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By Frosty Wooldridge
May 19, 2011

Who creates the bigger illusion, David Copperfield in Las Vegas or Barack Obama and his cronies in Congress? Answer: Obama and Congress—hands down take the trophy as the biggest illusionists in America.

Each day, you hear the pundits talk about the economic recovery as if it’s happening all across America. “Another 100,000 Americans found jobs in April,” said Diane Sawyer. Reality check: we are not enjoying an economic recovery. It isn’t and it mostly likely will not manifest during Obama’s first and, if the American people show utmost stupidity, his second term.

We’re talking 15 million unemployed and another seven million underemployed according to Roy Beck. All the while, Congress pumps a whopping 225,000 green card holders into our country every 30 days. If you only add 100,000 jobs per month, but you pump another 225,000 workers into the country every 30 days, tell me how we will ever reach full employment of Americans. Answer: we won’t!

Additionally, Congress and Obama continue to allow China to ship us $700 billion worth of products annually instead of engaging our manufacturing sector. Result: we buy from them but they buy little from us. Ugly result: we owe China $1.3 trillion as debt.

Our Congress and president: dumb and dumber!

Ed Lazear, a former economic adviser to President George W. Bush and Stanford professor said, “We won’t see full employment if you just watch the numbers. We added jobs because hires exceeded separations, not because hiring increased. The decline in layoffs is not unexpected and does not reflect the labor-market health. Layoffs tend to occur early in a recession. When an economy has reached bottom and has already shed much of its labor, layoffs slow.”

A sixth grader can do the math that shows if you keep adding millions of workers to an already horrific 15 million unemployed, you will never catch up. It’s mathematically impossible. Yet Obama and Congress pump 225,000 workers into the USA every 30 days.

Why hasn’t the American public spoken up? Why haven’t Americans said anything? Refer to my “Jerry Springer-ification of America” column several weeks ago. Uneducated and dumb people cannot help their condition or situation. Rich and intelligent people ignore or look upon the Middle Class masses with disdain. You may include politicians like John McCain, Charles Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, Barbara Boxer and other millionaires in that group.

"When the labor market creates 200,000 jobs, it is because five million are hired and 4.8 million are separated, not because there were 200,000 hires and no job losses,” said Lazear. “When we’re talking about numbers as large as five million, the net of 200,000 is small and may reflect minor, month to month variations in the number of hires or losses."

Lazear spells it out, but never addresses the underlying causes. If I remember correctly, we live in a cause and effect universe. When you take one action, it results in a response.

What if we stopped adding 225,000 new workers every month? What if we stopped outsourcing, insourcing and offshoring millions of American jobs to other countries? What if our U.S. Congress and President Obama actually worked on employing Americans in America?

As long as the American people fail to call their senators and House members to stop the bleeding, we will continue to decline as a country. As long as our citizens are considered collateral damage by our political elite, we will lose our middle class. As long as our Congress and Obama continue three wars around the globe, we will keep bleeding money and jobs. As long as we imitate sheep, our government will carry on as usual.


1. Get out of Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya.
2. Stop allowing China to make all of our mercantile goods.
3. Stop outsourcing, insourcing and offshoring American jobs.
4. Stop injecting 225,000 foreigners into our country every month.
5. Bring manufacturing back to America by creating huge tariffs on foreign goods.
6. Create “fair trade” instead of “free trade”. That means when we buy $100 billion in goods from you, you buy $100 billion in goods from us. Result: equal trade!
7. Kick eight million fully employed illegal aliens in America back to their own countries.
8. Simple, smart, direct, workable and viable.

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But, of course, our politicians and president cannot possibly engage such common sense solutions. Secondly, the American people remain “Jerry Springer-ified” and will more than likely reelect all the same congress critters that got us into this mess in the first place.

America: “Made in China”

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Who creates the bigger illusion, David Copperfield in Las Vegas or Barack Obama and his cronies in Congress? Answer: Obama and Congress—hands down take the trophy as the biggest illusionists in America.