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By Frosty Wooldridge
July 7, 2011

Readers responded to “Devolving America into parallel societies” with their own solutions. Mollie, a Texan, watches daily as her state, now harboring 1.5 million illegal alien migrants, suffers failing schools, medical services and overwhelmed prisons.

What are your ideas for solutions to our immigration dilemma?

“I just visited the LBJ Library here in Austin, Texas,” said Mollie. “They have a special exhibit about the 1960’s. LBJ was the “spark of Socialism” (after FDR) in this nation. Many of the programs he started were designed to do just that, but I was younger and just didn’t realize all he did. The most disgusting thing about this exhibit was the first thing you saw- Saul Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals”! OMG- the very “mentor” for all Obama’s ways is being promoted in this exhibit!

Well, here goes for more suggestions:

1. Citizenship must be verified on voter registrations- don’t know how long this has been going on, but by law it can’t be verified! This has been in effect for over 20 years. All you need to register to vote is a Social Security number and you don’t ever have to have the card, so only God knows where they got the number (stolen or from “convicted felons”). I know this because I registered 400 folks to vote back in 1992 in Houston, Texas and personally called to verify if anyone checked only to be told “we simply don’t have the time or personnel to do this.” Big Mistake, America, just like allowing Houston to be a “Sanctuary City”. Are you aware that some states allow folks to register to vote the day of the election? How can anything be verified? I’ve learned a lot since 2008 and hopefully so have others. ACORN needs to be abolished, but I think it’s still “growing more Communists.”

2. Bring back the “Literacy Test” to vote and ballots in English only. Making Spanish our “national language would be a huge mistake when all the Chinese are learning English. If we keep buying their goods, we may need to teach Chinese in our schools should China take us over, but most people are too stupid to learn it!

3. Welfare programs should not be available to “non-citizens” (especially since only citizens who pay taxes support these programs)! Democrats started all the crap about foreigners getting Social Security and now the Mexicans are filling out forms for “earned income credits” (meaning they worked only for cash, never paying a dime into this system because they never paid any income tax, but want to collect Social Security anyway? President of Mexico should be so proud of all the ways his citizens are “ripping off” Americans now that there are no borders. Perhaps he can convince Obama to just “annex” Mexico since all the Christians, especially Catholics, are into “Love Thy Neighbor.” I’m all for the food stamps being for only certain SKU numbers, not “anything but alcohol and tobacco products” like here in Texas on the Lone Star Card.

4. Drug and alcohol testing for Medicaid or Medicare. While we are at it, definite weight guidelines and no smoking. I’m tired of paying for other folks’ bad habits. Obama Care will just make everyone start smoking again. No more drug re-hab programs or free needles. No more AIDS treatment (So Sorry, Obama was wrong to allow AIDS folks to come to this nation.) Well, they used to “inspect” folks for diseases, lice, and everything else at Ellis Island, but now we allow them bring back diseases we long ago eradicated! Oh, and they expect us to pay to vaccinate all these folks who have never had any vaccinations, especially all the kids we pay to educate.

5. Anything else that dissolves the “Nanny State” and makes folks more responsible for their own lives. I’m tired of “unwed mothers” getting more welfare (Mormons and Muslims just use this because the “extra wives” aren’t legal and they are “cashing in” big time. Perhaps Obama will allow “multiple marriage partners” in the future since he’s creating his “Have it Your Way” society for his “Obama Nation”!)

“I love what Roy Beck is doing, but until we find a way to get Republicans back in control of Congress, not much is possible,” said Mollie. “Congress can pass laws, but enforcing them is another issue. My fear is that Obama will issue an Executive Order making many “illegals” become “citizens” just in time for the election. This will spark a “Revolution” such that he can declare “Martial Law” here and be totally in control!

“We also need to have more specific “job qualifications” for POTUS and require proper (authentic, not fake or fabricated) documentation prior to candidate running! Like any other high-level job, there should be a “psychological testing” and definitely full terms in Senate.

“We’ve had it with someone who was supposedly born in Hawaii (actually Kenya) and raised in Indonesia (totally Muslim nation). Can you imagine what Obama learned about United States history? What some Americans learned in 2008 is how many “idiots” exist in this nation and how many will vote strictly on “looks” and nothing else! I honestly believe Obama answers to folks on the other side of the globe, not American citizens because he isn’t an American citizen! Go to if you haven’t already.

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“How can we allow this man to remain in office? Why isn’t anyone doing anything? Are they afraid? Obama is part of the Muslim plan to take over and Saudis paid for his Harvard Law School education. Why is it that no one remembers him from any of his colleges? (He attended Occidental College in California as a “foreign student”, using a Social Security number his grandmother “lifted” from a man who died in Hawaii, but was originally from France and lived in Connecticut until he moved to Hawaii, but never paid into the system, so wasn’t going to collect.) Yes, his grandparents were “Communist liars” and he’s a “Muslim liar” and we are “becoming like other nations”, particularly Mexico where they “lie, cheat, and steal”, but I’m also learning that in the Middle East, “lying is a form of communication” and “stealing is a form of commerce.”

Mollie shows her anger, frustration and contempt for Congress and the president. Can you imagine who will write another response in 2035 when another 72-75 million third world immigrants inhabit the USA?

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Mollie shows her anger, frustration and contempt for Congress and the president. Can you imagine who will write another response in 2035 when another 72-75 million third world immigrants inhabit the USA?