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By Frosty Wooldridge
October 10, 2011

If you haven’t noticed, the tiny island of Haiti houses 9 million starving, homeless, illiterate and destitute people. They have cut down 98 percent of their trees. Take a hint of their future from the Eastern Island metaphor. Often, entire boatloads of them attempt to make it to Florida. They live on a spit of land with a carrying capacity of less than 500,000 humans—but demographers tell us they will continue propagating to reach 12 million in less than two decades.

For a sobering comparison, David Paxson, director of said, “If my state of Minnesota housed the same density of human beings as Haiti, instead of less than five million people, the “Land of 10,000 lakes” would house 79.1 million people.

That’s how irresponsible third world countries continue no matter what the consequences. Blame it on religion, culture and illiteracy.

Take Somalia’s starving millions. The United Nations said that nearly 1.1 million children stand at risk for dying of starvation. We sent them $100 million in food aid last month. For every one of those cute little starving children that you see on the TV screen, if we feed them, each will sire another 20 just like himself. In fact, Africa in 2011 cannot feed its 1.0 billion people, but it’s projected to reach 3.1 billion within the next 89 years—or before the end of this century. Note that 10 million children around the planet starve to death annually today. (Source: World Health Organization)

Mexico faces devastating food and energy predicaments, but it expects to add another 35-40 million by mid century. India adds 11 million, net gain, annually. China adds 8 million, net gain, annually. Egypt cannot feed its 80 million today, but expects endless population growth.

Did you know, that according to Forbes Magazine, human trafficking smugglers earn $7 billion annually to smuggle Chinese, Indians and other refugees into the United States annually?

For a sobering reality check, look at Canada’s City of Vancouver, it has become a monopoly of Chinese immigrants that have run Canadians out of that area.

Last week, I attended four immigration conferences in Washington DC. I took two days to visit Philadelphia. As I walked the streets when Ben Franklin strolled, I felt like I was walking in another country dominated by Burka-wearing Muslim women along with a majority of third world immigrants. Philadelphia is no longer a city inhabited with Americans. It’s a mishmash of immigrants. Latest figures show that we now feature 40 million people that were not born in the United States. They cost American taxpayers $346 billion annually across 15 welfare agencies. To top it off, in June, 43 million Americans subsisted on food stamps. In October, 45.2 million depend on food stamps.

As along with the “US Population Projections” by Fogel/Martin and the U.S. Census Bureau as well as the Pew Report on immigration—we are about to absorb another 75 million immigrants by 2035 and still another 15 to 20 million by 2050.

The last week of this month, the human race will see the 7th billion human land on planet Earth. From there, humans will add another 1 billion every 12 years to reach 10 billion by mid century.

Can you imagine how many starving, illiterate and desperate refugees will be streaming into Canada, America, Europe, Australia and other first world countries? It’s going to reach into the millions and millions more.

California via immigration is on course to add 20 million within 30 years to its already too many residents at 38 million in 2011.

Environmental Refugees

For better or worse, the Catholic and Islam-Muslim churches encourage unlimited birth rates. With more numbers comes more power, and more money for the churches.

If you look at the results on the world stage, environmental refugees stream into Europe out of Africa and the Middle East. If you look at Central and South America along with Mexico, those same refugees stream into the U.S. at an accelerating rate of speed.


Can realities like starvation and deaths change religious doctrine based on books written 2,000 years ago? It's not likely. Even in the face of severe environmental consequences, do not look for the Pope to change his stand. Neither will any Muslim leader stand up against 1,600 years of doctrine. Ancient religions lock followers into the past.

Why is the U.S. the Lifeboat to the World's Unfortunates?

No less than 30 million destitute Mexicans -- if they can't feed, water and clothe themselves -- will move out of their country in the 21st century into the United States. Over 12-19 million Mexicans have already moved into the U.S. As their conditions worsen in their home country, millions more will migrate. Major portions of Central America will migrate with the Mexicans, leaving similar situations.

"The vision of a world teeming with environmental refugees is daunting, even for wealthy countries such as the United States," said John Cairns, University Distinguished Professor of Environmental Biology at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, Blacksburg, Virginia. "When countries capable of absorbing refugees are at or beyond their carrying capacity, every individual on the planet becomes a potential refugee with no place to go. The world's human population is increasing at 80 million net gain per year, but natural support-systems are decreasing."

We Can Awaken –- STOP the Onslaught – BUT, WILL WE?

What we face:

1. Humans are dependent upon this planet's ecological support systems, which they cannot continue to damage without suffering severe consequences.
2. When leaders understand that achieving sustainable use of the planet will not be possible if human population and/or per capita consumption continues increasing.
3. If humans can't or won't come to balance, nature's means of famine, disease, wars and chaos will do the job brutally.
4. Birth control is the only human solution that assures we remain sustainable on a finite planet.

The most astounding aspect of this series -- that ties my mind in knots -- stems from the fact that the average citizen doesn't seem to have a clue about what's coming -- and not one national leader will address it.

Why? Follow the money. Every time any environmental shock wave surfaces -- fisheries collapsing, species extinctions and oil depletion -- our leaders think of a dozen ways to obfuscate, cloud, deny or ignore our accelerating calamity. Meanwhile, citizens go about their business completely clueless.

Are We Willing to Change?

Can we stem this impending environmental refugee flood? We better! We are NOT the world's lifeboat – two billion world citizens desire to come to the U.S.

First world countries must provide economic assistance to overloaded countries. Most important, they must provide advanced birth control to stop the cycle of poverty and overpopulation. Citizens of the world must be helped in their own countries.

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We're seeing environmental refugees stream into America from Mexico, Central America, India, China, Africa and a hundred other countries. They've added 112 million people to our country in the past 40 years. Are you ready for the next 75 million immigrants in 24 years -- and then, the next 100 million added in 25 years? The rate of growth is increasing exponentially.

Does anyone in America understand what I am writing about? Do they understand that I have already seen it with my own eyes? Why haven’t 50 million Americans joined the most effective organization in America to force the Congress to stop relentless, mindless and destructive legal and illegal immigration? You better get to it or your kids are screwed on more levels than you can comprehend. You’re watching the destruction of your own civilization without lifting a hand. Beats the hell out of me as to why?

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Last week, I attended four immigration conferences in Washington DC. I took two days to visit Philadelphia. As I walked the streets when Ben Franklin strolled, I felt like I was walking in another country dominated by Burka-wearing Muslim women along with a majority of third world immigrants.