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By Frosty Wooldridge
September 26, 2005

At this moment, we pedal loaded expedition touring mountain bicycles through Europe. My friends and I pedaled from 500 miles north of the Arctic Circle, Norway into Denmark, Holland, France, and now into Germany�on our way into the Swiss Alps. We head south toward Italy with a final destination of Athens, Greece. Our mileage exceeds 3,500 miles.

Not bad for a journalist so near age 60 he feels a kindred spirit with thousands of the gray-haired brigade also traveling on bicycle throughout Europe. It�s not uncommon seeing 80 year old women pedaling bicycles in towns one thousand years old. I travel where feudalism, kings and armies sprinkle history books with the dynamics and violence of centuries past.

In June, I pedaled over stunning mountain passes through Viking dominated Norway and its grand fjords, salmon fish farms, reindeer, fierce pride and isolation. Even awoke to the cuckoo bird�s haunting, �Cuckoo, cuckoo, cuckoo� each morning! Denmark turned into flat land with farms and towns as neat and perfect as Disneyland. Instead of windmills grinding grain, Danes feature huge white monster 150 feet tall 30 foot, three bladed electronic generating wind machines everywhere across their landscape. A short hop through Holland and France gave us a look at their countries and why they voted down the European Union and embarrassed Chirac and Dutch leaders. Sure shot a thorn into the One World order crowd. Seems like people love their countries�and like to keep them�their countries! Humanity is clan-like in nature and that will not change. Much like the myth of Marxism, you cannot succeed against human nature.

At the moment, we�re pedaling through Germany up the Rhine River past one thousand year old castles and vineyards. If you think I�m sweating a rivulet down my spine and splashing drops from my chin onto my top tube�you would be correct. Once I reach Lake Bodensee, the Swiss Alps loom in front of me.

But that�s not what I�m here to write about. I�m interviewing dozens of Europeans on their take of illegal immigration invading their countries. In the past week, British citizens suffered four bombings in Liverpool--killing a lot of people. Great Britain is scared to death because it suffers two million unassimilated Muslims that threaten the foundation of British society. It�s insidious, pernicious, pervasive and creating monstrous consequences.

Norway�s ruling elite, bamboozled by multiculturalism�s farcical insanity and their own isolation from the reality of its growing consequences�imports Third World immigrants from Africa, minorities from Kosovo and other war torn countries. Their leaders refuse examination of skyrocketing rapes, murders, female genital mutilation and drug gangs in Bergen, Tronheim and Oslo. Once they dump the immigrants, now exceeding 400,000 on their hapless four million Norwegian citizens�they scoff at anyone bringing valid complaints. The immigrants ride welfare like a new art form. They bring zero work skills, education and even less academic ability.

One Norwegian said, �These immigrants are centuries behind our society. They can�t and won�t speak our language. They are not assimilating. Rather, they are antagonistic as they flood our welfare system with babies and needs while doing nothing to earn their keep. It�s a free for all coming out of our pockets.�

Gunnar further said, �If we speak up, our own leaders call us racists. Why the government wants this growing crime, drugs, crazy religions and tension in Norway is beyond me.�

As I passed villages in Norway, I saw those immigrants hanging around the refugee centers where they resembled freshly plowed up mice in fields of thorns light years removed from their own countries. It was not only a problem for Norwegians, but placed people used to heat and sun into a country where ice, rain and snow along with six months of darkness are the norm. Talk about a boondoggle of incompatibility for Norway and the immigrants!

Amsterdam is no longer Holland. It has immigrated so many people from the Middle East and Africa that the immigrants will outnumber the Dutch within decades. Immigrants don�t and won�t speak Dutch. It�s so bad that many leaders have been threatened by Muslims after the Theo Van Gogh killing.

