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By Frosty Wooldridge
March 1, 2013

While we Americans see our country inundated with joblessness, debt, crowded cities and environmental dilemmas, few of us question why our U.S. Congress continues a steady flow of nearly100,000 legal immigrants every 30 days. If you asked the average American on the street if he or she was aware of that enormous number of immigrants, the reply would be, “I had no idea.” Most Americans don’t have a clue.

Yet, those numbers of legal immigrants pour into our country monthly. With our 47.7 million Americans subsisting on food stamps, why import that many immigrants every month? Why allow them into our country when we already suffer millions of our black, poor white and Hispanic minorities standing in welfare lines and living below the poverty level? A full 13 million American children live below the poverty line. Many suffer from lack of housing, adequate food and malnutrition.

Let us examine some of the ramifications of continued mass immigration:

First, endless growth creates breakdowns on many levels. You may hear that growth means financial prosperity, but like any entity that outgrows its normal boundaries, only consequences can ensue. In reality, the more immigrants, the lower the wages for our working poor, our least educated and our most vulnerable minorities. The more people that sit down to the table for the financial or job pie, the less each receives for his or her work.

Second, while we enjoy an astounding amount of natural resources in North America, the more of us that tap into those resources, the faster we consume and deplete them. For example, if you keep digging down to the bottom of your popcorn bucket at the movies, you eventually run out of popcorn to eat. Today, we import seven out of ten barrels of oil at a tremendous drain on our finances. Six states suffer water shortages, but our country grows by approximately 2.1 million annually from legal and illegal immigrants plus their birth rates. Our own “population momentum” adds another 1 million. Therefore, we accelerate toward adding 138 million people by 2050—a scant 37 years from now. The more people, the fewer natural resources.

Third, the more people added to America causes a deterioration of our quality of life. Big cities create enormous “carbon footprint” ; “water footprint” as well as “ecological footprint.” Added up, the carbon exhaust into our biosphere degrades our environment. When you add the crush of gridlocked traffic and the compaction of city dwellers, their quality of life degrades commensurately. Citizens of Chicago, New York City, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Houston and San Francisco find themselves buried within concrete jungles, steel, glass, air pollution and noise. Such compaction runs counter to the human spirit.

Fourth, we find ourselves importing more and more natural resources from other countries. That cannot be sustained. Lack of non-renewable resources will become the most daunting challenge ever to confront America. To continue adding more and more people means that all of us will enjoy less and less.

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Fifth, no matter how many people we allow into our country, the developing world adds 80 million, net gain, annually. Thus, our efforts to alleviate peoples’ suffering by allowing them to migrate to America actually creates more suffering in the long term. Why? Those countries that continuously grow their populations do not see any incentive to balance their populations as long as western countries absorb their human overload.

We must come to terms with stabilizing our country in order to remain a viable civilization in the 21st century.

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First, endless growth creates breakdowns on many levels. You may hear that growth means financial prosperity, but like any entity that outgrows its normal boundaries, only consequences can ensue.