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By Frosty Wooldridge
January 4, 2010

What it means to every American citizen: virtual flood of humanity into the United States from all over the world.

Representative Luis Gutierrez (D, IL) introduced another “comprehensive immigration reform” in December, 2009. You could give his bill an Orwellian name such as, “Stupidity is Intelligence” or “Ignorance is Brilliant” or “No matter how stupid the American people, they are smart to flood their country with unending legal and illegal I immigration.” Gutierrez called his version of Dante’s nightmare: Comprehensive Immigration Reform for America’s Security and Prosperity Act of 2009.

U.S. Congressman Brian Bilbray (R, CA) said, “I am amazed that the Democrats are trying to push this thing through when we are in the middle of a major financial downturn with unemployment over 10 percent. How crazy can we get in one move?”

Representative Bilbray added, “Gutierrez is not representing the Constitution or the current voters of the U.S., but is only vying for cheap votes and cheap labor. The bill is custom made for people breaking the law and to reward those employers who have created the problem. This bill will become a magnet for more illegal immigration.”

Gutierrez said, “We have waited patiently for a workable solution to our immigration crisis to be taken up by this Congress and our President,” said Rep. Gutierrez. “The time for waiting is over. This bill will be presented before Congress recesses for the holidays so that there is no excuse for inaction in the New Year. It is the product of months of collaboration with civil rights advocates, labor organizations, and members of Congress. It is an answer to too many years of pain —mothers separated from their children, workers exploited and undermined security at the border— all caused at the hands of a broken immigration system. This bill says ‘enough,’ and presents a solution to our broken system that we as a nation of immigrants can be proud of.”


What Gutierrez failed to mention: our government fails to enforce immigration laws and would not enforce any new ones. Therefore, the system would continue as broken. Additionally, he expects to double and even triple legal immigration to well over three million annually.


In the past ten years, I have written about every ramification of unending and mass immigration into the United States. I have addressed water shortages, environmental traumas, air pollution, species extinction, resource depletion, ruination of our culture, displacement of our language and Balkanization of our society.

Much of it accelerates beyond my predictions. It’s almost incomprehensible to me that California adds 1,700 people daily net gain and 400 cars net gain daily onto their roads while they don’t have enough water to maintain their current 38 million person population on their way to 58 million—virtually all their growth stems from legal and illegal immigration.

If any kind of an “Immigration Reform” bill passes with an outright amnesty of 20 million illegal aliens and their children, along with chain migration with family reunification to add millions more, plus continued diversity migration and endless visas—we face irreversible consequences with unsolvable problems.

This situation grows more horrid and more ominous than the average American can understand. Our president, this U.S. Congress, the general public cannot grasp what we face and the mainstream media avoids it at all costs. We might as well be a person or ‘civilization’ standing on the beach in New Orleans as Hurricane Katrina comes ashore in the next hour. But we stand there waiting for it to hit with no sense of urgency or understanding of our peril. But no matter how much we ignore this “Human Katrina”, this ‘thing’ we created, i.e., unending mass immigration will most certainly take our civilization over the abyss.

No, it won’t happen overnight, but within 10 to 20 years, if we set in motion this massive spectacle of importing millions into this society—once they manifest—we will be in the middle of a horrendous predicament.

On December 30, 2009, I spent 1.3 hours interviewing with Republic Magazine You may access the entire interview here.

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I urge you to send this 1.3 hour interview to your friends, family, politicians, TV stations, newspapers and the U.S. Congress. If we allow what I address in this interview to occur in our civilization, our children will curse us for our stupidity, arrogance and utter disregard for common sense. Do not let Orwell’s predictions come true for the United States of America.

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This situation grows more horrid and more ominous than the average American can understand. Our president, this U.S. Congress, the general public cannot grasp what we face and the mainstream media avoids it at all costs.