The Dutch closed their borders and are deporting immigrants. But it may be too late for them. One teacher said, �We�re headed for civil war within five years and it will be the immigrants against us.�

Southern France is now known as Northern Nigeria. Over five million Muslims own Southern France. They are not French, don�t speak French, and don�t respect France as French. They bring France new and unwanted problems as to women�s rights, aggressive and violent religion and the loss of the French language as the immigrants out-propagate the French. Speculation shows France becoming France-Arabia within this century. They will either lose their country and language, or wall off southern France to the immigrants to save themselves.

Germany suffers from Turks arriving in an unending line as well as Africans. After WWII, no one would help Germany. Europeans wouldn�t work or trade with them. Germans invited Turkish immigrants who suffered Third World poverty. They came but were not forced to return. They stayed. But they did not become Germans. They are tolerated.

However, since Germany is afraid of being called racist or against anything the Third World, because of their war-like history�they helplessly watch their country being overrun.

�Immigrants multiply faster than us,� one man said from Weingarten south of Stuttgart said. �They do not respect our rituals or standards. We are being overwhelmed. They are not conquering us with the sword, but the penis.�

What is the greater threat? For one thing, Germany suffers dwindling space. It is a land mass about half the size of Texas, yet it must feed and house 82 million people. One man, Uwe said, �There is no place in Germany to be by yourself.�

Farmland dominates where forests once grew. Every available space grows food. One fact about Third World people is their adherence to rituals and traditions�even in the face of critical consequences. At the current immigration driven growth, Germany�s population explodes past and exceeds its carrying capacity. That�s why a home costs a prohibitive fortune in Germany and most people live in cramped apartments. Gas exceeds $6.00 a gallon. The Germans and their immigrants will face the same consequences facing Bangladesh which houses a population of 129 million people in a land mass the size of Ohio.

Are Bangladesh�s people miserable? They set the benchmark for human misery and despair. Chinese, at 1.3 billion, suffer compaction more than any American can imagine. India is just plain miserably poor with over 1.1 billion.

Will Germany face the same fate? How about France, Denmark and Holland?

As hard as I pedal this bike, I can�t drive this point home enough: The fact is the Third World grows by 85 million desperately poor people annually so there is no end to the line. The sobering reality is America accepts four million people a year�more than all other nations combined.

Instead of solving the population crisis at the core in those countries�all First World countries adding immigrants create the same crisis�given enough time�in their own countries.

Who is at fault? For starters, the Catholic, Islam and Protestant churches throughout the world adhere to 2000 year old doctrines that dwell in the past with paradigms that fail present realities. They cling to the past to the detriment of their own followers. They advocate unlimited birthrates. Secondly, leaders suffer fear from those religious power houses so much so; they won�t take necessary actions to step into the realities of the 21st century. Third, capitalists equal the equally archaic mantra of �growth, growth, growth� at any cost so a few become wealthy while the masses suffer. The fact is we�re tearing this planet up. Fourth, politicians egocentrically won�t see or look beyond the nose on their faces. Instead of looking toward a viable future, they pander to the capricious present. Finally a gullible and �in denial� public in Europe and America allow themselves to be led like sheep to the slaughter.

No one on either side of the Atlantic addresses the myriad of accelerating consequences brought about by immigration.

What are you doing? What will your children do if you continue your silence? Ask anyone in Bangladesh if they would have liked their parents to take a different path toward a sustainable population? Forget it, most in that miserable country can�t read or write and half die before age five from starvation or starvation related diseases. They are too weak to answer your questions.

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Up ahead, I face the Swiss Alps and enormous, gut busting climbs. My legs strain under the load of my heavily laden mountain bike. However, I succeed one pedal stroke at a time. We�re all in this together. Let�s get busy working to get our borders shut down and forcing this president to serve Americans and our citizens instead of foreign interests and foreign populations crashing our into our country. The one fact remains that in any given crisis you must save yourself first before you can save others. In my next column, I will talk about 'Money, Power and Critical Mass' and how Americans can change this nation-destroying dilemma of immigration.

� 2005 Frosty Wooldridge - All Rights Reserved

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Who is at fault? For starters, the Catholic, Islam and Protestant churches throughout the world adhere to 2000 year old doctrines that dwell in the past with paradigms that fail present realities.