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By Frosty Wooldridge
October 24, 2005

Last spring with flowers blooming in Denver, Colorado and white clouds skidding across majestic mountain peaks, Raul Gomez, an illegal alien from Mexico, walked up to a gala family celebration. He carried a gun. Without a word, he moved behind two off-duty police officers. He pulled his weapon while the officers talked with their backs to Gomez.

On May 8, 2005, with execution-style precision, Gomez allegedly shot Officer Don Young in the back of the head. His fellow officer, Bishop, wheeled around only to feel a bullet slam into his chest. Gomez turned around and ran into the gathering twilight.

That night, Gomez pulled a full shift at Denver Mayor Hickenlooper�s Cherry Cricket Restaurant before realizing a massive manhunt pegged him as the assassin. Gomez ran home, kissed his girlfriend and anchor baby goodbye, and fled to Mexico. He remains forgotten there today.

One month later, another illegal alien, Roberto Martinez Ruiz, while driving his car with a revoked license and no insurance�turned into and allegedly killed motorcyclist Justin Goodman in Denver, Colorado.

Two months later, on September 21, 2005, Francisco Montero allegedly drove his car directly into Lafayette husband, father and motorcyclist (with his helmet on) Dale Englerth�killing him instantly.

What did all these illegal aliens enjoy in common? They lived and operated in �Sanctuary Cities� Denver and Boulder, Colorado. Police had arrested them over two dozen times among the three of them. No matter how many times they had been arrested, all three men were cut loose and never reported for being illegally living and working in our country.

After an astounding 11 prior arrests and four with Boulder police, they released Montero the next day on a non-bondable offense of reckless driving that resulted in death. Police released him for $350.00 which would have allowed him to run back to Mexico. They never checked his �IAQ� immigration status�even though he spoke no English, had been stopped 11 times and carried a counterfeit green card and forged Social Security card along with a revoked DUI Colorado license that he obtained by the bogus SS card. He was SO certain they wouldn�t follow up, and, after 11 times with no penalties, he remained in Boulder. Why wouldn�t he feel safe from the law?

�Corruption becomes a mechanism by which Mexico and other Third World countries function�which gives their citizens a blank check to feel it is normal to break the law as a regular course of living�that�s why they feel no compunction to come to America with counterfeit documents bought on street corners now growing in America to fulfill the lawlessness that isn�t being punished by American police.�

Profoundly, the mayor and city council of Boulder support the �Sanctuary Policy� two years after eight college girls were raped by eight illegal aliens two years ago. All but one Mexican was caught and now he receives three squares a day and TV time at taxpayer expense in Canon City Prison.

After a number of us investigated, Boulder finally re-arrested Montero after ICE picked him up eight days after Boulder released him. Is this complete insanity, incompetence, total madness or what? This kind of two tiered law enforcement operates in every big city in America.

It�s getting a lot of Americans killed, raped, robbed, drugged, beaten and many lives destroyed.

Raul Gomez was stopped three separate times in Denver without a valid driver�s license or insurance. Police let him go because Denver is a �Sanctuary City� supported by Mayor Hickenlooper and the Denver City Council. Wonder how they would feel if they were the wife or children of Officer Donald Young who was executed by Gomez? