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By Frosty Wooldridge
August 31, 2012

Part 3: The Immigration factor—using social media to bring change in government policies in our republic

If the first two parts of this series didn’t sober you up as to future ramifications to this country, parts 5 and 6 will frighten the heck out of you. We face a seriously eroded future with an added 100 million people dumped on us within 25 years. We face a total of 138 million people added to this country within 38 years—if we continue our massive importation of 3.1 million immigrants annually.

If we fail to take action, there are no ways to avoid what’s headed our way: like a parachutist whose chute just collapsed, like a United Airlines 747 that just ran out of fuel while flying at 30,000 feet, like your kids being in the Aurora, Colorado movie theater when James Holmes opened up, like you driving your car with your family over a cliff because your brakes failed to engage. You get the picture: at some point in this massive immigration loading of our country, we won’t be able to correct it. We will become victims of it. Our current “Illusion of Permanency” will not survive.

“Most Western elites continue urging the wealthy West not to stem the migrant tide [that adds 80 million net gain annually to the planet], but to absorb our global brothers and sisters until their horrid ordeal has been endured and shared by all—ten billion humans packed onto an ecologically devastated planet.” --Dr. Otis Graham, Unguarded Gates

Endless and mass immigration will take this country and all her citizens down a path from which we will never recover. Present day immigration undermines the very foundation of our culture, language, religion, our way of life, our communities, our standard of living and our quality of life. It destroys our environment. It wrecks our cities. It pollutes our air faster than nature can clean it. It poisons our water systems.

This week, I interviewed on five national radio shows. I spelled it out to listeners across the United States, “If we fail to stop endless immigration, no American of any race, creed, color and economic position will escape the accelerating consequences…crowding, gridlocked traffic, higher home prices, lower wages, water shortages, energy crisis, food prices, standard of living, social cohesiveness, etc. It’s not the immigrants’ fault. It’s ours for continuing mass immigration. We must change course.”

What you can do and what you must do to make change: social media

Our third president, Thomas Jefferson said, “Dissent is the highest form of patriotism.” What he meant: engaging the people you elected to office is the highest form citizenship of a constitutional republic. If you fail to engage, you lose all your power.

As you know, cell phones, iPods, smart phones, the Internet and other social media brought down the dictators of Egypt, Tunisia, Libya and soon to be Syria this year in what was known as the “Arab Spring.” Just plain old folks like you and me toppled a bunch of nasty and brutal men out of power.

Today in America, we suffer from corporations taking over our Congress and dictating against average Americans. As mentioned, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce works against the American laborer. Powerful moneyed interests as described in this series make certain that legal and illegal immigrants possess more rights, privileges and financial support than taxpaying Americans. Those same interests make sure the line of immigrants will continue streaming into our country until we’re all in the same mess as described by Dr. Graham.

I’m told my columns reaches 1.5 to 2.5 million American readers inside our country, Canada, United Kingdom and Australia. If only 10 percent of readers engage with social media, we too can start a “revolution of change” inside America to stop endless immigration into our country. We can drive it to the highest talk shows, highest news sites, highest conversations and ultimately, stop mass immigration into our country and/or at least reduce it to less than 100,000 annually.

Since I am running out of space, we’ll start today with the first part “A” of Part 3 and add Part “B” next time to really give you the fire power in the next column.

What you can do

Send Roy Beck’s two videos from to every list and every radio station talk show host you can find on the Internet. Invite them to watch these two videos to educate them as to what we face if we continue endless immigration. Call your TV and radio stations in your town and get their addresses.

Send these two videos to all your lists and ask them to send it to all their lists. Send to all your friends on Facebook. My Facebook address is “Frosty Wooldridge”. Send me a “friend request” and I’ll “friend” you and keep you advised. Send these two videos out to all your friends on Facebook. Sent it out on LinkedIn, Twitter, Nook, Sony and Google. Educate everyone. Create a “consciousness shift” via education.

In a five minute astoundingly simple yet brilliant video, “Immigration, Poverty, and Gum Balls”, Roy Beck, director of www.numbersusa.ORG, graphically illustrates the impact of endless immigration. Take five minutes to see for yourself:

“Immigration by the numbers—off the chart” by Roy Beck

This 10 minute demonstration shows Americans the results of unending mass immigration on the quality of life and sustainability for future generations: in a few words “Mind boggling!”

In your letter to your lists, ask everyone to join for free and become a faxer of pre-written letters and you may become a phone caller at urgent moments when Congress is about to pass another amnesty or the president usurps our Constitution with another illegal amnesty. Members can do more damage to corporations and open borders advocates with only five minutes of pushing the buttons to send your faxes.

Also, join and for free and become members of the largest organizations attempting to reduce all immigration to sustainable levels of 100,000 annually.

This is just for starters because I have run out of space in this commentary

Start writing letters to top TV hosts. Can you imagine if Charlie Rose faced 1,000 letters, emails and phone calls this week demanding that he address overpopulation and mass immigration? How about 10,000 letters? Let’s get busy.

Start with:

Mr. Charlie Rose, PBS
731 Lexington Ave.
NY, NY 10022
Ph. 1 212 617 1600

Template letter for email, hard copy and call his producers. Be sure to write the email and the snail mail and make that phone call. He won’t be able to ignore 1,000 or better yet, 10,000 Americans contacting him.

Dear Mr. Rose:

America is on course to add 100 million people in 25 years and 138 million people by 2050. (Source: US Census Bureau) Those numbers are unsustainable as to water, energy, food, resources and quality of life. That many people will create water, energy, housing, environmental, quality of life and sociological consequences we won’t be able to solve.

I urge you to interview some of these top experts in order start a national discussion and debate as to how many people the United States can continue to import into this country before our civilization becomes unsustainable.

Kindest regards,
Your name
Your address
Your phone number

Experts to interview:

Dr. Diana Hull at
Dr. Albert Bartlett at
David Paxson at
Kathleene Parker, population/immigration/environment—
Roy Beck director
Don Collins at Population balance
Richard Heinberg at “Peak Everything”
Edward C. Hartman at “The Population Fix”

Chris Clugston: Following is a high level summary of a detailed analysis of America’s “predicament” and its inevitable consequences. The complete analysis and associated models, evidence, and references can be found here. On American Sustainability—Anatomy of a Societal Collapse (Summary)

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Bromwell Ault, Eminent Disdain: Triumph of Cynicism Over Integrity in 21st Century America,

Dell Erickson, environmentalist, writer & speaker on energy, population, and sustainability; Director of Research, Minnesotans For Sustainability

Dear reader: this is only the beginning. Part “B” of these “solutions” will give you dozens of outlets to contact. Together, we can force change through social media.

The worse decision you can make is to think that you can do so little that you do nothing at all. Make Thomas Jefferson proud by taking action.

Listen to Frosty Wooldridge on Wednesdays as he interviews top national leaders on his radio show "Connecting the Dots" at at 6:00 PM Mountain Time. Adjust tuning in to your time zone.

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Endless and mass immigration will take this country and all her citizens down a path from which we will never recover. Present day immigration undermines the very foundation of our culture, language, religion, our way of life, our communities, our standard of living and our quality of life.