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By Frosty Wooldridge
May 24, 2010

Last week, Mexico’s President Felipe Calderon derided America’s immigration laws. He admonished Congress NOT to enforce our immigration laws. He demanded they be changed to fit his needs.

What might those needs be? He demands a continued human exhaust outlet for his overpopulated country. He expects a continued and growing $25 billion in cash transfers from his working drones into his corrupt coffers. He wants Arizona’s SB 1070 immigration law repealed while his own country wreaks havoc in that state and every state in the union where over 14 million Mexicans reside illegally.

They cost Americans $346 billion annually across 15 federal agencies while they abuse U.S. laws. (Source: Edwin Rubenstein report)

After the speech by Calderon, provided at the link below, Arizona’s Jan Brewer responded to Greta at FOX NEWS. Brewer flatly denounced Calderon’s incorrect statements as to racial profiling. Afterwards, Brewer and Congressman Tom McClintock denounced Calderon for his ‘contempt’ of U.S. sovereignty.


Speeches by Calderon; replies by Governor Jan Brewer and Congressman Tom McClintock:

Brewer denounced President Barack Obama and Homeland Security Chief Janet Napolitano for NOT doing their jobs. During the interview she lamented that Obama and Napolitano refuse to answer her letters while crime and chaos rumble through Arizona daily.

I highly recommend watching these three speeches. Brewer talks about the “terror our citizens live in daily along the border…we need help Mr. President…we need our borders secured…we need money to pay for illegals in our prisons…for Napolitano to not read the bill and chastise it is unconscionable…what is the motive for not enforcing the law…they know the crime…we’re the drug corridor of the world…we don’t know what the ‘code word’ is as to comprehensive immigration reform…we want our borders secured first…we want Congress to move forward…we cannot stand it anymore…illegal aliens cost us millions and millions of dollars in education, medical and incarceration.”

At the end of her speech, she admonished and pleaded to Obama, “Do your job and secure our borders!”

Brewer and McClintock slammed the door of reality into Calderon’s face. Their speeches need to be repeated all over the United States.

Most embarrassing, the entire Democratic contingent provided Calderon’s insults and contempt for our Constitution—with a standing ovation. While over 460,000 illegal aliens live and work illegally in Arizona as well as an added 20 million operating in all 50 states, the Congress, led by Democrats Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid—do nothing to enforce current immigration laws either at the border or internally. Yet, they stood up to applaud while Calderon encouraged anarchy of his people within the United States.

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At some point, Mexico must deal with its own lawlessness first, create jobs for its own people first, and finally work to stabilize its growing population that expects to add up to 40 million more people by mid century. We cannot baby-sit that many more people if we expect to remain a viable civilization. Instead of telling us what to do with our country, Calderon needs to take action in his own nation.

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Brewer denounced President Barack Obama and Homeland Security Chief Janet Napolitano for NOT doing their jobs.