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By Frosty Wooldridge
October 3, 2005

How would you like an unrestricted line of pregnant mothers from foreign countries arriving at your local hospital and birthing their babies in your maternity wards? What if those pregnant women arrived in the USA illegally and gave birth to 383,000 every year, decade after decade? How would you like it if your tax dollars paid for those births, subsequent schooling, welfare, food stamps, assisted housing and resulting jail sentences for crimes committed by their offspring?

Welcome to America�s great give-away by your Bush and Congress!

In a blockbuster report, Dr. Steve Camarota, July, 2005, �Births to Immigrants in America, 1970�2002,� shows nearly one-fourth of mothers in America are foreign-born and one in ten is an illegal alien.

Camarota found a whopping 42 percent of births to immigrants arrived from mothers that crossed our borders illegally with the single goal of becoming an �anchor baby mother�. Once here, it�s a free 18 year welfare ride for that mother and baby with kindest regard from your president and Congress out of US surplus�oops�I mean by adding more to our $7.5 trillion national debt. Oops�and another $200 billion for Iraq War and $200 billion more for New Orleans!

These are illiterate Third World mothers who, like birds to a feeder, know a good deal when they see or hear about it.

�The large number of births to illegals shows that the longer illegal immigration is allowed to persist the harder it is to solve because these U.S. citizen children can stay permanently, their citizenship can prevent a parent�s deportation, and once adults, they can sponsor parents and relatives from the former country for permanent residence,� Dr. Camarota said. �The issue of births to illegals also shows that a �temporary� worker program would inevitably result in the permanent addition of hundreds of thousands of people to the U.S. population each year, exactly what such a program is supposed to avoid.�

Dr. Camarota�s extensive study stands as a harbinger for things to come in every city in the United States where immigrants, both legal and illegal, enclave. This past spring, Camarota�s findings manifested in the Denver Public School system. In a five part series in the Rocky Mountain News, May 16�20, 2005, titled: �What Happened?��It reported how 5,663 eighth graders started the eighth grade in 1999 and five years later, a pathetic 1,884 graduated. (

The unfolding facts illustrate our deepening national crisis. Colorado is the temporary home (at some point they will be deported as Americans wake up and demand our leaders follow the law) to a quarter of a million illegal aliens. A whopping 30,000 of their children attend Denver Public Schools while speaking over 40 languages. They are functionally illiterate in English as are their parents. They cost Colorado tax payers $140.6 million annually over and above any taxes their parents may or may not pay. Denver classrooms suffer so much chaos and futility that one in five teachers quits or demands transfer out of the DPS system during the nine month cycle. Fights and stabbings occur regularly with a 16 year old killing a 17 year old last spring.

The front page of the Rocky Mountain News featured Pattyanne Corsentino, a Middle School teacher, showing worn Science textbooks she used for her class. Corsentino spent $3,800 of her own money for basic teaching supplies last year. She told the DPS board members that classrooms couldn�t afford more cuts. (Source: February 23, 2005, front page)

To bring this nationwide crisis into greater focus, the Center for Immigration Studies showed how the average head of an illegal alien family uses $2,700 more in welfare and other social services than he or she pays in taxes. Therefore, multiply that figure times the number of parents with illegal alien kids in our classrooms and you�ve got an enormous payout from your tax dollars NOT available for your kids. To date, the latest figures show between 1.2 and 1.5 million illegal alien kids using America�s public schools.

The report failed to show the consequences to American students who must endure 40 different languages, drugs introduced into their schools, intimidation by gangs in schools, and worst of all, a total breakdown in the academic environment in the schools.

What does that mean for America? A republican form of government necessitates four cornerstones for its sustained functioning ability. It must maintain a highly educated population that discusses, debates and intelligently solves challenges--toward a common goal for the common good. Secondly, a free society needs to maintain a similar ethical code whereby every citizen follows that code of conduct in their daily affairs. We can�t have people looting and stealing at the drop of a hat as seen in New Orleans or the 2,000,000 criminals in our prisons due to felony crimes against other citizens. Third, a free society demands a moral code whereby all citizens adhere to the �spirit� of what makes the society function. We cannot celebrate or tolerate growing numbers of Charles Mansons� from other cultures like Muslim terrorists among us. Finally, we must maintain a single language which allows us to discuss, debate, change and grow as a single nation with a cohesive and invested citizenry. If you look at the figures in the Denver Public School system and extrapolate them throughout the country�you can�t help but sit in your seat astounded at the speed of this immigrant invasion.

In 1970, 228,000 immigrant births made a small impact across the country, but by 2002, 915,000 immigrant births exploded onto American society. Adding 383,000 anchor babies annually created even more problems to our hospitals nationwide. Leading the crisis with three million illegal aliens, California lost 86 hospitals and ER wards to bankruptcy in the past two years from illegal aliens using but not paying for services. Federal laws force hospitals to serve those federal criminals who broke over U.S. borders to gain entry into America. They swamp most health care systems throughout the country as their numbers swell. How many?

Because of Teddy�s immigration plan, we�ve grown from 194 million in 1964 to a whopping 295 million in 40 years. Dear fellow citizen, that is a mind boggling 100 million people added to our country in a blink of time.

Mind you that the American woman averages 2.03 births during her lifetime. Therefore, Americans are not exploding our birth rates. The foot stands down squarely on the shoulders of legal and illegal migrants. And again, I remind you that they arrive from Third World countries where birthrates soar as they grow by 85 million annually. Thus, we solve nothing for them or their countries while we sew the seeds of our own destruction as a functioning society as well as a viable nation.

To drive home the crisis of an illiterate populace, in 1990, 64.4 percent of Hispanic mothers did not earn a high school diploma. By 2002, they maintained 58.8 percent without diplomas, but their childhood bearing jumped to 915,000. What does that mean for you and me? It means more welfare babies, crime, drugs, robberies, drunk drivers on our highways and the Spanish language destroying the integrity of English in our classrooms.

�We estimated the cost to taxpayers for illegal alien births stood at $1.7 billion,� Camarota said.

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He did not include the costs as to illegal aliens in our Federal prison system at $1.6 billion annually. He did not expose the 57,000 cars stolen in Arizona each year by illegal aliens. He did not figure in deaths, robberies, money sent out of America by illegals at $56 billion annually, voter fraud, welfare fraud, costs of educating illegal aliens which runs into the billions, and a host of consequences to numerous to list in this column. Why so much lawlessness and fraud? Long time traveler to South America, Heath Boatwright said, �Corruption is so rampant in South America that it becomes a mechanism by which their societies function. When they discover millions of their countrymen in the USA, it is easy to continue their corruption as a normal part of their standard behavior.�

Camarota�s report shows us how deep, wide and insidious this immigration dilemma stands in America. It shows duplicity and complicity by governors, senators, congressmen, mayors and all the way up to George Bush.

Dr. Camarota�s report: Births to Immigrants in America, 1970�2002,�

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Because of Teddy�s immigration plan, we�ve grown from 194 million in 1964 to a whopping 295 million in 40 years. Dear fellow citizen, that is a mind boggling 100 million people added to our country in a blink of time.