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By Frosty Wooldridge
September 30, 2005


Danger of Critical Mass

One thousand eight hundred years ago, Romans allowed Vandals an open ticket into Italy. Big mistake! The Vandals and other barbarians--Romans were barbarians too, but that is another story--gained critical mass. Consequently, Vandals overwhelmed Rome. The once greatest civilization known to humanity gasped its last breath in 476 A.D.

If you believe the United States, as the world�s only superpower, is too mighty to fall, look around you for graphic evidence pouring into every state in the Union.

Today, as most Americans carry on their busy lives, they don�t realize we suffer invasion much the same as the Romans. We tolerate 10 million illegal Mexicans in our country. That is one-tenth the population of Mexico transplanted into our country. They gain added thousands daily as they race across our borders without end as Bush says, �They do the jobs Americans won�t do.� He forgets to add, �At a living wage.� This invasion drives our working poor into welfare lines and we all pay.

What George Bush and corporations don�t tell you is that Mexicans swell toward critical mass. By sheer numbers they displace legal American citizens and legal immigrants with their foreign language, incompatible and barbaric culture, i.e., horse tripping dog fighting, cock fighting, cop killings, female abuse, corruption all levels, drug distribution and worse. They strut their arrogance while breaking our laws. Barry Hatch, a former Californian living in Utah, last week, on the Barbara Jean radio talk show, stated, �I left California because that state is lost to Mexico. It�s no longer a part of America.�

Mexicans present bumper stickers in Los Angeles that read, �F**k You! This is Mexico.� One TV station pasted up a billboard that read, �Welcome to Los Angeles, Mexico.� Hundreds of radio and TV stations spew Spanish and have nothing to do with America�s culture. Eleven thousand members of MS-13 gangs and the 20,000 member 18th Street Gang of Los Angles enjoy immunity from arrest via Special Order 40. These gangs distribute $128 billion in drugs arriving through Mexico annually that enslave our kids. It�s called Third World Momentum.

Two million illegal Chinese inhabit America according to the March 2004 issue of Forbes Magazine. We suffer over 20 million illegal aliens�and each group grows in critical mass�daily. Remember Rome watched the same phenomenon occur right before its eyes�and its leaders did nothing.

To organize the illegals, some of the most racist organizations promote separation from America. LuLac, Maldef, La Raza and Mecha sustain agendas to take our four Border States back into Mexico. Our politicians allow them and our corporations promote them. Why? They are rich and insulated, isolated and above the human wave of Third World poor destroying our schools, medical systems and functioning society.

As a clear red flag, even Governor Napolitano of Arizona and Richardson of New Mexico declared a state of emergency from illegals overrunning their states. But still, Bush, like he stumbled with Katrina, refuses to put troops on the border.

If you look at Detroit, Michigan, Muslims create a new ethnic city-state more like Baghdad than an American city. You would be hard pressed to hear English being spoken as those Middle Eastern immigrants monopolize the motor city. What is happening? They, both legal and illegal, are not assimilating into America as Americans. They will attempt to grow their immigrant numbers as they elect congressmen in their overloaded districts to grow their critical mass. Notice hundreds of Muslims Mosques popping up all over America. These are the same mosques protecting terrorists in their enclaved communities. It�s called �ethnic sympathy�. Remember this, no Muslim immigrants built this country, but Muslim terrorists are trying to kill America. In Europe, they�re simply out-populating Europeans.

From Canada, Don Nuttall said, �Here in Canada, our politicians have opened the flood gates to immigrants for years. Why? Because that�s how they get elected and the problem now is the immigrants themselves have now become politicians and are telling those of us who were born here, who we will and will not let into Canada and what is right and wrong for the country.�

Vancouver, Canada, is now called �Hongcouver� as the Chinese have run Canadians out of that town by sheer numbers. Great Britain swallowed the serpent by immigrating Middle Easterners who show no allegiance to that nation and in fact, show arrogant disregard for their host country. The same follows for France, Belgium, Holland and Germany.

Back in America, 10 million illegal Mexicans now out number all other minorities and African-Americans have become our third largest minority after Hispanics. Mexicans will out number blacks and whites in Los Angeles as Americans flee the growing trash, crime, corruption, school destruction and diseases that are overtaking the City of Angels. It�s called Third World Momentum. At some point, illegal Mexicans and their offspring could vote California to separate from the USA. Or, they will make it so caustically and culturally miserable that no Americans, black or white, will live in LA.

Okay, this is as depressing as finding out you have pancreatic cancer with three months to live. I�m not thrilled with it myself. I�d rather write my next bicycle adventure book instead of trying to alert my country to this impending disaster.

