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By Frosty Wooldridge
March 15, 2010

The new Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown last week said, “The American people are tired of this Congress shoving a health care bill down their throats that they have demonstrated they do not want.”

Last week, U.S. Senator Charles Schumer, (D-NY), introduced yet another illegal alien amnesty bill that mirrors the one Americans defeated in June 2007. Again, another bill jammed down America’s throat by another senator that does not represent the American people! Why do New York voters continue voting an old, worn-out horse back into his stall when he’s clearly been run over by younger horses time and time again? Beats me!

Because of the speed of communications, today, we discover terrorists within our midst with seconds of their: 1. Suicide bombings. 2. Plans for bombing us.

In the past 48 hours, we discovered “Jihad Jane”, a blue-eyed Muslim American convert bomber as well as another blue-eyed Muslim American assassin in Ireland trying to kill a cartoonist for drawing parodies of the Muslim thug of the 6th century that created the entire barbaric Islamic religion now bombing and “suiciding” its members into the 21st century. If ever a ‘wingnut’ madman ever thrust himself out of his 6th century digs and injected his barbaric (on every level) religion into the 21st century—Muhammad takes the crown! If you love FGM, stonings, beheadings, behandings, extreme misogyny, suicides, total subservience, complete fear of God, bombings, arranged marriages and burkas—you will love Islam.


Beyond 9/11, terror in the United States starts with its own drunk drivers that kill half of the 43,000 people on our highways annually. That’s over 10 times each year more killed than in the 9/11 debacle. Since 9/11, that’s a whopping 387,000 Americans killed in highway accidents.

"Undressing the Terrorist Threat", by Paul Campos, a University of Colorado professor and the other, "Crunching the Risk Numbers" by Nate Silver, a political forecaster, said, “Consider traffic accidents. All sorts of measures could be taken to reduce the current rate of automotive carnage from 120 fatalities a day—from lowering speed limits, to requiring mechanisms that make it impossible to start a car while drunk, to even more restrictive measures. Some of these measures may well be worth taking. But the point is that at present we seem to consider 43,000 traffic deaths per year an acceptable cost to pay for driving big fast cars." From all causes, they report that 6700 people die daily in the USA.


That report doesn’t mention the fact that American made cigarettes kill 400,000 American annually and have been for the past 30 years. In American self-chosen early death, that equals 12 million deaths in Marlboro Country! Finally, doctors prescribe drugs that kill another 105,000 Americans annually. You might call America a self-inflicted killing zone.


Washington DC writer Don Collins said, “What truly was not apparent in their calculations was the growing migrations of Muslims into Europe and the US, which bring not only potential terrorists but also a religion which simply does not in any way square with our predominant culture. Again these authors could dismiss the raw Muslim numbers as low, compared to the killings committed by drug lords both here and in Mexico. However, just the sheer immensity of overall immigration numbers of people of all races and creeds both legal and illegal into the USA represents a major source of true concern.

“Bottom line: We need an immediate moratorium on all immigration until real immigration reform can be enacted, certainly not another amnesty for illegal aliens now here like the Gutierrez or Schumer bill.”


On the subject of the War on Drugs, these "Undressed" authors make a lot of sense to me:

"Yet not treating Americans as adults has costs. For instance, it became the official policy of our federal government to try to make America 'a drug-free nation' 39 years ago. After spending hundreds of billions of dollars and imprisoning millions of people, it's slowly beginning to become possible for some politicians to admit that fighting a necessarily endless drug war in pursuit of an impossible goal might be a bad idea. How long will it take to admit that an endless war on terror, dedicated to making America a terror-free nation, is equally nonsensical?"

So what should we do about this threat, which clearly has been manifested in many terrorist acts in Europe, the USA and elsewhere with the prospect of many more to come? The "Undressed" authors again persuasively argue that:

"A little intelligence and a few drops of courage remind us that life is full of risk, and that of all the risks we confront in America every day, terrorism is a very minor one. Taking prudent steps to reasonably minimize the tiny threat we face from a few fanatic criminals need not grant them the attention they crave. Continuing to play Terror-ball, on the other hand, guarantees that the terrorists will always win, since it places the bar for what counts as success for them practically on the ground."

Collins continued, “The ultimate irony in our present preoccupation with terrorism may be its potential positive effect on the urgent need for immigration reform. The huge wave of immigration which has swept 50 million or more immigrants and their offspring into the USA since the major change in US immigration law in 1965 has provided no measurable benefits and increased our cost of living by every dimension.

“In the face of utterly destructive new attempts for new legislation before the Democratic Congress to legalize 12 million or more aliens here illegally, we constantly fail to assess real opportunities such as withdrawing from dangerous wars which create more terrorists.”

Our national leaders have bad perception problems. In a January 11th NewsMax story, 2008 presidential candidate, former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani, declared, "The Fort Hood shootings and the Christmas Day bombing incident show Obama and his advisers have been "fundamentally wrong" in their approach to the war on terror.”

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“While great danger from the terrorists (and with drug lords) lies in our preoccupation and fear which these authors suggest, a greater threat keeps moving relentlessly forward on the backs of the businesses and others whose greedy rush for cheap labor keeps logic, fairness and indeed the welfare of our nation hostage to real reform of our broken immigration system,” said Collins. “What better time to initiate an immigration reform than this prolonged economic crisis, which many see as lasting for years? We have always needed to carefully select entrants of all races and countries before they are allowed to become citizens, but based on national need, not done as we have since 1965. Sadly we stopped doing that long ago. Now, we need a full stop moratorium on immigration.”

You may be a liberal or a conservative, but if you’re an American, Collins makes sense.

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Our national leaders have bad perception problems. In a January 11th NewsMax story, 2008 presidential candidate, former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani, declared, "The Fort Hood shootings and the Christmas Day bombing incident show Obama and his advisers have been "fundamentally wrong" in their approach to the war on terror.”