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By Frosty Wooldridge
August 27, 2012

Part 2: Reasons for endless immigration? Silent Majority and apathy!

This is a Constitutional Republic. Millions of citizens must take action in order to make it work. Citizens must become involved for any meaningful change to occur. Without citizen action, moneyed elites, corporations and military fanatics maintain a strangle-hold on the path and direction of this country.

Again, the focus of this series: to stop mass legal and illegal immigration. If we fail to stop it, our children will inherit the consequences of an added 100 million immigrants within the next 38 years and a total added and unsustainable population of 138 million more people by 2050. That means we will grow from 315 million to 438 million if we fail to take action. Such numbers will prove unsustainable sociologically, culturally and environmentally. Such numbers will outstrip our water, energy, resources and quality of life.

Let’s talk about lack of action in the Silent Majority

The Vietnam War raged for 10 solid years because the “Silent Majority” aptly designated by President Richard Nixon—remained silent, did nothing and took no action. What stopped the insanity and absurdity of the Vietnam War? College students, knowing they would die in combat, protested in the streets with “Hell no, we won’t go!” They screamed at the top of their lungs, threw bricks through windows, burned draft cards in front of TV cameras, conducted sit-ins at Congressional offices, wrote letters to newspapers, argued with their parents, formed “Vietnam Vets Against the War” and wrote books exposing the killing, slaughter and horrific deaths at over 2 million people—that our U.S. government perpetrated on the Vietnamese people. Johnson based the entire war on the fraudulent “Gulf of Tonkin” incident.

While it continued, 58,300 Americans died and 350,000 Americans suffered horrific injuries for nothing but the Military Industrial Complex, munitions makers and corporations like Halliburton. Another 200,000 combat troops that left Vietnam in one piece, later committed suicide while millions suffered from broken marriages, drugs and drunken lives on the streets. We’re still paying for the lies of General Westmorland, Lyndon Baines Johnson, Richard Nixon and our shiftless Congress. War scrambles a man’s mind for life. Our national debt rose to near $3 trillion by the end of the war in Vietnam.

What stopped the Vietnam War? College students and then parents took action from the local arena to the national stage. Why? A lot of young men didn’t want to die for nothing in a senseless war. Finally, the famed TV anchor Walter Cronkite said, “Vietnam is an unwinnable war.” At the point, President Johnson said, “Cronkite’s remarks just lost the American peoples’ support for the war.”

Race ahead to 2002 when President George W. Bush concocted the Iraq War. He forged reality with his lies about Weapons of Mass Destruction. Since then, he caused the deaths of 4,200 troops and 40,000 wounded, but killed off 100,000 to perhaps 200,000 men, women and children in Iraq. He destroyed a functioning society. President Barack Obama continues the killing of our troops and theirs in Afghanistan for the past 11 years. Why? Because we engage an all-volunteer Army that doesn’t expose the lies or the corruption of those two wars. No one speaks up, no one protests. Unbelievably senseless deaths continue.

What two things stand in common as to those three wars? (We could add Korea) The 21st century “Silent American Majority” continues like a flock sheep. We watch our country spiral into $16 trillion debt, endless news of deaths in Afghanistan and a parade of lies about our “progress” in Afghanistan while our kids keep getting shot to death by the same people they train. Meanwhile, Iraq suffers Civil War and total disintegration of their society.

Most Americans don’t care about the Afghanistan War and didn’t lift a finger to oppose the Iraq War. They didn’t and don’t involve them. Obviously, the elites, presidents and Congress realize that most Americans won’t get involved, so our leaders continue their folly. Innocent kids on both sides die endlessly while those wars accomplish absolutely nothing.

The dirty realities of life rarely affect the rich, powerful and protected.

Now let’s look at endless legal and illegal immigration. Our own corporations invest in it. Our U.S. Chamber of Commerce supports it at all costs. Hormel, McDonald’s, Marriott, Tyson Chicken, construction companies and thousands of businesses utilize this endless 21st century slave labor to save money, undercut and not pay their taxes and worse. They let the American taxpayer subsidize this labor army at $346 billion annually in taxes to pay for illegals across 15 federal agencies. (Source: Edwin Rubenstein, “Illegal immigration costs annually” Like the people who support wars, we have another cadre of corporations that make billions of dollars off American citizens’ apathy and inaction.

Like those wars, high powered and very invested interests buy off U.S. Senators and Congressmen to make sure legal and illegal migration is not stopped. Anchor babies, those babies birthed at 350,000 annually by illegal alien mothers who cross our borders illegally, continue because Congress does nothing to stop their “birthright citizenship.” Congress maintains 50,000 “lottery visas” annually given to anyone who signs up to come to America. Those visas are usually given to the most illiterate, unskilled and simply “lucky” persons around the world trying to flee their own failed countries. Finally, the Congress keeps 1.2 to 1.5 million legal immigrants pouring into this country because Americans do not know or care about the consequences.

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This flood will result in another 100 million third world immigrants imported into this country within 38 years. Former U.S. Congressman Tom Tancredo said, “We are importing the poverty of the world into the United States. It will reach a point of intractability.” In other words, we will become a poverty stricken country with no solutions as to illiteracy, poverty and welfare state.

My question: will the “Silent Majority” take action to stop this “Immigration War” on the people of the United States? In part 3, I am going to give you the power to form an armada of citizens to stop our own government from destroying our own country. Because if you don’t, parts 4 and 5 paint a very ugly future for your children.

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My question: will the “Silent Majority” take action to stop this “Immigration War” on the people of the United States?