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By Frosty Wooldridge
May 3, 2005

�If you ain�t mad, you ain�t payin� attention!� a volcano-sized voice booms into the microphone on the Terry Anderson Show each week. �What we need is more righteous indignation from Americans.�

He speaks about the ongoing illegal alien invasion, now totaling over 20 million, facing all Americans. These law breaking foreigners from all over the globe devastate every community in America. Their major impact, however, crushes Black America by undercutting jobs and stealing community services from America�s working poor.

One in every four African-Americans is out of work. Two of four are out of work in New York City. Illegal Mexicans, Chinese, Russians, South Americans, Africans and dozens of other nationalities steal and undercut jobs from Black Americans. Forbes Magazine, March 2004, featured a human smuggling network exceeding $7 billion annually. At three million illegal aliens crossing US borders each year, it�s taking a shocking toll on Black America.

Where Dr. Martin Luther King marched for freedom in the 60�s, Terry Anderson, a radio talk show host in Los Angeles, leads the assault on an even greater crisis facing African-Americans in the 21st century.

Two years ago, the Federation for American Immigration Reform celebrated Anderson as the �Man of the Year� at their annual conference. One of the members of the audience during a question and answer period thought Anderson should tone down his delivery so as not to offend other minorities. Within seconds, he jumped all over the hapless fellow with, �We don�t need to make them feel better for being here illegally�we need RIGHTEOUS INDIGNATION!�

I shared the podium with Anderson that night and I shrank back from his intensity. He wears overhauls with a plaid shirt most of the time. Silver streaks pepper his black hair on a commanding frame. He�s not somebody you want to pick a fight with, physically or verbally. He�s quick as a cat with his verbal courage.

On April 20, 2005, 60 Minutes featured Terry Anderson as one of the most outspoken Americans to expose the illegal alien invasion. The moderator told Anderson that illegal aliens worked jobs that janitors wouldn�t do any more in California. Anderson replied, �Yeah, they used to work for $11.00 an hour and it would be $15.00 an hour now, but illegals work those same jobs for $5.00 an hour. It�s not a livable wage. That�s what Bush is doing to America�s poor with his mindless chant about them not wanting to do those jobs.�

It makes anyone wonder if Bush wants Americans to live 20 to a house with such low wages or should that kind of economic slavery be reserved for illegal aliens cowering in the shadows?

Seconds later, 60 Minutes cut over to the Cargill Meat Packing Solutions plant, Schuyler, Nebraska, where hundreds of illegals had taken jobs away from American citizens. Note that American meat packing workers in 1980 earned $17.10 an hour with benefits. With illegal aliens, it�s $7.00 an hour with no benefits. They also live 15 to 20 to a house. Along with the rampant fraud, Federal OSHA rules or inspections no longer apply in the plant. Illegals drive illegally, don�t carry insurance and flee when they get into accidents. It�s a new form of 21st century slavery. A few CEO�s at the top make millions while their slaves slice the beef. But the Middle Class swallows all the bills�that�s if they have a job. How does the corruption continue? Follow the money!

Illegal alien Mexican kids overwhelm schools. American kids in Schuyler don�t receive a decent education because the illegal kids can�t speak, write or read in English. Therefore, the classroom is dumbed down to the lowest common denominator. Yet, the mayor of Schuyler thought it was great, but I suspect he�s one of the people in town benefiting from the importation of illegals. Follow the money and you�ll find the answers.

But what was most disturbing about the interview came from the CBS undercover agents seeking out a bar owner who sold them forged social security cards and birth certificates for $1,300.00 each. The corruption was breath taking. When the CBS moderator interviewed Mark Klein, PR chief for Cargill Meat Packing, you could tell he was lying through his teeth as he told the moderator that all his hires were legal. It was so revolting it made you want to puke! Later when they followed the forged documents to Puerto Rico and trapped Klein in his lie, Klein stammered to find the words with more lying. Again, follow the money.

CBS showed dozens of illegals sneaking across the border in Cochise County in Arizona, now protected by the Minute Men Project. If they had stayed longer, they could have filmed over 4,000 coming over nightly as well as the 10 million pounds of trash spread across the desert.

The camera returned to Terry Anderson behind his microphone in his studio where he described the devastation to his friends in Los Angeles. That city is now in the hands of Mexicans with over two million illegals overwhelming the city. Already, high school race riots among blacks and Mexicans are common. The school atmosphere is one of ethnic violence growing by the day. You can see illegal aliens proudly displaying back car window stickers that read, �F**K YOU! THIS IS MEXICO!� These are not people coming to America to invest in the American Dream. Given enough time and numbers, they will branch out and destroy the American Dream for all Americans no matter what their color. It�s called Third World Momentum. It�s manifesting like a cancer in America with drugs, crime, violence, educational chaos and lawlessness imbedded at all levels.

The guests Anderson features on his shows every Sunday night mark the �Who�s Who� of Black, Hispanic, Asian and White Americans that combat this invasion across America. Anyone who wants to donate to his station or find out more about him can visit his web site at

When he looks into the camera, he carries the passion and determination of Dr. King, Ezola Foster, Rosa Parks, Barbara Jordan, the Buffalo Soldiers and a host of other Americans who will not go quietly into the night.

What is Anderson fighting for? First of all, he�s fighting to force an ineffectual President Bush to uphold the U.S. Constitution as to immigration laws. Bush works more for foreign interests and countries than his own country. Anderson fights a Congress that panders to corporate wealth more than American citizens which it is sworn to serve. Anderson fights to awaken African-Americans to the tyranny being perpetrated on them by Bush and Congress. He�s working against treason of his own leaders in his own country. He�s working to stop the illegal alien invasion of America.

Is he succeeding? The fact that CBS addressed this invasion on national TV, when it would rather keep hiding it like all the other corporations feeding off cheap labor aliens, stands as a success. Anderson�s actions may have given Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger the guts to say, �Close the borders to illegal aliens.� Men like Jim Gilchrist may have been inspired to create the Minute Man Project in Arizona to stop the invasion. There�s no telling how many millions Anderson has inspired.

In the history of the United States, it�s been shown time and again that one passionate person can change history. Take note of Thomas Jefferson, Susan B. Anthony, Betsy Ross, Eleanor Roosevelt, Dr. Martin Luther King and Barbara Jordan, and you�ll find the movers and shakers that stood by their convictions.

Anderson sees this invasion destroying Black America and the working poor. He sees his own president and Congress destroying the American Dream for all Americans. He�s exposing the invasion and when this invasion is terminated by sheer force of his personality and passion for his society and all Americans, he will be among those noble patriots enshrined in the history books as a man who stood up for his country.

� 2005 Frosty Wooldridge - All Rights Reserved

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Illegal alien Mexican kids overwhelm schools. American kids in Schuyler don�t receive a decent education because the illegal kids can�t speak, write or read in English. Therefore, the classroom is dumbed down to the lowest common denominator.