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By Frosty Wooldridge
February 11, 2010

A recent Seattle Times op-ed said that Washington State’s (illegal) immigrants are “indispensable.” In other words, “We need our 21st century slave labor in order to ensure that our corporations make obscene profits to the detriment of our own citizens.”

Ironically, the Seattle Times did not mention that hundreds of thousands of Washington State citizens languish in food kitchens, food stamp and unemployment lines.

Back in Colorado, I wrote my U.S. Congressman Mike Coffman urging him to introduce a bill to reduce all legal immigration into the United States to 100,000 a year. I supplied facts, figures and graphs to support my stance. For example: we import 1.2 million legal immigrants annually while we suffer 20 million unemployed Americans. Not only can we NOT employ 20 million of our own citizens, how do we create jobs for 1.2 million more immigrants annually with credentials only to drive a taxi or clean hotel rooms?

A sixth grader could ingest the facts and figures to see that continued mass immigration into the United States cannot be sustained from a simple jobs standpoint.

However, Coffman wrote back, “In regards to your recommendations, I do not believe it is in the best interest of the United States to limit legal immigration to 100,000 individuals annually. It will also place America at a competitive disadvantage moving forward. For that reason, I do not support eliminating the H-1B and H-2B Visas. I believe that these visas have the ability to benefit American companies and the economy as a whole.”

Point in fact, those visas displaced 1.1 million American IT workers with foreign workers in our own country! Thanks to you, Congressman Coffman and your colleagues in Congress!

In other words, to Coffman, a college graduate and a U.S. Marine colonel, with 20 million unemployed Americans, it’s ‘competitive’ to add another 1.2 million legal immigrants annually. Even former Governor Lamm of Colorado said, “Are we in dreamland? The United States has had zero net job growth since 2000, yet we imported 10 million permanent immigrants in the same period. Our real U.S. unemployment rate is 17.3 percent when we consider the discouraged workers, more than 20 million, and yet some in Congress along with Udall and Bennet, propose increasing legal immigration and giving amnesty to millions of illegal immigrants, who themselves will be allowed to bring in their spouses, parents, children, brothers, sisters and spouses and children of brothers and sisters. America has its plate full putting our own workers back to work.”



In a brilliant essay, Richard Pelto, “Is immigration indispensible?”, Vol. 1, fall 2009,, he writes, “At a time when it is imperative to understand what is cracking the foundations of our economic and social system, Jayapal and Sinclair blindly pursue an immigration policy that demands that the now top-heavy and wobbly economic structure — already straining to remain balanced under the weight of unsustainability — be built even higher while blindly being rooted in the premise that we can never exhaust this Earth’s resources. That is especially absurd because it ignores the welfare of future generations because those resources enabled the industrialization and population explosion that came only because of their cheaply-available abundance.”

What astounds me as I research for my weekly columns, stems from the fact that our leaders from Congressman Coffman on up to U.S. Senators like Colorado’s Mark Udall—fail to understand basic arithmetic.

How can they think it’s ‘competitive’ to inject over 200,000 immigrants every 30 days into this country, when we suffer 20 million unemployed Americans? Another 35 million Americans subsist on food stamps! Millions more suffer foreclosed homes because they cannot pay the mortgages because they don’t have jobs. How about 13 million of our children living in poverty? How about 1.5 million homeless Americans? Where is the logic? Where is the common sense? What planet do they live on?

Am I crazy to ask these questions? Or, are they totally out of touch with reality as they import 1.2 million more people into this country annually? I am a former math/science teacher. Numbers either add up or they do not add up. At our current immigration rates, we can expect 70 million more immigrants injected into this country within 25 years. It’s the most ignored and avoided issue in immigration debate.


Call your radio talk show hosts and ask them to address this issue. Call your TV stations. Call NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN and FOX. The worst thing you can do is wait until this crisis manifests! At that point, you and your kids will be forced to endure it. I am at my wits end as to how stupid we are to bring this ‘thing’ down upon ourselves. Would you write your senators and congressmen? Ask him or her to introduce a bill to reduce legal immigration to 100,000 annually. Why that number?

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That’s how many people egress this country annually. Thus, we would move our civilization toward a balanced and sustainable future. Let’s make sure the math adds up for our children for a sustainable future. And, for heaven sakes, join to give yourself a voice and power to change the future of our civilization toward a semblance of sanity and sustainability.

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Ironically, the Seattle Times did not mention that hundreds of thousands of Washington State citizens languish in food kitchens, food stamp and unemployment lines.