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By Frosty Wooldridge
January 13, 2011

While political pundits attempt to figure out why America suffers 15 million unemployed and economists calculate complicated economic models—the answer remains as simple as the nose on your face.

If you ship all the jobs Americans used to work to other countries with cheaper labor forces, at some point, Americans won’t remain employed, thus not be able to buy products no matter how cheap the prices.

Thus, hundreds of emails poured into my computer giving a myriad of responses to our America dilemma:

“As a legal immigrant myself now going on 55 years, and while I am an immigrant, I agree with you 100%, especially about the fact that the politicians constantly repeat the following in sheer stupidity and actually an insult to the Founding Fathers, they say that we need immigrants; because America has always been about immigration! Yes, I shall never forget when during WWII my dad saw a tool made in the USA. A Craftsman tool so he grabbed it and paid a good price for it! That tool lasted for many years! If the truth were known, maybe somebody is still using it!

“I firmly believe that if the Founding Fathers were to rise and hear such nonsense from politicians they would be shocked! And they would be shocked that America is now the most corrupt, brutal, and un-Godly nation in reality, with its satanic imperialistic militarism, circling the globe; and creating suffering where the innocent mostly pay the price! When I read some of their statements in addition to the US Constitution I find it hard to believe that the Nation has actually turned itself into its own worst enemy!” H.D. Loma Linda CA.

“Excellent column as usual Frosty. Thank you. I have my doubts that this Congress will be any better for our Country than the last one. The plans were laid many years ago. Too many ignorant Americans, and way too many foreign illegals that care for nothing more than better living, free handouts from the stupid government, etc. Return our troops from the two illegal wars, and put them on the borders in defense of our Nation, machine guns, tanks, or whatever it takes to secure, especially the Southern border. Deport ALL illegal aliens. Those in Congress read aloud the Constitution, yet I know most of them do not care one bit about the Constitution. The Republicans are no better than the Democrats. I have no faith in the new speaker of the house. The neo-cons must be replaced with Constitutional people.

“Hope you forgive the ramblings of a senior citizen. The media is owned and operated and so is our government. So many good books at American Free Press whereby one can learn the truth. I know who shot up, killed and almost sank the USS Liberty in 1968. It was an act of war. But few Americans know it or probably even care.” Barbara , Thank God for Ron Paul, a true Statesman.

“Nike, North Face, Columbia, Saucony (shoes) and other high end quality items are all made in China, other countries. It seems to me we could make these here, but these companies choose cheap labor and have no loyalty to America. These unemployed workers need to get retrained or start a business, because all these factory jobs are gone. Millions starve: Parent's that have children they can't feed are lower than animals. If the African (& other 3d world areas) women have many children that starve, seems to me these large families could grow gardens, have animals for food...I have no pity on lazy people that won't help themselves, children. They have the energy to breed like mice, yet are too damn lazy to grow food or raise chickens, goats, etc.

‘I live in the Deep South and a friend forwarded your link to me. I have a hunch that things will come to a head no matter what we say or do. It's suddenly become an "Alice in Wonderland" world, where people (14-35 years old) don't know how to think, write, spell, do math, know anything about American History, or World History, or how to write a check, or cook, or seek nutritious nausea.” Herb

“Mr. Wooldridge- Good article. A few weeks back I received a phone call from the RNC wherein they played a recorded message from CFR Newt advocating the wonderful programs the Republicans would enact to get America back on its feet. I replied to the nice lady, that was all for naught as nothing would improve until our government had abrogated both NAFTA and GATT. Of course, one of the most advantageous things we could do would be to get rid of the Immigration Reform Act of 1965. [It jumped legal immigration from 150,000 annually to 1.2 million annually.] When you really consider it, could there be a better method of destroying a culture, a civilization or an empire than importing into it millions of primitive people and then paying them to reproduce prodigiously and to stay home and collect their welfare checks? And, it's happening all over the West. In '88 I went into a subway station in Berlin with some army buddies to see the town.

We were the only six white faces there. Had I not known I was in Berlin, I would have thought that I was in Istanbul. A few years back, while standing at the foot of the Eiffel Tower, I was accosted by a dozen Africans wanting to sell to me their little plastic glow in the dark. In Lisbon there are areas of the city that look like the worst third world clapboard ghettos. Suffice it to say, the very same people who control our government have a strangle hold on all the governments of the West.” No name given

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“We all know the answer. It`s the agenda.....the agenda of the NWO to bring America down. They need to do it for the final nail. I think it used to be called Treason when you sold out your country. Bad times to get worse! Be safe when the (Un) Civil War breaks out.” Rob, NZ

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I firmly believe that if the Founding Fathers were to rise and hear such nonsense from politicians they would be shocked!