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By Frosty Wooldridge
April 7, 2011

[Disclaimer: The opinion expressed in this article are solely those of Frosty Wolldridge and not necessary the opinion of NWV, its staff or other writers.]

“The one absolutely certain way of bringing this nation to ruin, or preventing all possibility of its continuing as a nation at all, would be to permit it to become a tangle of squabbling nationalities and languages.” President Teddy Roosevelt

Of all the unwise and foolish things our U.S. Congress has imposed on the American people in the past 40 years, the late Teddy Kennedy’s 1965 Immigration Reform Act will prove the most dangerous piece of legislation for the continuance of the United States.

While George Washington enjoys the moniker as “Father of our country”, Kennedy may become known as the “Father of the destruction of our country.”

Not only did his bill ram an added 100 million immigrants into the United States in the past 40 years, it will cram another 100 million into this country by 2035—a scant 24 years from now.

Beyond the environmental overload as to ecological footprint, carbon footprint, water, energy and resources—we face another more ominous and deadly overload of incompatible cultures and religions. The wise philosopher Kant said, “Religion and language are the two great dividers.”

While benign religions like Buddhism settle into any civilization without antagonisms, the fastest growing religion in the world aggressively moves from its third world roots into first world countries with astounding speed. It has ransacked Europe’s tranquility. In France, police, firemen and citizens will not enter 750 “no go” zones now dominated by Muslims.

Islam advocates for barbaric martyrdom with suicide bombers, female genital mutilation, arranged marriages, female subjugation, honor killings at over 5,000 annually inside the Middle East, stonings, beheadings, acid throwing into women’s faces and no rights for women.

While it doesn’t advocate aggressively within a Western country at first, as its numbers grow, it demands more and more impregnation of Sharia Law. That law creates an entirely new economic, social and religious paradigm inside the host country. Muslims do not remain timid for long!

In 1990, less than 100,000 Muslims lived within the United States. In 2011, they boast over seven million. At 100,000 Muslims added to the USA annually, they will add one million every decade. But with their birthrates, they can expect to add five million Muslims within 20 to 30 years. At present, they have built 1,208 mosques across the USA. No women can walk inside the front doors. They must go to the side. No women can share worship with any men. No women can walk into a mosque with their faces showing.

As seen in the United Kingdom, with a scant 2.5 million, they are already instituting Sharia Law by forcing democratic law out of Islamic dominated areas of London.

See for yourself in this five minute video in Sweden.

In an oped at, they published a piece “Beheading ourselves over Islam.”

“What can the U.S. do to quell the violent spasms of Islam? Promote Islam, naturally. At least that's the thinking of this administration. It's now official foreign policy,” opined Investers. “President Obama's top Muslim envoy has been overseas encouraging devotion to Islam, including in terror hot spots like Afghanistan. In fact, Rashad Hussain, U.S. special envoy to the Organization of the Islamic Conference, just returned from Afghanistan, where he told locals the antidote to Islamic violence "is Islam itself."

"I am of the opinion that one of the strongest tools that you can use to counter radicalization and violent extremism is Islam itself, because Islam rejects violent extremism," Hussain said during a speech in Kabul.

“Afghans responded to his message by slaughtering a dozen innocent United Nations workers in the name of Islam,” wrote Investers. “Stirred by mosque sermons, a mob of thousands overran a U.N. compound in northern Afghanistan following Friday prayers. They sawed off the heads of two guards before killing the others, including Norwegian and Swedish nationals, inside. It was Afghanistan's deadliest attack on U.N. personnel. The worshippers also burned American flags and effigies of Obama all to defend the honor of a single, paperback copy of a Quran torched by a quack U.S. preacher thousands of miles away in Florida. So far, more than 20 have died in the rioting.”

Islamic law is absolute

“Islamic law calls for vengeance against anybody who insults Islam, its prophet or its holy book. Islamic law is enshrined in the post-Taliban Afghan constitution. Yet Rashad, a devout Muslim, says the Muslim faith is "key" to the administration's strategy to turn Muslims away from violence,” reported Investers.

"We see that as one of the key elements of a strategy to address this type of violence," he said. By "we," he means the Obama administration. So it's now official policy to try to douse the Islamic fire of jihad by pouring more fuel on it. This is breathtaking.

“It found that Islam was catalyzing terrorists abroad and inside America's Muslim community. And it scolded U.S. leaders for pretending otherwise. Still, Hussain insists: "When it comes to the problem of violent extremism, Islam is not the problem."

If Americans expect to survive the 21st century with this nation intact, we need to shut down all Muslim immigration into this country. Any person can see that Islam has done to France, UK, Norway, Holland, Belgium, Sweden, Austria and Spain.

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Do we want the constant confrontation of competing ethnic tribes, especially when America’s dominate white/black/Hispanic tribes do not possess the kind of religious zeal of Islam? Do we want to see our democratic laws degraded into Sharia Law? Do we want to see women’s rights flushed down the toilet? Do we want to see free speech and thought shut down? Do we want to see our free society morphed into a dictatorial society run by Islam that features its first tenet as: “Convert or kill all non-believers.” Koran

So far, as we immigrate millions of Muslims into America, we are choosing to lose America by our inaction, inability or apathy to speak up. What are we handing our children? Answer: a cultural, social and linguistic nightmare.

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If Americans expect to survive the 21st century with this nation intact, we need to shut down all Muslim immigration into this country. Any person can see that Islam has done to France, UK, Norway, Holland, Belgium, Sweden, Austria and Spain.