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By Frosty Wooldridge
October 16, 2012

Wouldn’t you love it if Obama and Romney would actually address the accelerating problems facing our country and give reasonable answers—and then actually take action once they reached the White House? Instead, moderators like Jim Lehrer asked ridiculous questions that avoid the nitty-gritty of our nation’s woes.

I’m willing to bet that if Romney or Obama would give this speech, the citizens of America would vote them into the presidency in a landslide. If one of those men would implement the principles, policies and practices both here in the USA and overseas, we would gladly elect them.

If one of them said, “Since we have wasted 10 years in Iraq and 11 years in Afghanistan and $800 billion, and we have killed over 4,000 of our finest young men and women, and we have accomplished nothing whatsoever to stop terrorists in all that time, I will pull out of those countries 100 percent upon my first day in office. I will take the words of President Thomas Jefferson, “The United States must avoid foreign entanglements.” We don’t need 552,000 military personnel on 700 bases around the world when we need our own country’s borders guarded. The military waste can no longer be continued. I will bring them back home.”

If one of them said, “We can no longer survive in excess of 20 million illegal alien migrants in our lands. I will strictly enforce internally our present immigration laws as to hiring, transport and housing of illegal migrants. I will create attrition through enforcement. If anyone jumps our borders, he or she will be fingerprinted, photographed and sent home. If caught again, they face 10 years in prison with no hope of parole. The buck stops with me. As to legal immigration, the current 1.2 million annual legal immigration numbers are too high, take jobs from Americans and overload our country as to environment, schools and welfare. I will work to reduce all immigration to less than 100,000 per year. We can help other countries with their people in their own lands. We cannot afford to be the final destination for endless immigration. Additionally, we only allow immigrants that benefit our country and speak our language and do not use our welfare system and are compatible with our culture and way of life. We will no longer invite people with incompatible religions and cultures into our country. It is counterproductive for them and us. ”

If one of them said, “As to Muslims and the Middle East, we will no longer fund Pakistan, Egypt, Iraq, Afghanistan or any other country. We need to allow them to settle their own differences. No more bloodshed of our own young men and women. We will not financially support any more governments in the Middle East or any other countries around the world. As to travel, because all terrorist activities have been young Muslim men, we will profile all Middle Eastern men who might travel to our country as a way to discourage violence to our citizens.”

If one of the candidates said, “Since we import billions of dollars of manufactured goods into the USA through free trade that has caused a $1.3 trillion debt to China, I will create “fair trade” so that China buys $10 billion in goods from us and we buy $10 billion from them. This will benefit our workers by creating manufacturing jobs in our country to support our citizens instead of citizens of China. It would also stop the trade deficits we face from unequal trade.”

If one candidate said, “To stop drugs from coming into America, I am taking 28 thousand troops out of Korea and place them on our Mexican border. That would stop drug trafficking within 30 days to a trickle. It would stop illegal immigration quicker than the Navy Seals who took out bin Laden. If needed, I would take the 140,000 troops in Afghanistan and put them on the Canadian border. I will use common sense and rational action to enforce our borders.”

If one of them said, “I will work for American citizens and communities to bring back the finest jobs that will promote the finest schools and deliver the finest rebuilding of infrastructure within the United States. I will work for American citizens to better their lives and the lives of our youth. I will change the 46.9 million Americans living on food stamps by introducing workfare/education-fare for welfare. I will make educating our minorities and personal responsibility and accountability the mainstay of our nation. I will fund it by bringing home most of our military personnel on those 700 bases and those useless wars.”

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Obviously, these common sense solutions would get the next president elected in a heartbeat. We need a national conservation of energy bill to accent energy conservation. We need massive alternative energy research. We need water conservation. We need to force welfare people off the “easy street” rolls and onto jobs that enhance their lives by being responsible and contributing to our society. We don’t need what this lady espouses in this video.

We need a president who talks straight, is an All-American president, one who doesn’t hide his past and supports the American way of life 100 percent with all his mind, heart and soul. If one of the candidates gives this speech, he would win hands down.

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We need a president who talks straight, is an All-American president, one who doesn’t hide his past and supports the American way of life 100 percent with all his mind, heart and soul.