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By Frosty Wooldridge
April 12, 2010

Across the United States, corporations run by upstanding, church-going Christian American citizens and individual Americans--hire 10 to 12 million illegal aliens in violation of our federal laws. Those U.S. citizens break the laws of this nation knowingly and with forethought. They break our laws to cheat on federal income taxes, FICA, along with state and local taxes. They pay under the table or they accept forged or stolen IDs. They ‘know’ those they hire do not hold U.S. citizenship because those employees cannot speak English, which remains a requirement for citizenship.

Millions of landlords rent to illegal aliens, which also violates federal laws.

In other words, hundreds of thousands of American citizens lie, cheat and steal from America’s tax coffers, from city and state treasuries, and they cheat lawful taxpayers who pay for schooling, medical and incarceration costs of over 20 million illegal aliens. Each year, those fraudulent employers cheat American taxpayers out of $346 billion, year after year, after year. (Source:, Edwin Rubenstein, economist)

All for what? Answer: money, obscene amounts of money! Billions of dollars in criminal profit.

Do you think Hormel, Swift, Amour, McDonalds, Burger King, Taco Bell, Tyson Chicken, poultry farmers, beef farmers, construction firms, roofing firms, landscape firms and other businesses want to pay a living wage to American workers—when they enjoy their own 21st century slave labor? Do you think they want to see amnesty for illegal alien workers?

N0, and of course, NO! Illegal alien slave labor remains a HUGE financial windfall in this country. The U.S. Chamber of Commerce supports it and big corporations line the pockets of the majority of the U.S. Congress to keep that labor flow coming without end.

Corporations and Congress do not care one iota for any middle class American citizen. That’s a fact. While 20 million Americans cannot secure a job, the U.S. Congress, with 535 members, imports 150,000 legal foreign workers every 30 days to take jobs from Americans. Those same law makers elected by you, refuse to stop the one million illegal aliens flowing into this country annually. It’s beyond rational comprehension that none of them stands up for an immigration moratorium—to put American workers back to work. Franklin D. Roosevelt, Harry Truman and Dwight D. Eisenhower did it! But not Bush, Clinton, Bush and Obama!


In a piece, “Immigration enforcement: a populist program to create job,” by Bay Buchanan,, Winter 2009-2010, page 94,95, she said, “The first thing we can do as a country to bring back jobs is crack down on illegal immigration, and reject amnesty. These simple steps will free up millions of jobs for Americans. In fact, it will save taxpayers billions of dollars to pay for schools, hospitals, social services, welfare, and prison immigrants.”

You can bet that those aforementioned corporations do not want amnesty and they do not want the borders closed to legal or illegal immigration. They demand consumers and workers, more consumers and more workers—to create more consumption and more production and more resource usage. American corporations remind me of a forest fire that doesn’t care what it consumes or how long it burns. As long as it can keep burning, it will destroy everything in sight.

Same as corporations and multi-nationals! They only care about profit no matter what they destroy. They lie, cheat, steal and defraud. And, thus far, with the power of money, they enjoy their crimes with immunity from our laws, via our bought and paid-for U.S. Congress. John McCain, a multi-millionaire stands as guilty as the rest of those scoundrels like Barbara Boxer, Feinstein, Harry Reid, Luis Gutierrez, Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi and the rest of them.

In effect, they prove to be crooks, liars and thieves because 20 million illegal aliens stand as proof and non-enforcement of our laws validates that proof. When we have 20 million unemployed Americans and 12 million illegal aliens working full time jobs in our country—what more proof do you need for such a corrupt Congress?

Do you think Congress would guard our borders better than they do now—after an amnesty? Answer: they haven’t secured our borders in 24 years since the last amnesty heralded by Senator John McCain. Why would the corporations allow them to secure our borders after another amnesty? Answer: they won’t!

“At least,” said Buchannan, “One of our new leaders, Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-UT) is fighting back. He introduced a bipartisan resolution that laid out three basic principles of an illegal immigration policy that would protect American jobs:

1. E-Verify should be mandatory and hold employers responsible for violations.
2. Installing and sustaining border security infrastructure and manpower.
3. Any immigration reform legislation Congress adopts should not confer legal status on illegal aliens.

Additionally, “Every month, our government issues 75,000 new permanent work visas and 50,000 new temporary work visas,” said Buchanan. “That’s 1.5 million new foreign workers competing with Americans for jobs since Obama took office.”

Please note that all job creating within the USA does not exceed 95,000 per week. Thus, Obama and Congress make certain to never get Americans back to work by adding 125,000 foreign workers per month.

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Which party, Democrats or Republicans, will stand up for America? I’m betting that corporations will not allow Congress on either side to stand up for Americans. Thus, Americans must work toward more Tea Party candidates and more Constitutional Party candidates.

Otherwise, the current two party system fails Americans on every count! They do not serve Americans and should be voted out.

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You can bet that those aforementioned corporations do not want amnesty and they do not want the borders closed to legal or illegal immigration. They demand consumers and workers, more consumers and more workers—to create more consumption and more production and more resource usage.