to be bombers in Yemen should remind us this is a global war.”

The New Honesty Should End Any Thought of a Civilian Trial in New York for KSM

“This new honesty about the threat should end any thought of a civilian trial in New York for 9/11 mastermind Khalid Shaikh Mohammad with its dangers for exposing American intelligence information. All terrorists including would-be bomber Abdulmutallab should be tried in military tribunals as part of a serious war strategy,” said Gingrich. “The Attorney General and every Justice Department appointee whose law firms provided pro bono counsel for terrorists should be fired and replaced with lawyers who believe the lives of Americans are more important than the rights of terrorists.”

Fire Janet Napolitano from Homeland Security: hire a retired military general!

What Gingrich said, I echo. Fire Napolitano for being inept, incompetent and out of touch. She reminds me of a five foot woman that cannot swim, but she jumped into a 10 foot swimming pool with no lifeguards. She’s in over her head and she’s taking our whole country down with her. She proved herself an inept governor of Arizona and as a ‘political appointee’, her incompetence could get more of us killed.

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In the end, we wonder how competent her boss will prove himself.

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What Gingrich said, I echo. Fire Napolitano for being inept, incompetent and out of touch. She reminds me of a five foot woman that cannot swim, but she jumped into a 10 foot swimming pool with no lifeguards.