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By Frosty Wooldridge
June 13, 2005

According to Brian Williams of NBC News, Americans sit in gridlock traffic to the tune of 79 million hours annually. While lurching through bumper to bumper traffic, they inhale toxic fumes from polluted air that covers all big cities like a brown cloud. Drivers� stress levels create bile in their stomachs while road rage explodes at any moment.

Each day, 1,500 people add to the 36 million already in California. At the current rate of immigration driven growth, the once beautiful state of California will grow by 20 million people in the next 30 years. As if common sense took a back seat to suicidal insanity, our leaders allow three million illegal aliens and one million legal immigrants per year. At the current growth being forced on America, we�ll add 300 million people by 2065. That means every wretched consequence of growth happening in America today will be doubled. Every state�s population will double. Every city will double its air pollution, acid rain, gridlock, number of planes in the air, cars on the roads, schools to be built, water usage, gas consumption, people flooding our national parks, doubling of houses built, doubling of destroyed farm land, doubling of concrete and asphalt set down for roads, doubling of malls built and more and more being destroyed so that we have less and less.

If you�re driving in Los Angeles, it�s a nightmare of crushing bumper to bumper gridlock. Traveling across New York City is a study in personal misery. Have you driven through Chicago? I have driven an 18-wheeler for United Van Lines on my summer trucking job from teaching and I can tell you, driving through Chicago is like driving through quicksand. It takes most of the day to get out. Heading through Atlanta is a study in frustration beyond belief. Houston is a hot, sweaty study in road rage. Guess what? Texas will add 12 million people by 2025 according to a recent report.

How would you like an example of what�s happening to America? Fifty years ago, Bangladesh, India and China ignored their exploding populations. Today, Bangladesh suffers a population of 129 million people in a landmass the size of Colorado. Their people live in utter misery every day of their lives. Arun Gandhi, in a recent speech, said, �In my country of India with 1.1 billion, we have more than four million people who are born in the streets, live in the streets and die in the streets without ever having used a toilet, taken a shower or slept in a bed.�

China is SO overpopulated they suffer mandated one child per family. They live like sardines in a tin. Their pollution problems defy imagination. Their air is deadly. Water is filthy. Rivers run with toxic sewage. People live like rats. I�ve been there; I�ve seen it.

What does that portend for America as we follow those countries down that dangerous path? �Each person in the USA has an impact on the environment equal to as low as 10 and as high as 33 in a Third World nation. Therefore, the US population at 293 million is equal in many ways to a minimum of 2.9 billion people in environmental impact.� National Academy of Sciences

In Colorado, water wars grow on the near horizon. As that state adds four to six million by mid century, they will be forced to ration water. Arizona, a state so dry you can�t spit, sucks its aquifers dry, but expects four million more people in 50 years. Even more horrific, California will add 20 million, which, once those numbers are manifested, it will be one big traffic jam 24 hours a day. The quality of life and standard of living will drop like a brick in a goldfish tank.

In the meantime, we face peak oil by 2015. That means world oil reserves will plummet toward exhaustion. No alternative energy source is on the horizon. We face global warming that is cooking up the planet. Even if you think it�s not coming, when you burn 80 million barrels of oil worldwide every 24 hours, seven days a week and 365 days a year�consequences of some kind will occur. Try acid rain killing lakes, streams and forests. Every year in America because of habitat destruction by humans we lose 2,500 plants and animals to extinction. What moral and ethical questions does that beg?

What are the little consequences rising over this population crisis? In big cities, you now have to dial the area code in your own city to get to your neighbor. You must take 30 to 45 minutes more to drive to work than 20 years ago. You�re in greater danger from bumper to bumper traffic. In Denver, over 30 accidents per day happen in rush hour traffic. No one is safe. California must build one new school every day of the week to keep up with exploding numbers. Open space for nature walks becomes concrete and asphalt jungles. Notice trash and litter growing everywhere in your state. Your kids suffer crowded schools. I�ll bet you could add a dozen more items.

Finally, no matter how many people we immigrate into our country, the desperately poor of the Third World grow by 10,000 per hour, 240,000 per day and over 85 million annually. We cannot save them all, but we can destroy our country.

�Surviving like rats is not what we should bequeath to our children,� -- Jacque Cousteau

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So what are you doing? Standing around waiting for this national nightmare to go away by itself? Hoping someone else will take care of it? Conviction without action is worthless. Every single one of us must pitch into this effort to stop illegal and massive unrestricted immigration into our country. The more extreme our numbers the more extreme our children�s consequences.

Write for that 28-point action letter to stop this nation-destroying madness. For you West Coast night owls, every Thursday you can catch yours truly in Las Vegas, Nevada on Mark Edwards� "Wake Up America" talk show on 50,000watt KDWN-Am-720 10:00 PM to midnight PT, or on the worldwide internet at On the home page, click on heard around the world. Five nights a week, Edwards engages patriots from across the nation to bring you the latest on this nation-destroying invasion.

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What are the little consequences rising over this population crisis? In big cities, you now have to dial the area code in your own city to get to your neighbor.