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By Frosty Wooldridge
October 18, 2010

In 49 B.C., Julius Caesar defied the Roman senate by crossing the Rubicon River to wage civil war against another Roman-Pompey the Great. By crossing the Rubicon, Caesar made a decision whereby he could not turn back. He sealed his fate.

Today, "Crossing the Rubicon" means: no way to change, repair or undo your destiny. Yes, Caesar conquered Pompey, but the Roman senate, along with Brutus, stabbed Caesar to death. "Et tu Brutus?" Caesar gasped with his last breath.

For a refresher, the term "hubris" equates to "false pride." Shakespeare wrote about it in King Lear, Othello and other tragic figures.

As a Colorado resident for most of my life, the governor’s race affects me personally. I shall share my story with you. Why? Because 49 state governors, save Jan Brewer of Arizona, cower in their corners concerning speaking out, enforcing or standing up against illegal alien migration.

In Colorado, Dan Maes won the Republican nomination, but failed miserably to tell the truth about his past. His campaign swirled into the toilet. He’s fighting against Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper a total supporter of illegal aliens with his “Sanctuary City”, and the fact that, as a restaurant owner long before he became mayor, he hired illegals. One of his illegals, Garcia Gomez, killed Denver Officer Donald Young after bring caught three times previous to killing Young. Along the way, countless other Coloradans suffered from Hickenlooper’s sanctuary policy that allows illegal to remain in Denver with immunity from the law. The last one, killed two 50 year old women and a three year old kid as they licked ice cream at a Baskin-Robins shop. Sickening!

So, former Congressman Tom Tancredo, a man I admire and respect entered the race, and he would definitely win if Maes would drop out. And, if Tancredo won, it would give 48 other governors the guts and encouragement to pass similar bills like Arizona’s SB 1070 to rid the state of illegal aliens. Here’s the story!


In Colorado, illegal and legal immigration wreak havoc in schools, hospitals, communities and prisons. Colorado suffers 300,000 to 400,000 illegal aliens at a cost of $1.2 billion annually. (Source: Additionally, illegal aliens kill Colorado citizens at a sobering clip through guns, robberies and drunk driving. In the past week, a suspected illegal alien Jose Nevarez-Coronado, caught and released numerous times, killed a beloved college teacher, Yvonne Frye, in Denver via drunk driving.


In that Rocky Mountain State, the Republican gubernatorial candidate Dan Maes follows his 'hubris' toward his ultimate defeat against Democratic candidate John Hickenlooper. As the polls indicate, it's not an 'if' Maes will lose, but the fact that he 'will' definitely lose in the race for the governor's mansion.


Because of mistakes in his past, or questions of integrity or lack of experience to tackle the governorship-Maes hangs by a scant 14 percent of the republican vote while Hickenlooper runs at over 42 percent. Maes trails third person candidate and former U.S. Congressman Tom Tancredo by double digits. Maes runs so far behind John Hickenlooper that Maes can't see the 'Looper's' dust. KHOW radio talk show host Peter Boyles affectionately calls Hickenlooper by that moniker.

While his campaign runs in the red, his numbers grow depressing and the outlook bleak, Dan Maes soldiers across the Rubicon. In a statement this past Thursday, he said, "One more time; I am not going anywhere!"

November 2, 2010 will prove his statement correct. He cannot and will not win the race. His "hubris" rating exceeds Caesar's.


With the election of John Hickenlooper, Colorado allows a proven 'open borders' and 'sanctuary policy' mayor of Denver the keys to continued lawlessness. With Denver's schools suffering anywhere from 48 to 67 percent dropout/flunkout rates, jackpot babies bankrupting hospitals, free breakfast and lunches for illegal alien children and overloaded prisons-Hickenlooper's anticipated victory promises more of the same.

However, if Maes lost his "hubris" somewhere in his rational mind and by exiting his emotional mind, Constitution Party candidate and former Republican presidential candidate as well as proven competent candidate Tom Tancredo would most definitely win with the votes from Maes moving over to the Tancredo side.

Will Maes continue as Caesar for the definite and stomach-churning defeat on the night of November 2nd, or will he think ahead to future generations and future Americans that will benefit by Tancredo's successful run to the governorship? Will Maes give a 21st century Shakespeare yet another story to tell? Or, will Maes think of the good of the people of Colorado?

Everyone knows what John Hickenlooper will do to the State of the Colorado; the same thing he did to the City of Denver-make it friendly to illegal aliens and all their schooling, medical, housing, jobs and welfare needs-paid for by legal Coloradan taxpayers. Hickenlooper sides with Mexico in downgrading and ignoring America's immigration laws. Hickenlooper through his "Illegal alien sanctuary policy" will add to the list of Coloradans killed on the streets of Denver-Officer Donald Young, Dale Englerth, Justin Goodman, the three year old Kudlis, the two older women also with Kudlis in that Baskin-Robbins ice cream store, and this week, a beloved Professor Yvonne Frye at Community College of Denver-serving 39 years at that school. Hickenlooper will help illegals gain jobs over Coloradans. Hickenlooper will defend their rights over Coloradans rights.

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Tom Tancredo would stop illegal immigration in Colorado and give governors nationwide the confidence, leadership and courage to enact laws similar to Arizona's SB 1070. Tancredo would bring honest leadership to the governor's mansion that staggers under the current scandals of Governor Bill Ritter.

Will Maes become a hero or a goat? A statesman or a Brutus? Will he employ common sense or hubris?

For the sake of Colorado, this journalist asks and hopes that he steps aside for the greater good.

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In that Rocky Mountain State, the Republican gubernatorial candidate Dan Maes follows his 'hubris' toward his ultimate defeat against Democratic candidate John Hickenlooper.