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By Frosty Wooldridge
October 7, 2010

Immigration consultant Xelan Bonn offers a whole new understanding and appreciation for Congress concerning amnesty for 20 million illegal aliens within the United States. The human overload upon our schools, hospitals, prisons and communities cannot be ignored. Bonn offers a better solution. You may inquire it here.

“We are facing a possible amnesty passage in the Lame Duck Congress after the elections,” said Bonn. “To date, not one major rule-of-law immigration group has put on an offense and as you know, the Dream Act was almost past recently. Mitch McConnell was going to allow it if Reid would have agreed to shove it back on the debate calendar so we came very close to losing the whole pie because of turn-coat Republicans. The only way we can stop this turncoat crap is to begin mounting an offense and start putting everyone off balance so that when they try to make an end run for amnesty in November, there will be enough awareness and public outrage already in the works to tamp it down.

“ALIPAC and Numbers and other groups support only attrition as a strategy. Sadly, that strategy is going to ensure the deaths of millions of Americans---it is irresponsible and uninformed. If you read through the attached PDF docs, you will see why.

“What I am proposing is that the grass roots sector begins awareness for the terrorism facts on this issue as well as the BUIRA solution, which is essentially “attrition” but speeded up so as to do the nation some good and save lives. We have terrorists among us and the longer they stay here with amnesty schemes, etc., the more they are ensured of killing American families. Currently, the FBI abatement rate for potential and real terrorists, given the number in the country now, is over 1,000 years. BUIRA reduces that to 4 years---how many millions of lives will be save by doing that, we may not know. But one thing is for sure, we cannot wait 6, 10, 20 years for attrition to work while terrorist prepare on US soil. Attrition has not worked since before President Eisenhower took office and tried to tackle illegal immigration, so since the 1986 amnesty, so why does ALIPAC and Numbers and other support that as the only strategy now when they know it has failed for over 56 years? In contrast, BUIRA ensures total victory for rule-of-law as well as saves millions of lives by accelerating the process and ensuring “attrition” will work this time around.

“I have sent this and related packages out to the entire US Congress (be sure to read the letter), as well as the border Sheriffs in Arizona such as Arpaio, who liked it enough to give copies to his whole staff and was thankful somebody was on his side. We need BUIRA supported by every immigration group and US citizen concerned about terrorism on US soil and the sooner the better.


“BUIRA is just a starting place for negotiations of an actual bill. Its power is that it starts with a tough stance knowing some of it may be watered down. However, the more the public supports it, the less watering down will occur. If grass rooters will start on BUIRA now, then they will help kill the coming Lame Duck amnesty via preemptive strike in the OFFENSE, and then pave the way for a BUIRA like bill passage potential once Republicans take one or two houses of Congress.

“BUIRA is supported by 80% of voters on both sides of the aisles---this is because it is very humane and safeguards the treatment of illegal alien families, yet also supports rule-of-law. To date, not one proposal anywhere has enjoyed that level of voter support. Yes, hardliners do not win on harsher lines of enforcement, but they get what they want---they get the issue permanently solved and illegal aliens made to return home. Leftist do not get amnesty, but those here who have broken our laws are not prohibited from returning home and then legally immigrating later on---they are not prosecuted for their immigration related crimes which would otherwise disqualify them. Everybody gives up something, everybody gets something. We get a safer America, upholding of rule-of-law and no amnesty---that 90% in my book and a major victory if it can be achieved---but only grass roots public awareness and pressure built up and then exerted on Congress will make it happen.

“If we are waiting for Congress to do something like this on their own--we’re brainless. Congress, on both sides of the aisles, supports amnesty and thinks that’s the only solution. BUIRA, if nothing else, proves there is an alternative to amnesty---that alone is worth pushing it out to the people.

“If Americans wait for immigration group leaders to take up the fight for them and to embrace an offensive strategy like BUIRA, they might as well just lend their support to amnesty. These people running these groups are outclassed by groups like La Raza and MALDEF etc., who truly understand how grass roots systems work. They know that nobody has ever won anything politically by putting on strictly a defense and not going on the offense---true grass roots is 9 parts offense and 1 part defense---just the opposite of what Numbers, ALIPAC and FAIR have pushed historically. And as we saw on the recent Dream Act, their defense is more luck than it was sound.

“Read BUIRA, and then please do an article on it and ask other journalists to do the same so we can get some awareness on it and on the issues—please. The key to winning this entire movement is very simple---point out the facts, highlight the hidden issues of terrorism, push BUIRA as a national security tool to stop terrorism domestically---which it will. BUIRA major selling point is that it is designed to save millions of American lives from domestic terrorism while also permanently ending illegal immigration.

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Domestic terrorism is a major threat the federal government and mainstream media is hiding from us all, so we must expose it and give the American people a solution to it---that solution is BUIRA (years of work, years of research, and a bill proposal that makes more sense than either attrition or amnesty). Just think how great it would be if illegal immigration was not a major issue any more---what’s that worth alone?”

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Domestic terrorism is a major threat the federal government and mainstream media is hiding from us all, so we must expose it and give the American people a solution...