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By Frosty Wooldridge
August 2, 2005

What do 20 million illegal aliens mean to Americans? Mostly, it�s a number, but doesn�t mean much unless you�re one of the people affected by it. Are members of Congress affected by illegal aliens? Do their daughters get raped like the eight women raped by illegals in Boulder, Colorado last year? Do they catch the diseases like the 30 school kids who contracted tuberculosis from unscreened illegal alien kids in Michigan? How about the eight police officers who contracted TB from illegal aliens they arrested in Austin, Minnesota in 2003? Do the drugs being brought over our border annually by illegal aliens addict Congress� kids? Did any members of Congress have their vehicles stolen out of the Congressional parking lot like the 57,600 cars that were stolen by illegals in Phoenix last year? Do Congressional representatives stand in unemployment lines like 18 million Americans because their jobs have been stolen by illegals, out-sourced, in-sourced and off-shored?

The following is a story by a border patrol officer who was transferred to a hot bed of illegal alien migration and supported by illegal alien advocate Mexican, er, I mean U.S. Congressman Chris Cannon of Utah. Imagine that! Our own congressmen supporting, aiding and abetting illegal alien migration! He�s one of hundreds in the House that supports the Dream Act, H-1B and L-1 visas that have cost Americans over one million jobs. He supports out-sourcing and off-shoring so we�ve lost another three to five million manufacturing jobs. He supports anchor babies, diversity visas, chain migration, food stamps and assisted housing for illegal aliens. What a country!

This agent describes why he can�t do his job.

�I moved to a small town where my grandparents homesteaded, my father was raised and life was extremely simple, 145 people live in this community,� Jack Johnson said (not his real name). �Due to the influx of cheap illegal labor for the summer, the population has swelled to about 200. All Spanish speaking, loud, Spanish rap music blaring from vehicles, drugs a plenty, DUI's almost daily, numerous people living in old broken down mobile homes and in effect, the ranchers have turned this small quiet town into a Barrio. By bringing in this labor, the local ranchers tolerate the 'trouble' because they are getting cheap labor. They have in effect, changed the face of this community overnight because of their greed for cheap labor and making a profit on their beef and milk. There have been three traffic fatalities in the past two years due to excessive alcohol, speed, no driver's license, no insurance, �no comprende nada.� The nearest sheriff's office is over 50 miles away. The ranchers and dairymen are the ones who should be held accountable and liable for the criminal activity in this community.�

What Johnson describes is the aspect of �Third World Momentum� importing itself into America with incompatible cultures and dangerous �ethnic sympathy�. Once minorities come into our country with an ax to grind, they become antagonistic instead of assimilated. Since they didn�t adhere to laws in their own countries, now, they come to our country and assume they can continue their lawless ways. Americans pay for that lawlessness in increased insurance rates, educating their children, diseases they bring us and we suffer their antagonism in our communities. It costs American taxpayers $1.6 billion annually to house the 29 percent of our prison Federal prison population comprised of illegal aliens. At state levels, it�s worse.

�The peaceful community I remember as a boy, and moved into several years ago, has changed dramatically,� Johnson said. �I have personally picked up and deported three Spanish speakers from this community. One was a juvenile male, 16 years old, who drove onto my lawn and started spinning donuts, ON MY LAWN ! He broke a water pipe and chewed up the grass. I yanked him out of the car and was immediately surrounded by Spanish speakers who demanded he be released because he was only drunk !!! That is their culture; it�s okay to go out and get drunk and ruin others property. I called the sheriff. Luckily there were two highway patrol officers about 30 minutes away. One other illegal that I set up for deportation after being convicted of DUI (was granted VR in 2002 but obviously never left) is back in town and makes it a point to drive by my house playing very loud Spanish Rap music. I can hear him coming for half mile.

If this is an example of the joys of �multiculturalism�, what else are Americans in for as this immigration invasion escalates? Making a mockery of our laws, illegals like him know that Immigration Customs and Enforcement has no money for detention, only mandatory detention is allowed felons.

Utah estimates an illegal population exceeding 100,000. It will exceed 500,000 within three years at the present rate of increase. The cost in anchor babies, welfare, medical assistance, housing assistance, food stamps and special education will add into the millions of dollars. Utah�s schools already struggle for fund for American kids.

Johnson adds, �We had been allowed to go out into the field and pick up agriculture felon re-entries, however, that has changed.�

�It becomes a quagmire of paperwork to do this job. Our own department, our own management, our own system is making it more difficult for us to do our job,� Johnson said. �They give you a job, tell you do it, change rules, make it more difficult, and everyday, more people are saying, �If it takes me all day to do an operational plan for one alien, why bother?�

�You would not believe how many times I hear that comment from our agents,� Johnson said. �They are effectively tying our hands so that we cannot do our jobs. The only thing I live for now is retirement, one year, five months, six days and I pray I make it.�

Which begs the question. Who is in charge of making sure Border Patrol officers CAN�T do their jobs? His name is George Bush who hands down orders to the Border Patrol. His phone number is 1 202 456 1111 or if you�d like to call him to ask him to support his officers instead of preventing them from doing their jobs. Otherwise, why pretend to be working for his country and fulfilling his job when he isn�t? What happens when the next illegal alien that gets to roam around our country turns out to be a guy who drives a twin engine plane loaded with C-4 plastic into an NFL game with 80,000 Americans?

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Finally, what happens when we allow the next 10 or 20 million uneducated, unskilled, antagonistic and un-American people into our country? Will we survive their rancor, their anger, their loud music, their drunken driving and their disrespect to our nation?

Did the Romans survive the Vandals? If you�re not sure, read the history books.

Go to and click on �What you can do� and click on the 26-point action letter to stop this nation-destroying madness. For you West Coast night owls, every Thursday you can catch yours truly in Las Vegas, Nevada on Mark Edwards� "Wake Up America" talk show on 50,000 watt KDWN-Am-720 10:00 PM to midnight PT, or on the worldwide Internet at On the home page, click on heard around the world. Five nights a week, Edwards engages patriots from across the nation to bring you the latest on this nation-destroying invasion. Also go to

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Which begs the question. Who is in charge of making sure Border Patrol officers CAN�T do their jobs? His name is George Bush who hands down orders to the Border Patrol.