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By Frosty Wooldridge
January 3, 2011

Two out of three Americans choose long term ill-health. Between 180 million to 200 million Americans carry 20 to 100 pounds of extra fat on their bodies. They could care less about their health!

Additionally, they don’t care about their children’s health because they feed their kids the same gut-bulging, cholesterol producing, and pancreas killing foods they feed themselves. They eat ‘Happy Meals’ for diabetes, heart attacks and colon cancers! Obesity and high cholesterol run wild in the ranks of U.S. children!

Fox News said, “The fact that people are much less physically active than in the past means that the ranks of the overweight have swelled to nearly 70 percent in the U.S. this year (2010) from well under 50 percent in 1980. In 10 years, a full 75 percent of Americans will be overweight, making it "the fattest country in the OECD.” Read more here.

As much as Americans scream about health care, they prefer ill-health over good health. Americans know that overweight causes 1.5 million heart attacks annually, but they do not care as they load up on bacon, sausage, eggs, hamburgers slathered in cheese, butter, whole milk, double cheese pizzas, alcohol, soda pops and sweets every day. Junk and processed foods dominate our breakfast, lunch and dinner tables.

“About 86 percent of U.S. adults would be overweight or obese by 2030 if current trends continue, according to a study led by a Johns Hopkins University researcher and published in 2008 in the journal Obesity,” reported Fox News.

After obesity, 47.8 million Americans smoke daily to lead the charge toward early cancer deaths at 450,000 annually. That’s nearly one of every six Americans that try to kill themselves with lung cancer, emphysema and related diseases. President Obama has smoked since his teen years!

Another 10 to 15 million Americans dwell in the ranks of ‘alcoholic addiction’. They drink themselves into a daily stupor. Beyond their own addiction, they beat up their wives, kids and each other at bar fights. Over 30 million Americans drink and drive while another 10 million inhale a joint while driving.

Reporter Bill Hendrick of said, “About 30 million Americans a year admit to driving while drunk, and 10 million more say they get behind the wheel when under the influence of illicit drugs. On average, 13.2% of all people aged 16 and older drove under the influence of alcohol in the past year, and 4.3% drove while on illicit drugs, says a new survey from the federal Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration.”

That results in 18,000 American deaths by highway accidents annually, but Americans won’t pass any laws to effectively prevent drunk driving, i.e., confiscate drunken drivers’ cars, severe fines, along with jail time.


On top of those preventable deaths, Americans breathe and eat foods laced with hundreds of chemicals: factory farmed foods grown with chemicals in the soil, over 80,000 human-made chemicals injected into our air, land and water 24/7. Preservatives, dyes and synthetic sugars like ‘aspartame’ contaminate our drinks and processed foods. “Sugar-free means chemical sugars instead!” Soda pop rots our children’s and our teeth with carmel, sugars, sodium benzoate, aspartame, acids and red, brown, yellow, orange, purple, blue dyes.

Lung cancer, breast cancer, prostate cancer and colorectal cancers kill 560,000 Americans annually, but you won’t see anyone changing their nutritional habits, exercise habits or personal choices.

Over 900 Americans die by falling off their bikes without a helmet every year! That’s 2.5 deaths per day. A helmet would have saved their lives. Do we mandate helmets for our kids? Of course not! Over 37,000 people die in highway accidents annually and a third do not wear seat belts. They cannot be bothered.

The question: Why the big fuss over Obama’s egregious health care bill? Why the uproar and anger? Why would so many people get upset when over two-thirds of Americans choose obesity, no exercise and unhealthy lives?

Ironically, Americans spend $55 billion annually on trying to keep people alive in the last 60 days of their lives. Unfortunately, those are the same people that ate, smoked, drugged and drank themselves into ill-health pile-ups at the end of their lives.

Once they accelerate their own physical demise, they expect a purple pill, aspirin, pain relief, surgery or a doctor to give them a new heart, liver, or even suck all the fat out of their bodies.

As the 80 million ‘Baby Boomer’ generation starts crashing down onto our health care system, it will collide with reality! Obama-care or ‘any’ care will not be able to deal with a huge percentage of 80 million baby boomers that turned obese, drank and smoked themselves into consequences.

Additionally, as we add 100 million people to this country within 25 years, does anyone possess any idea of the enormity of our predicament from sheer numbers? Answer: not a clue!


As a former cardiac catheterization medical technician, I watched people’s ill-health choices degrade their lives into heart attacks, cancer and worse.

Since my dad died at 46, I didn’t want to follow the same ‘eating paradigm’ that killed him. I changed my entire eating pattern to vegetarian, no dairy and no junk food. I eat vegetables, grains, fruits, nuts, cereals, tofu, tempeh and filtered water. I exercise 1.5 hours six days a week, i.e., swim a half mile, bike 20 minutes, lift weights for 45 and run a mile. Then, stretch! I keep lean, clean, agile, mobile and alert. You don’t have time for 1.5 hours of exercise? Balderdash! Stop watching TV which will free you up for at least two to four hours a day! Television offers you nothing but a pot belly!

As a civilization, we need to move back to a healthy eating paradigm, organically grown foods and exercise. We need to stop mass chemical spraying, fertilizers and processed foods! We need to clean the air over our cities, and move toward clean energy to ensure clean air with every breath.

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We need to take personal responsibility and accountability for our health. By taking such actions across the USA, we could cut medical care costs by 70 to 80 percent. Nature intended us to live healthy lives! We must move back toward natural eating, exercise and living.

Otherwise, no amount of health care will take care of you when choose ‘sickly eating’ paradigms and ‘sit-on-your-butt’ fat-slob lifestyles. It’s your call as to how you decide to live or die.

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As much as Americans scream about health care, they prefer ill-health over good health. Americans know that overweight causes 1.5 million heart attacks annually, but they do not care as they load up on bacon, sausage, eggs, hamburgers...