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By Frosty Wooldridge
July 25, 2005


Third World corruption overwhelms any chance for a balanced or civil society. Mexico stands as an excellent example of �el Grande� corruption. In John W. Slagle�s book, �ILLEGAL ENTRIES�, every aspect of Mexican life suffers from corruption. It�s rampant at the lowest levels of society. Mailmen take bribes to ensure patrons receive their mail. If citizens don�t pay, no mail is delivered. Thievery is a given. Patrons are robbed while eating a meal at a restaurant!

Unfortunately, Third World corruption pours into the United States like accelerating speeds at the Daytona 500. It�s worse than quickie marriages at the �Elvis Presley Chapel� in Las Vegas.

�Marriage fraud is also a big problem in the United States,� Slagle said. �Thousands of illegals will marry a US citizen for a green card. One well traveled US citizen female had been married and divorced 37 times in one year to illegal aliens in a conspiracy with 20 other ladies. All had an equally formidable list of spouses who paid an average of $3,500.00 each for marriage certificates.�

Like a metastasizing cancer, illegal migration into the United States grew at break neck speeds in the 1990s. According to Time Magazine, three million a year illegally jump America�s fences from Canada and Mexico. The numbers indicated a growing crisis of human misery in home countries. Civic Hispanic groups such as MALDf, La Raza AND LULAC grow in power and protest enforcement of immigration laws in communities across the USA. If a BICE agent arrests illegals within five blocks of a church or school, Hispanics erupt from the woodwork exclaiming the aliens were, �Dragged from the school or apprehended while praying.�

This illustrates �ethnic enclaving� or �ethnic sympathy� that circumvents law and order.

It�s happening all over America as illegals, which have no investment in America, other than colonizing jobs and making money--grow in sheer numbers.

Worse, US politicians pander to illegals. Voter registration forges into illegal registration for hundreds of thousands of illegals. Their numbers dictate elections even though they are illegal. It�s an example of Third World Momentum escalating at the foundation of democracy. �Politics and the Immigration Service are forever intermingled and it doesn�t matter which party is in power,� Slagle said.

Slagle notes complete disregard of Congress concerning enforcement. Illegals could �jump the line� ahead of legal immigrants who waited for years to immigrate. Once illegals �make it�, they enjoy the fruits of their crime, i.e., free schooling for their kids K-12, medical services, housing assistance, food stamps, impunity with sanctuary cities and under-the-table jobs where they pay no income taxes. These crimes are all at the expense of American taxpayers.

But what this invasion instigates is an increase of illegal aliens from Middle Eastern countries as well as other regions that support terrorism. If we think that Mexico is a friend and neighbor to our country, like �NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH� in most of our communities, think again! �Illegal aliens from Lebanon, Afghanistan and Iran used the Mexican embassy in those countries as a gateway into the United States,� Slagle said. �Valid Mexican entry visas for 30 days were purchased at a price up to $5,000.00.� Once into Mexico, terrorist hire smugglers for transportation onto US soil.

Do you ever wonder how Third World corruption may affect you? After 34 years of the Drug War and one-half trillion dollars of your taxes spent--drug use and drug availability remain better than before. Any kid in any city in America can score whatever drug and amounts 24/7. �Many drug shipments appear to be escorted or guarded by Mexican authorities,� Slagle said. �Narcotics organizations pay millions of dollars in bribes to corrupt Mexican military officers who command �anti-drug� troops along the border as well as police agencies. The �mordita� bribery system in Mexico has never been resolved by Washington, DC or Mexico�s President Fox.�

As this invasion escalates, many countries assault America. �The number of illegal Chinese Nationals in the United States has been estimated at over two million and with any population there are criminal organizations from narcotics distribution to money laundering operations,� Slagle said. �Gang participation is popular with many violent chapters in larger cities. New York has the Fuk Ching Gang, Three Mountain Association, White Tigers, Green Dragons and Ghost Shadows to name a few.�

Also in New York, Russian immigrants have made welfare into an art form. It might be noted that Vancouver, British Columbia has imported so many Chinese, both legally and illegally, into that city that it looks more like Beijing than Canada. Their Indo-Canadian drug gangs and growing power leave Canada at risk of losing any control over its own country as the new immigrants enclave into political power and �ethnic sympathy�.

As drug smugglers grew in power and numbers, they were emboldened by non-enforcement. Ironically, NOTHING changed on the border after 9/11. Anyone can ride or walk across the border at any time. Homeland Security�s �red alerts� bring a good laugh by smugglers after a $5,000.00 week and a bottle of Tequila.

Slagle noted that Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument on the Mexican border stands as the most dangerous national park in America. Over 400,000 illegal aliens cross annually. On August 9, 2002, while patrolling the backcountry, Kris Eggle, 28, National Park Ranger was shot by a drug smuggler. The only Congressional representative to attend his funeral service was Tom Tancredo of Colorado. In the meantime, Senators McCain and Kyle along with Representatives Kolbe and Flake of Arizona had been working overtime to give illegal aliens more benefits. McCain and Kennedy�s latest work/amnesty bill is a nightmare for America. While they encouraged illegal aliens by doing nothing before or after 9/11, America not only lost 3,000 innocents, it lost an outstanding young American Park Ranger. What this Congress lost was the American Dream for so many people�a dream that it was/is entrusted to protect�but doesn�t.

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The last Guest Worker Amnesty by Reagan in 1986 failed. It rendered more incentives for illegal aliens crossing into America. Result: 20 million illegal aliens. The new one by Bush and/or McCain suffers rational objectives and critical thinking. It encourages millions around the world to come to America illegally. It means this country sinks further into Third World Momentum. Slagle�s book, �ILLEGAL ENTRIES� illustrates how fast this invasion overwhelms America�s ability to function from this onslaught. The American Dream is fast becoming the American Nightmare for millions of Americans.

[Editors Note: What the political traitors (from both parties) are trying to accomplish is a EU (European Union) of the Americas, starting with Mexico, US and Canada and eventually the whole hemisphere. And that's why they don't want to secure the borders.]


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The last Guest Worker Amnesty by Reagan in 1986 failed. It rendered more incentives for illegal aliens crossing into America. Result: 20 million illegal aliens. The new one by Bush and/or McCain suffers rational objectives and critical thinking. It encourages millions around the world to come to America illegally.