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By Frosty Wooldridge
March 23, 2013

Any way you cut it, President Barack Obama and Congress refuse to enforce immigration laws within the United States. Additionally, they refuse to secure the borders.

With over 20 million illegal alien migrants working and residing within the United States, many Hispanic Americans have worked into key governmental positions. Such individuals encourage more immigration into America—even at the expense of Hispanic poor minorities that cannot secure jobs in an overwhelmed market. The more immigration, the less jobs. Simple mathematics provides a despairing future for all Americans.

Report Shows Senior Administration Official Has No Interest in Enforcement

Dan Stein, president of the Federation for American Immigration Reform, , spoke to me about the predicament of high level sympathizers for endless immigration.

“A report written by President Obama’s top domestic policy advisor more than 20 years ago, when she served as a senior immigration policy analyst for the National Council of La Raza (NCLR), ought to raise some serious red flags with members of Congress,” said Stein. “In 1990, Cecilia Muñoz published a report that was sharply critical of the 1986 IRCA amnesty because it failed to maximize the number of illegal aliens who “were theoretically eligible for legalization.” Of course, there is virtual universal acknowledgement that the 1986 was widely abused and that many illegal aliens obtained amnesty fraudulently.

“Muñoz was also highly critical of the employer sanctions provisions of IRCA, claiming that they were ineffective in preventing illegal aliens from working in the U.S. and resulted in discrimination against certain minorities. Employer sanctions were ineffective because groups like NCLR and others fought efforts to make them effective. Allegations that employer sanctions resulted in discrimination were never proven.

“This dusty old report from 1990 is extremely relevant to the Obama administration’s effort to enact amnesty in 2013. As director of the White House Domestic Policy Council, Muñoz would play a critical role in implementing any legislation passed by Congress. She would have a hand in writing key regulations that are as important, if not more so, than what Congress writes into a bill.”

Muñoz’s complaints about the 1986 amnesty:

“Employer sanctions are inherently discriminatory.”
“…the first stage of legalization failed to maximize participation from the pool of eligible applicants.”
“In the wake of this ‘one-time-only’ program, the nation appears to be left with a least as many undocumented people as when it first considered these proposals.”

Muñoz’s 1990 recommendations for a future amnesty:

The U.S. should complete, and expand, amnesty for illegal aliens.
Should focus on border enforcement, rather than worksite enforcement.
“Congress should repeal employer sanctions.”
“Congress should reject proposals to develop any type of identity card.”

The full report authored by White House official Cecilia Muñoz is available from FAIR upon request.

Unions Play into Hands of Big Business

“Negotiators from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and the country’s largest federation of unions, the AFL-CIO, have been feverishly working to devise a plan to increase access to foreign workers,” said Stein. “After setting a deadline to release a proposal, reports surfaced that talks between the groups broke down. In an apparent effort to combat this rumor, the Chamber and AFL-CIO published a brief and very general set of principles late last week.”

The principles include:

Vague promise to give Americans “a first crack at available jobs.”
Need for a new guest worker program that would actually allow foreign workers to remain in the U.S. permanently.
Creation of a professional bureau within a federal executive agency to advise Congress and the public about real-world labor market and demographic data.

“It is clear that the two groups remain far apart on the details of a possible guest worker program,” said Stein, “however the fact that they’ve agreed to undermine the American worker by bringing in more foreign labor – even at times of high unemployment – should appall the U.S. union members the AFL-CIO claims to represent. As Senator Jeff Sessions (R-Ala.) pointed out, the Chamber has no interest in border security and job security for Americans. Its one clear objective is access to cheap labor, something that a massive guest worker program and amnesty for millions will guarantee at the expense of U.S. citizens.

“So why is the AFL-CIO on board with the beginnings of a plan that will hurt their own members? Amnesty might help some unions in the short term by increasing membership, but would undermine the purported values of unions in the long term. Unions, and large federations like the AFL-CIO, cannot claim to advocate for better jobs, wage controls, and worker protection for Americans when they support amnesty and foreign guest worker initiatives that directly undercut a majority of their members.

“Ultimately, by supporting a guest worker program and amnesty the AFL-CIO and other union leaders are giving the Chamber of Commerce exactly what they want – more cheap labor and mistrust of unions amongst American workers.”

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FAIR Updates Obama Non-Enforcement Timeline

“First released in July 2012, FAIR has now updated our informative report outlining the Obama administration’s efforts to undermine immigration enforcement,” said Stein.

“President Obama’s Record of Dismantling Immigration Enforcement,” chronicles the President’s steps to weaken the U.S. immigration system from the beginning of his first term in 2009 through January 2013. The full report is available on FAIR's website.

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With over 20 million illegal alien migrants working and residing within the United States, many Hispanic Americans have worked into key governmental positions.