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By Frosty Wooldridge
April 2, 2013

With the multitude of challenges in the world, many Americans wonder how can they keep a positive attitude. Many wonder if our country will survive what our U.S. Congress continues to rain-down on our society. Many wonder if we can survive multiculturalism, immigration and national debt. Will our environment sustain us? Each of us faces real challenges that seem daunting, impossible and depressing.

While I write about sobering realities we face, my friends ask how I keep my daily life upbeat and positive. Where do I find all my enthusiasm for living? This past Sunday, my preacher gave a wondrous sermon: “Rise up and Live” to coincide with Easter. That’s what the resurrection offers. That’s what springtime offers with the first crocus popping out of the soil. It’s the longer days that present opening opportunities. With the birth of a child or the hatching of a nest of baby robins—all life renews in the spring.

Therefore, this commentary offers you an individual choice to enjoy the “Voluptuousness of Living.” I share it with you as another expression to “Rise up and Live.”

You face multiple challenges in your life. Thank goodness for that opportunity. Utopian worlds only exist in novels by the likes of Aldous Huxley in Brave New World. If you recall that brilliant story, a couple enjoyed unlimited sexual, physical and emotional perfection. They worked faultless jobs for their intellectual inclinations. Did they love it? As time wore on, no, they didn’t enjoy their lives. Instead, they escaped out of the “bubble city of perfection” by running off into the wilderness. They wanted to “feel” their lives and explore their limits.

They chose to search for their food, their shelter and their well-being by being connected to the natural world. The same applies today in our mechanized world of concrete and glass. As long as you live in America, you can do something with your life.

To be alive—is the first miracle and mystery. Next, you may choose to ­adapt, grow and renew yourself during your entire stay on this planet.

True, you may travel far and you may travel deep. You may­ travel in both dimensions—your mind or your body. In any case, ­you sometimes find that you did not know what you were looking for in your quest. ­That is the true sack of gold that awaits you the far-traveler.

You possess such power within you. Publish it to ­your friends in your enthusiasm toward life. Search for a deeper ­well in your existence and drink beyond the confusion. That deeper well, is, simply, your inner spirit, a well that commonly endures noise, computer din, meaningless work, TV, and ­the fog of your own necessity to survive in this high speed­ world.

But you can access that well of expression by your letters, ­not by lamplight, but by key board and computer screen. You may pursue­ a craft, painting, macramé, fly making or anything creative that ­you share with others.

Your ongoing message passionately expresses the “Voluptuousness of living.” That means NOT to be so comfortable ­that living becomes too easy. That means not going from an air­ conditioned house to a climate controlled car to an office ­complex where everyone wears the same suits and thinks the same ­way as they claw their way up the corporate ladder with­ accompanying stress levels and ulcers. Too much comfort and success kills your spirit. You need to know the differences—because in the opposites, come perspectives and­ appreciation. You may avoid being a spectator. You can live at a­ vibrating tingle. Like a soaring eagle. Like a leaping gazelle. ­ Like a grizzly grabbing a fish from the river. Like a north ­wind blowing. The results of that decision will become more apparent to you each succeeding year.

Life sweeps along swiftly enough without spending precious ­hours and days on useless routine and inactivity—especially watching television. Whatever turns ­you on, chase it with a vengeance. No life-crisis for men and women who­ chase their passions. You enjoy seventy odd years to fulfill your­ life and you want to fill them with the voluptuousness of living. That particularly! Be aware of pain, of joy, of­ potential within yourself—become excited for every leaf on a tree as it flutters in the wind or watching a hawk rip down from ­the sky to grab a mouse or the delight of discovering a lady bug­ on your shoulder in early spring or gazing upon a starlit sky.

It leads you to a kind of rage, too, which is the blood sister­ of love—because the people of this world make it a charming, ­insane, exciting and confusing place. You must maintain the­ ability to deal with everyone, with your mind and spirit—at full­ bore. To see is to know and to know is to fall in love with ­living, breathing, throbbing life.

It's out there for you to pursue as a man or woman and as a human­ being.

Love deeply! Care about your loved ones from family to friends. Send a friend a special note of thanks or tell him or her how much you care about that person in your life. Take your spouse out for a walk along a river or lake or trail. Tell your kids that they create delight in your world and they are very special. Tell a cashier how beautiful her necklace or that her ear rings make her face radiant. Share your love and it will rebound back to you a hundred-fold.

Believe deeply! Believe in yourself. Believe in your friends. Accept that you may choose to believe in living a good life and that you choose that path every day. Place positive affirmations on your mirror to remind you about your good fortune, your good health and your possibilities. When you believe in the positive, you create the positive energy that manifests in all your work.

Quest boldly! Create a project that turns you on and excites your soul. Quest to train for a triathlon, learn to play the piano, write a book or create the finest macramé the world has ever seen. Oh heck! Go out and clean the garage or pick up the trash along a highway near you. Your spirit offers you unlimited creative “questing” because your thoughts offer you endless possibilities.

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Life sweeps along swiftly enough without spending precious ­hours and days on useless routine and inactivity—especially watching television.