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By Frosty Wooldridge
October 10, 2013

Re: University of Southern California report, “California's Diminishing Resource: Children”

The September newsletter from USC's Price School ran the vexing headline, "How Bad is California's Loss of Children?" It stated, “The new children shortage is the latest shock wave in California’s history of volatile change, whether that involves immigration or soaring (and crashing) house prices. Now, too little attention is being given to a newly felt, dramatic decline in children, which is occurring even despite the benefits of diversity.”

Dowell Myers, USC professor of urban planning and demography wrote, "The loss of children has broad consequences down the road, and that is where our projections look. What makes this trend so ominous is that today’s missing children will lead to future losses of new workers and home buyers, and a shortage of future taxpayers to help support the baby boomer tsunami of retirees."

Nothing could be further from the facts!

Annually, our U.S. Congress pumps 1.0 million legal immigrants into the United States, decade in and decade out. Result: America grew from 194 million in 1965 to a “Human Katrina” onslaught of 300 million by October of 2007.

“U.S. Population Projections” by Fogel/Martin as well as the PEW Research Center stated that the United States expects a low of 138 million additional citizens by 2050—a scant 37 years from now.

California leads the list of the most immigrant-settled states in America. Its current 38 million citizens as well as non-citizens tax California’s water, environment and quality of life beyond measure. Even more sobering, according to these demographic reports, California expects to add 20 million residents by 2050.

To add 20 million people to a state already gridlocked, air polluted and overwhelmed by environmental disasters—sobers the calmest of minds to think that California can handle a total of 58 million people and still climbing after the mid century.

If the S744 amnesty bill passes in its current form, which is to increase legal immigration from 1.0 million annually to 2.0 million, the projections for California’s population run a “High trend” of 70,146,000 and a “Low Trend” of 65,656,000.

Dowell Myers and the University of California need to ask themselves questions like: Where will we secure more water for another 20 million people? How will we mitigate traffic gridlock in cities like Los Angeles, San Francisco and San Diego with another 20 million people? What will we do about commensurate air, water and ground pollution? Who will feed our gluttonous need for oil since Peak Oil will manifest faster and harder as we reach the mid century? What about arable land to grow food considering the “Ecological footprint” impact?

Finally, how would birthing endless numbers of children solve California’s problems in the long run? It’s called the “Exponential Function.” No entity can keep growing beyond its carrying capacity. It cannot solve any challenge by adding more numbers.

At no point in the report did Myers talk about diminishing natural resources, Peak Oil, lowered quality of life and degraded standard of living.

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We might use a metaphor of a 450-pound man who already suffers clogged arteries and ill health. Would feeding him ice cream and more chocolates solve his problems? Answer: faster death!

Instead of more babies that result in excessive demographic overload, we need less immigration, less population growth and less of an outmoded and dangerous “growth paradigm.” Instead, we need a sustainable demographic if California hopes to survive the 21st century intact.

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At no point in the report did Myers talk about diminishing natural resources, Peak Oil, lowered quality of life and degraded standard of living.