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By Frosty Wooldridge
July 21, 2011

Back in 1865, Mark Twain said, “First God created idiots. That was practice for his next handiwork. Then He created politicians.”

As our country watches the countdown to our debt calamity, I sit in my office daily listening to the talking heads, the interviews with financial know- it-alls and the rhetoric from politicians. Not only is it mind-numbingly frustrating, but it’s downright stupid beyond understanding.

Instead of addressing the enormous $14.5 trillion debt a year ago or six months ago—they let it slide until we face horrible consequences on multiple levels. They run this country like a drunken sailor captain that suddenly finds himself facing a storm the size of Hurricane Katrina. He’s so unprepared and so drunk that he doesn’t understand his circumstances.

That’s my take on 535 arrogant, insipid and infantile congressional representatives driving our ship of state. At the head of this conglomeration of nitwits stands Barack Obama who is so far in over his head that he can’t even find someone to steer the ship toward financial safety. It’s called the Peter Principle and Obama defines it—and we all pay for it.

I called my two Colorado U.S. Senators Mark Udall and Michael Bennett and gave their staff members a piece of my mind. Both of them have done nothing to lead this country forward. I’ll bet your senators maintain the same stupidity, arrogance and outright pathetic do-nothing stance as mine.

It’s enough to make a person scream with utter futility as those nimrods in Congress stand in front of the cameras with absolutely nothing solid or meaningful to say. One stupid excuse after another!

If I were president or a member of Congress, I would take action with common sense and reasoned actions. Save money by not spending it on stupid things like wars, foreign aid, anchor babies, stupid government grants like “discovering how a Frisbee remains aloft,” and thousands of ridiculous projects that our government, led by our Congress, spends without any reason whatsoever.

Save our money, get us out of debt and work for Americans:

1. Leave Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya. Let them fight for their own stinking countries instead of us doing it for them at $1 trillion and adding $12 billion every 30 days.

2. Stop all foreign aid to all those wishy-washy countries that laugh at us as they take our free handouts like Israel, Egypt, Pakistan and Mexico at something like $30 billion a year. Savings: trillions of dollars over X amount of years.

3. Stop giving National Public Radio $490 million annually. Let them broadcast on their own merits and use advertisers for their liberal crap.


4. After 50 years on the South Korean border with 35,000 U.S. troops at a cost of trillions of dollars, bring them home and place them on our Mexican border to stop the flood of drugs and people. Savings into the trillions of dollars in the long run—besides putting at least eight million of our own citizens to work at a living wage.

5. Stop giving billions of dollars to the National Endowment of the Arts for projects that would be done by artists on their own merits.

6. Stop giving 43 million lazy-ass Americans daily food stamps without giving them a job to earn their food such as community service, job training and personal responsibility. Savings into the trillions!

7. How about stopping Pell grants, Dream Act, free breakfast and lunches for illegal alien children? How about stop giving $436 billion annually across 15 federal agencies for people not even legally living in our country?

8. How about stopping “free trade”, NAFTA, CAFTA and other trade treaties with Mexico and China to bring back jobs and manufacturing to our citizens? How friggin’ stupid is this president and his Congress? Answer: pretty and utterly stupid.

9. Raise the age of Social Security benefits to 70 so it doesn’t go broke. When it first started under FDR, about13 paid into it with one withdrawing. Today, it’s about two paying in with one withdrawing. We just can’t keep up that Ponzi scheme.

10. Stop injecting 1.2 million legal immigrants into this country annually when we already suffer 14.5 million unemployed Americans. It’s just common sense for heaven sakes!

11. Make those that enjoy unemployment checks for sitting around doing nothing for 52 months or more—perform community service with their particular talents. It’s ridiculous to pay somebody for doing nothing.

12. Drastically reduce the insane military budget. We spend trillions of dollars on our military while we create wars abroad. We maintain 572,000 military personnel on bases around the world as they twiddle their thumbs in other countries—and nothing is accomplished. While our military budget soars out of reality, we’ve got 13.4 million American children living in poverty and 1.5 million homeless and our schools, roads and infrastructure disintegrating. The fraudulent spending in military expenditures is breathtaking. “Every gun that is made, every warship launched, every rocket fired, signifies in the final sense a theft from those who hunger and are not fed, those who are cold and are not clothed.” Dwight D. Eisenhower

That’s just for starters. I would engage the finest economic and industrial minds to find the corruption and theft that continues with American taxpayer dollars until we became a lean, clean and functioning country. I would crawl into the guts of the federal government’s finances and stop all the idiotic “earmarks” and other pet bills that break our financial backs. I would not do what Obama and Congress are doing: the same old crap.

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Finally, Medicaid and Medicare cannot be sustained. As the president of the United States, I would put a full court press on healthy nutrition, exercise, weight loss and personal responsibility via education. I’d make Dr. Oz the new Surgeon General because that fat lady Dr. Regina Benjamin now representing the American people is a terrible example of healthy living: obese and out of shape. She represents the 7 out of 10 Americans overweight or obese. That’s sickening because they suffer all the way up to the doorstep of death with maladies that shouldn’t be happening if they lived within their healthy weight. But as they proceed, they want you and me to pay for their lifetimes of responsibilities toward their health.

Man, am I totally P.O. at our president and Congress for their idiotic, stupid, arrogant and righteous lack of leadership.

Twain’s parting comment remains true today, “No Man’s Life, Liberty or Property is Safe…While the Legislature is in Session.”

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It’s enough to make a person scream with utter futility as those nimrods in Congress stand in front of the cameras with absolutely nothing solid or meaningful to say. One stupid excuse after another!