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By Frosty Wooldridge
March 1, 2012

In his book Fog of War by Robert McNamara, the architect of the Vietnam War, he admitted that he “made a mistake.” He lived to the ripe old age of 92. His “Gulf of Tonkin Resolution” amounted to a fraud that had nothing to do with endangering the United States, but he and LBJ used it to get 58,300 American kids slaughtered and another 350,000 hideously wounded in a ten year war that did nothing for the safety or security of the United States. An MD Vietnam War veteran researched and found that something on the scale of 175,000 to 200,000 combat troops that returned home in one piece—ultimately committed suicide. The war did, however, make billions of dollars for investors in food, clothing and munitions for the military.

All totaled, estimates show that 2.1 million Vietnamese suffered military and civilian deaths. Countless others suffered cancers from Agent Orange being sprayed across millions of acres of rain forests. Our “Silent Majority” sat on its rear-end to watch its kids get cut down like a Kansas combine taking down wheat during the harvest.

Three decades later, without provocation, our own madman to counter the tribal chief Saddam Hussein, George Bush dressed up in a flight suit and pranced across an aircraft carrier to tell us that we were going into Iraq to give them a little “Shock and Awe.” If anyone should be brought to justice for war crimes, former President George W. Bush should stand trial.

Recently, in Colorado Springs just south of me, a young Army sergeant suffered death on his 12th deployment to Middle East. He left behind three kids and a wife that he hardly knew. He served his country, but the bigger question, why didn’t his country serve him? How on God’s green Earth would military brass and two presidents extend two such useless wars to the point of sending a kid to his death after 12 deployments? I am beyond rage at this point at Barack Obama and our Congress. Their immorality and amorality sicken me daily as those two wars continue with over 100,000 of our kids serving over there.

After 10 years in Iraq and $1 trillion along with 4,000 plus American deaths, that country is exploding and imploding at the same time. For some reason, Muslims would rather blow themselves up rather than engage in peace talks.

This past week in Afghanistan, after 10 years of hopeless and beyond stupid occupation of that goat-herder country and over 1,000 American deaths, an Afghanistan military officer in a secure zone executed to the backs of their heads, two American officers, a colonel and a major, and wounded four others. Why? Somebody burned several Korans. Another 11 Afghanistan civilians suffered death in the riots over the burned Korans.

That incident doesn’t account for last year when seven U.S. officers were executed on an American base in Afghanistan by another military nut case who walked into a conference room, made the officers drop their pistols and calmly shot them all dead. But those same crazy Muslims here in the USA commit honor killings of their daughters and wives just last Christmas in Texas! Muslim Major Hassan executed another 43 people at Fort Hood, but only killed 13 of our soldiers on our base.

Then, you’ve got the underwear bomber and the shoe bomber and the Times Square bomber. How many suicide bombers have blown themselves up in the past 10 years? Hundreds and hundreds!

Are those people born nuts or are they completely crazy beyond comprehension? Can one single religion dominate and displace sanity and intelligence? Apparently so!

Which begs the questions: are we totally crazy to allow our kids to deploy five, 10 and 12 times over in Afghanistan?

Pentagon spokesman George Little said, “We work alongside thousands of Afghan people for a better future. Nothing will deter us from that goal. We’re making progress. We have put the enemy on its heels in many parts of the country.”

What a bunch of unadulterated horse manure! Tell that to the families of the colonel and major just shot in the back of their heads by another Afghanistan officer.

Afghanistan Mohammad Karim said, “The culprits of the burning of the holy Koran should be arrested and hanged to death in public. We don’t want Americans here at all.”

With Obama apologizing for the burning of the Koran, who is apologizing for executions of Lt. Col. John D. Loftis and the major? Who is apologizing to the members of their families?

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Obama should be apologizing to the American people for his ineptness, his incompetence, his stupidity and his complete lack of common sense in not vacating Iraq and Afghanistan immediately.

As for the American people, we should apologize for our apathy, indifference, non-involvement, lack of protesting and our acceptance and financial support for ten years of killing that has gone on in Iraq and Afghanistan. It’s beyond the word “stupid” what we have done to those countries and their people.

No doubt George Bush will write a book: Iraq and Afghanistan—I made a mistake with shock and awe.

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Obama should be apologizing to the American people for his ineptness, his incompetence, his stupidity and his complete lack of common sense in not vacating Iraq and Afghanistan immediately.