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By Frosty Wooldridge
December 30, 2010

The year 2011 arrives in a matter of days! With it the promise of a new start! We face horrendous challenges on multiple fronts. We can change our actions to bring positive results. The new year allows us to cease our past behaviors and move toward an encouraging American experience for all citizens.

Enjoy my list for improving America in 2011:

1. Radio talk show host Peter Boyles,, asked the most pertinent question, “Why are we in Iraq and Afghanistan building their countries while we’re broke and our borders remain unguarded? Not only that, our country’s infrastructure degrades beyond understanding.” I repeat Boyles’ question: Why are we in Iraq and Afghanistan after 10 years? Who are we fighting and why? Are we fighting Muslim terrorists? Heck, we’re importing 3,000 to 4,000 Muslim refugees into our country every month without vetting any of them. What’s the point? Muslims can train in Somalia, Sudan, Yemen and dozens of other countries. Heck, they are training in our own country as noted by the Times Square Bomber, Fort Hood assassin, Fort Dix Six, Denver bomb maker, honor killings in Arizona, Texas and South Carolina and more.

Additionally, the more we kill Muslims in their world, the more we create and magnify Muslim revenge. The British, Soviets and ultimately, the USA will be handed its own hat on a bloody platter. No nation has ever won against Afghanistan. They will wear us down and kill us with body counts and financial exhaustion. If we didn’t win in the past 10 years, what makes General Patraeus think we’re going to win in another 10 years. Exactly how much killing and money will winning take? What will we have won? What is the point of so much killing of humans on both sides?

Let’s withdraw from Iraq and Afghanistan. Let’s stop burning $12 billion a month while we kill their people and they kill ours. We slaughtered over 100,000 in Iraq in the past ten years. Why? What for? Just to give George Bush a walk on an aircraft carrier to chortle, “Mission Accomplished!” What a farce and what a joke, albeit a deadly one, on humanity. Sickening really! All based on the fraud of “Weapons of Mass Destruction”. My God! How stupid George Bush! What a disgusting legacy! He killed untold hundreds of thousands in Iraq and Afghanistan. He created 2.5 million refugees. He destabilized the Middle East. He accomplished nothing more than death and destruction on an gargantuan scale. And, today, our young military kids suffer meaningless deaths and maiming of their bodies.

It’s time to get out and get on with peace in the world.

2. We need to take 572,000 American military personnel on 700 bases in 120 countries around the world—and bring them home. We don’t need to spend trillions of dollars to maintain our ‘empire’. We cannot afford it, we cannot continue it and we need to end American dominance of other countries. They are all able to take care of themselves. We cannot be the policeman of the world. Vietnam provides an excellent example.


3. We need to stop ‘free trade’ and move toward ‘fair trade’. We cannot keep racking up $700 billion a year trade deficits. China holds $1.3 trillion in our T-Bills. We owe them! But they sell us cheap goods, but we don’t sell them equally; thus our incredible debt. And, we no longer make those products and thus, we suffer 15 to 22 million unemployed Americans. Does that make sense that our Congress continues insourcing, offshoring and outsourcing our jobs? What’s the benefit?

4. We need to implement invigorated education energy into our school systems across the nation. We need to educate parents and children of parents in our inner cities. We need to educate by paying healthy teacher’s salaries to bring in the brightest and best. We pay teachers horribly low salaries for horribly difficult work under terrible conditions in most big cities. We must make education of our minorities our top priority. Otherwise, as Katie Couric reported on CBS a few weeks ago, 72 percent of African-American teens are single mothers, 35 percent of Hispanics and 22 percent of whites. All of them live on welfare. The results in the decades to come will be catastrophic with entrenched and intractable poverty as a way of life for millions.

5. We must curtail federal spending to bring about a balanced budget. We cannot continue adding to our $13 trillion debt. It will lead us over a cliff and collapse if we continue on this reckless path.

6. We need to secure U.S. borders and arrest, prosecute and jail employers of illegal aliens in all 50 states. Start the INS in Maine and methodically arrest the CEO’s of big companies first in a national sweep by enforcing our laws. We’ll see 20 million illegal aliens repatriating on their own dime with bus tickets to go back home. Take away their jobs and give those jobs to Americans at a living wage. Legal, taxes, recirculation our money in our country, All—American!

7. We waste an unholy amount of aluminum cans, glass containers, plastic bottles and other forms of man-made junk. Especially plastic bags that fly into our environment, into the water, air and on the ground. God didn’t give us a blank check to trash this planet. It’s sickening that anyone goes to a grocery store without their cotton bags—but instead uses plastic bags by the hundreds every year and all of them end up somewhere in Mother Nature. The Sierra Club noted that American use and waste over 380 billion plastic bags annually. We need a federal 10 cent deposit/return on every container coming out of any store in America. We need to conserve instead of raping the earth for more diminishing resources.

8. We need to come to terms with our profligate burning of gasoline, coal, wood, natural gas and other diminishing resources that pollute and acidify our biosphere. We are destroying our oceans by changing the pH, which means we acidify them that destroys the ecological balance for all ocean creatures. We just cannot keep this irresponsible behavior up folks.

9. Additionally, the human race creates havoc with our biosphere in that we inject 80,000 chemical poisons into the air, land and water 24/7. We breathe toxic air over our cities and our lakes, streams and rivers, along with ground water suffer incredible contamination. We need to address it and stop it.

10. With every human added to the USA, now at 3.1 million annually, we destroy 19.4 acres of land which we call “ecological footprint” to support that person with food, housing, roads, schools, stores and farmland. We bring in 1.5 million legal immigrants and another 500,000 green card holders annually. Immigrants birth 900,000 babies annually. We multiply ourselves out of house, home and country. We add another 800,000 illegal aliens annually. That includes 400,000 anchor babies and their mothers that move immediately to our welfare rolls.

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We already suffer 15 million unemployed and another 7 million underemployed. We only create 95,000 jobs monthly, but import over 200,000 legal immigrants and green card holders every 30 days. Tell me how we will ever catch up to employing our own American citizens. Answer: we won’t. We will continue to degrade our quality of life and standard of living.

Thus, we need to call for a 10 year moratorium on all immigration and, later, reduce it to less than 100,000 a year. After the moratorium, we need to import only immigrants that benefit our civilization.

As it stands, we buy into a Faustian Bargain that will lead to a Hobson’s Choice ending. That won’t be pretty for any of us.

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We already suffer 15 million unemployed and another 7 million underemployed. We only create 95,000 jobs monthly, but import over 200,000 legal immigrants and green card holders every 30 days. Tell me how we will ever catch up to employing our own American citizens.