However, in all this bad news, a seed of opportunity explodes into the limelight. What is the Achilles Heel of illegal aliens growing critical mass? WE legal American citizens of every race, creed and color STILL possess the majority CRITICAL MASS in our country. We also love our country and our kids� future. We are the BIG DOGS and this is our yard and our home. And, like a canine, we will bark, bite and die defending our turf. Illegals are the intruders and they know it. Once we regain enforcement of our laws by sheer numbers of demanding it, we win. This functioning society and its citizens will not go quietly into the night. The power of critical mass can destroy us if we wait or can save us by taking action now.

Yes, this is a thumbnail series, and it needs to be sent to every Tom, Dick and Harry as well as Mary, Paula and Susan in America. Send it to grandma and grandpa to harness America�s gray power. It needs to go into every news service website in America and I will submit it to hundreds of newspapers.

What are some of the best actions you can take?

1.Join and become a weekly faxer and/or caller. The letters are pre-written for your approval. Push a button once a week and you�re part of critical mass and it�s quick and easy. Become one of hundreds of thousands of people. It�s one of the most powerful grassroots organizations and I know Roy Beck its director and respect his work. Let�s give him 10 million members. It�s free to join and become involved.

2. Become involved with for up to the date information and action plans. Join and use that booklet to educate your communities and gain critical mass. The Social Contract quarterly magazine enlightens you to this horrific national and world crisis and shows you how to take action.

3. Nationally join with William Gheen a man I know and respect. D.A. King runs from Georgia. Ron Bass runs in New York. Barbara Coe heads California�s for your involvement. Go to in California with David Durham and with Dr. Diana Hull. in DC with Dan Stein for Federation for American Immigration Reform. Craig Nelson at in NYC. with Bay Buchanan. in NV with Mark Edwards. Reach my website for a listing of all immigration websites in your state so you can become a part of the critical mass needed to stop this nightmare. In Connecticut contact Paul Streitz at Read everything with Peter Brimelow at and in Indiana.

4. Send your demands to major TV and radio networks that you want them to interview people who know this national tragedy inside and out. You may not like some of them, but they are the ones you must reach to change their minds with your critical mass. Once you get them on our side, it will be like dominos falling. Send stations demands to hear the following outstanding speakers:

D.A. King at;
Dr. Madeleine Cosman at;
Terry Anderson at;
William Gheen at;
Dr. Bill Herron at;
Chris Simcox at;
Peter Gadiel at;
Bonnie Eggle at;
Robert Vasquez at;
Luca Zanna at;
Frosty Wooldridge at;
Ezola Foster; Jim Gilchrist at;
T.J. Bonner; Andy Ramirez, Glenn Spencer;
Rob Luton, Barbara Coe at to be interviewed on national programs:

Katie Couric on,
Oprah at
George Noory at
Laura Ingraham at
Mike at
Bill O'Reilly at
Rush Limbaugh at
Lou Dobbs at and
Chris Mathews at Hardball@MSNBC.COM
Brian Williams at
60 Minutes at
Charlie Rose
Bob Schieffer
Tim Russert
Chris Matthews
Stephanopolous NPR at or or
Wall Street Journal

Be relentless with your emails, calls and faxes over the coming months!

5.Get elected to local offices in your state. Run for Congress and join Tom Tancredo, Jim Gilchrist and others. As this crisis grows, you will be amazed at how fast you will be elected to the Senate and House if you run on a �stop immigration� platform. You�re doing this for yourself; you are doing it for your country and your children.

6. Demand your congressman join Tom Tancredo�s IMMIGRATION REFORM CAUCUS in the House of Representatives by calling 1 800 648 3516 or 1 877 762 8762.

7. Send me more ideas on what we can do to create critical mass to save America.

Above all, move, work, act, plan and involve yourself in your country. You can bet that Maldef and La Raza strive 24 hours a day in their goals to Mexicanize America. You can be sure Bush and his corporate friends work with massive money and media power to manipulate public opinion toward their goals of globalizing, killing our borders, sovereignty, quality of life and standard of living. Bush is a globalist who is bent on destroying our borders and sovereignty.

If Bush, Cheney and Congress have their way, we�ll see another 20, 30, 40 or 50 million illegal and legal migrants. They will turn America into a corrupt, Third World country like Mexico. We will suffer the loss of our single language, functioning schools, hospitals or communities at peace.

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Remember American critical mass is the key to preserving our country. We must take action every day as if our children�s lives depended on it. By taking consistent, positive, determined, unwavering, collective action�we win! It�s time to change the course of history into our favor as Americans. Rome didn�t! We must. It starts with you. YOU must be relentless for your country and your children.

"A nation can survive its fools, even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within....for the traitor appears not to be a traitor...he rots the soul of a nation...he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist." --Cicero, 52BC

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If Bush, Cheney and Congress have their way, we�ll see another 20, 30, 40 or 50 million illegal and legal migrants. They will turn America into a corrupt, Third World country like Mexico.