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By Frosty Wooldridge
January 20, 2011

For 30 years, our presidents and Congresses failed to enforce our immigration laws. Today, with 20 million illegal aliens living and working within the USA, the consequences grow worse by the day. We face budget shortfalls, 15 million unemployed Americans, educational chaos and bursting prisons.

Dan Stein, president of set forth a list of reforms that need to be addressed in this year’s Congress.

Stein gave these points:

To help members of the 112th Congress prioritize the steps needed to reinstate meaningful immigration enforcement, FAIR has just released its Immigration Reform Agenda for the 112th Congress. This document provides new lawmakers with a brief summary of action taken during the previous Congress and a roadmap for moving forward with immigration reform measures. Specific suggestions for legislation include the following:

Permanently authorize E-Verify and provide adequate funding to guarantee the future of the program;

Make E-Verify mandatory for all existing and new hires;

Complete the U.S./Mexico border fence as mandated by the Secure Fence Act of 2006.

Reinstate or codify the “no-match” rule for employers who receive notice that their employees’ social security numbers do not match the Social Security Administration’s database;

Deny certain federal funds to cities that have sanctuary policies;

Prohibit employers from deducting wages paid to illegal aliens;

Fully implement US-VISIT to provide for a comprehensive entry-exit system; and

Amend the language of the INA to clarify that states may not offer illegal aliens in-state tuition under any circumstances.

The action items in FAIR’s Immigration Reform Agenda for the 112th Congress are by no means exhaustive, but they do highlight what FAIR considers to be the most urgent immigration-related matters facing lawmakers as they begin their work in 2011.

FAIR’s Immigration Reform Agenda for the 112th Congress can be found at

Virtual Fence Abandoned, Actual Fence Ignored

“Last week the Department of Homeland Security announced that it was cancelling the “Virtual Fence,” a project created in 2005 to provide technological security on the U.S. southern border,” said Stein. “This decision comes after DHS terminated funding for the program in March 2010.

“The goal of the virtual fence, part of the $6.7 billion Secure Border Initiative network or SBInet, was to employ video monitoring, sensors, and radar technology to heighten security in remote parts of the border with Mexico. However, after nearly 5 years of development led by Boeing and over $1 billion already spent, the proposed comprehensive technological barrier covers only 53 miles and is widely considered a waste.

“Problems plagued the project from the beginning. The radar and software often failed to distinguish humans from animals – oftentimes even erroneously detecting vegetation as illegal alien movement.

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“Technology should complement, not replace a physical barrier on our southern border. For the $1 billion sunk into the failed virtual fence, the U.S. could have, and should have continued construction on a double layer fence to add further obstacles for drug traffickers, illegal aliens, and terrorists wanting to enter the country.”

Reach Dan Stein at: or write him:

2010 Federation for American Immigration Reform
25 Massachusetts Avenue - Suite 330
Washington DC, 20001

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To help members of the 112th Congress prioritize the steps needed to reinstate meaningful immigration enforcement, FAIR has just released its Immigration Reform Agenda for the 112th Congress.