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By Frosty Wooldridge
December 19, 2011

The accelerating masquerade of multiculturalism manifests itself solely in first world countries. For some arcane assumption, people that promote it assume that the cultures of Canada, Europe, Australia and America are not unique or complete in themselves.

Mexico, Somalia, Congo, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Afghanistan and most other mono-ethnic and mono-religious societies do not allow multiculturalism. In many such societies, their cultures do not allow women to vote, think, become educated, enjoy equal rights or choose whom to marry. Citizens suffer a litany of limitations and discriminations. Many of those countries promote the killing of gays, stoning of women and they push arranged marriages on women as well as honor killings.

Yet, somebody dreamed up the idea that multiculturalism must be thrust upon America and Canada as if it would improve on their freedoms of religion, free thought and free expression. Any fool can witness that it does not work in Norway, Sweden, France, United Kingdom, Germany, Holland, Belgium and any other country overrun by third world immigrants.

Germany’s Prime Minster Angela Merkel declares, “Multiculturalism has utterly failed.” United Kingdom’s Prime Minister Cameron announces, “Multiculturalism has created complete separation in the UK.”

"Two generations of students have been taught to believe that all cultures are created equal, that we do not have a legitimate made-in-Canada or made-in-America cultural identity deserving of protection,” said Tim Murray of Canada.

My friend Tim Murray brings the hammer down on the pretention that “multiculturalism” is the end all and be all for enhancing another country’s own culture.

“The same mentality exists in Australia,” said Murray. “After 70 years of "White Australia" policy, we are meant to feel guilt and thus we need to have open borders and open minds and allow "diversity" and multiculturalism as an ideal. Patriotism for Australia is considered racist, yet other settlers are encouraged to cherish their national/cultural identities.

“Multiculturalism assumes that Australia doesn't have a culture. Our early poets, bush-ballads, traditional songs and dances, folklore, visual arts, indigenous culture, colonial and Federation architecture is undermined by modern-day celebration of "Harmony" and "Diversity". How many school kids would recognize or recite one of Banjo Patterson's poems now?

“Multiculture" is not a culture itself, but a salad of mixed ethnic identities. It's been used to justify mass immigration. There's no "glue" to hold together any common ideals - and there are strong sanctions against any discussion or criticism of it.”

In Suicide of a Superpower, Patrick Buchanan said, “We have accepted today the existence in perpetuity of a permanent underclass of scores of millions who cannot cope and must be carried by society—fed, clothed, housed, tutored, medicated at taxpayer’s expense their entire lives. We have a dependent nation the size of Spain in our independent America. We have a new division in our country, those who pay a double or triple fare, and those who ride forever free.”

Anyone living in Lewiston, Maine or other New England states where Somalian immigrants wreak terror in the local schools and ride the welfare rolls, understands the horror of multiculturalism. The latest stems from a Muslim teen that beat up a young American teen because she wouldn’t have sex with him. He broke her front teeth out and said, “I’m going to mess up your pretty face.” And he did!

African Refugees Bring AIDS, Crime to New England Towns

“Even the ANZAC Day memories are becoming of little significance, but for a few who remember their fore-fathers who fought in the two world wars, it is being embraced as a symbol of our past,” said Murray. “"Brave New World", your observations would resonate with most Americans and Canadians, at least, Canadians of my generation and older.

“One by one, our traditions and symbols are falling like bowling pins, except for one courageous action by our much reviled "Conservative" government. They restored the word "Royal" to the name of the Canadian Air Force. The hypocritical reaction by the "left" was predictable. Like the republicans in Australia, they said that keeping such symbols was indicative of a colonial mentality, proof that we had not yet "grown up" as a nation. Yet they are willing to see Canada and America colonized by cultures from across the globe, and are gleeful by the exponential increase in the number of "ethnic" (that is foreign) enclaves in both countries’ urban centers.

“It is absurd to say that keeping the Queen as our politically impotent head of state is a symbol of subservience. The fact that I kept my father's surname ("Murray") is not a statement of my subservience or lack of independence from my father. It is simply a tribute to his contribution to my well-being and character. He is part of me, but not the whole of me. And I will not renounce his name to make someone else feel comfortable.

“The British, the French and the indigenous peoples are not mere fragments of a Canadian "mosaic" but “Founding Peoples” in a distinctive Canadian culture. Apologists for multiculturalism often remark, "What is a Canadian anyway?" as they see the cultural fragmentation of our country proceed unchecked with the arrival of 700,000 migrants a year, 90% of whom from "non-traditional" sources. But Canadians of my father's generation, the ones who stormed Juno Beach in Normandy or flew in the RAF, RCAF or served in the "Royal" Canadian navy as my uncles did knew what a Canadian was. And so did the people they left behind at home.

“In just 30 years I have witnessed the deliberate and calculated demolition of a nation. A nation that our founding peoples created long before the immigrants joined the party. My great grandparents—the first of my family to make Canada their home—were Scandinavians—and they were proud to salute the Red Ensign (with its Union Jack), make an oath of allegiance to our CANADIAN head-of-state (Queen Victoria), obey British-based laws and speak one of our official languages (English) without aid or encouragement. And their attitude is still typical of most immigrants today no matter where they came from. Who then is behind this policy of official multicultural-schism? Answer—two groups—those who have found it politically convenient to harness and mobilize ethnic voters as a bloc vote in support of the growth lobby. And those cheap labor employers who want a large pool of unskilled labor to draw from and more consumers to sell to.

“It is time that the ideology of multiculturalism be exposed for what it is. It is a fig leaf for the corporate agenda of growing the labor pool under the guise of “diversity and tolerance.” Multiculturalism, aka "Diversity", is just a smokescreen for a criminally destructive Population Ponzi Scheme. When will so-called "left wing" dupes see it for the scam it is? When will they understand that the best friend that workers have is a cheap labor market? When will environmentalists understand that mass immigration has a profoundly negative ecological impact, and that in effect, more "cultural diversity" comes at the expense of "biological diversity", as new housing sprawls over our best farmland to accommodate immigration-driven population growth, putting 500 species-at-risk?”

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Everything Murray said accelerates America’s multicultural plight. America is being watered down, dumbed down and subjected to our cultural poverty—imported by the cultures brought to this country. Our culture is being obliterated. We must stand for America’s unique culture, our ability to vote for our leaders, for women’s rights, for children’s rights and for the freedoms guaranteed by our Constitution. To achieve an outcome that honors America’s unique culture, we must engage a total moratorium on all immigration and stop the destruction of America’s culture, language and way of life.

Thank you Tim Murray, for standing up for Canada. Let us all stand up for Canada and America before we lose the countries of our birth. For a nasty example of “multiculturalism”, ask the Native American Indians their take on “multiculturalism.”

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Anyone living in Lewiston, Maine or other New England states where Somalian immigrants wreak terror in the local schools and ride the welfare rolls, understands the horror of multiculturalism.