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By Frosty Wooldridge
January 12, 2012

A book review: Man Swarm and the Killing of Wildlife by Dave Foreman

A reader named Joe C. from Oklahoma, himself an environmentalist, wrote me that he didn’t like that I endorsed a radical like Dave Foreman and his book Man Swarm and the Killing of Wildlife.

In his day, Thomas Jefferson provided the British with plenty of “radical” so they tried to kill him. Susan B. Anthony suffered death threats for being so “radical” but she carried on and finally, women received the right to vote. Whether you like him or not, Dr. Martin Luther King has been called every name in the book and died for his “radical” ways, but people of color finally enjoyed eating in any restaurant, sleep in motel and go to school with dignity.

Heck, the Southern Poverty Law Center has hung me up as a “radical” with all sorts of sordid names because I write and speak to stop “illegal” immigration. I’m a “radical” because I uphold the U.S. Constitution. One writer called me some really nasty names as well as a “fake environmentalist.” I don’t care who you are: if you stand up and speak out, somebody will throw rocks, names and bullets. I am proud to be a poster boy at the SPLC because it shows that I am making impact. Go to their website and see my picture and all the nasty stuff they say about me. I figure as long as I stand with the U.S. Constitution, my integrity remains self-evident.

It matters little what you think of Dave Foreman. He’s a compelling figure. He cared enough to DO something in his life. Ninety percent of Americans for the past 30 years have done nothing—and that’s why we’re into this immigration nightmare that threatens the foundation of our Republic. If you don’t see that, you may be using Silly Putty for brains.

Don’t shoot the messenger fellow Americans. Foreman is a messenger. Tell me you disagree with him that we are slaughtering thousands of species out of existence. Or tell me that we should sit by and do nothing. What a load of horse manure!

So if you don’t say anything, your children get to live in America with another 100 million immigrants added within 38 years. Is that what you want for your children? If you think we’ve got problems now, what in the daylights do you think it will be like with another 100 million folks added to our country?


Listen up! We’re in a fight for our country, language, culture and civilization. Cheer the men and women who stand up. Is Pam Geller who wants the mosque stopped at Ground Zero a “radical”? If she is, I stand with her. Muslims are not the warm and loving people they pretend to be: they support female genital mutilation now rampant in America, arranged marriages accelerating in America, killing of gays, no First Amendment rights, no women’s rights, honor killings and other nasty barbaric rituals. One Muslim in Texas over Christmas “honor” killed all seven of his family. His girls wore jeans so he killed them. Did you hear about it in the media? Not a chance! Political correctness rules in our once open republic.

What will another 100 million immigrants do to America?

“It is critical to focus on what is presently dead certain: that overproduction and overpopulation have been driving the dismantling of complex ecosystems and native life, and leaving in their widening wake constructed environments (10 million folks in cities of concrete and toxic skies), lost ecologies and lost life forms.” Eileen Crist

Foreman tells it like it is as he tells what we face: 1. Hunger and starvation because we can’t grow enough food for ourselves. 2. Squandering of natural resources. 3. Land-scalping and the loss of land fertility. 4. Cultural, economic and political upheaval. 5. Harm to wild things.

Tell me if he’s wrong! We’ve got 13.4 million American children living below the poverty level virtually brought on because Congress imports 150,000 legal immigrants every 30 days. Tell me Foreman is a bad guy when we suffer 46 million Americans subsisting on food stamps. Do you like the 15 million unemployed Americans that cannot live a decent life because they can’t secure a job? Tell me it’s just great that we’ve got barbaric religious groups that practice honor killings. We’re causing the extinction of 250 wild things annually in the lower 48 because of habitat encroachment.

Foreman stands with some pretty big names in his call to save the wildlife of America by stopping mass immigration. Brilliant Harvard Dr. E.O. Wilson said, “Except for giant meteorite strikes and other such catastrophes, Earth has never experienced anything like the contemporary human juggernaut. We are in a bottleneck of overpopulation and wasteful consumption that could push half of the Earth’s species to extinction in this century.”

Foreman said, “For fifty thousand years, we have been romping and stomping over the wild-world for need, greed and feckless glee…our romping and stomping slices deeper, deadlier and with more wounds everywhere on land, sea and in the air.”

I don’t mind telling you that I am a bit disappointed that Joe from the great state of Oklahoma got his feathers ruffled, but Foreman will be vindicated much like Jefferson, Anthony and King. Their work is self-evident today. Foreman’s book will prove unfortunately prophetic if we don’t stop mass immigration.

Hopefully, you’re ticked off , too. What can you do about it? How about becoming part of an armada of citizens that drive the immigration issue to the forefront of TV, newspapers and radio. Write, call in and make noise:

If you feel like taking action, you may forward this review along with a letter to the following media outlets. Urge them to address overpopulation and mass immigration in your state, community and the nation: ; ; Brian Williams at ; ; ; ;; ; Bob Schieffer ; David Gregory at ; Mathews at

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Man Swarm and the Killing of Wildlife by Dave Foreman

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Listen up! We’re in a fight for our country, language, culture and civilization. Cheer the men and women who stand up.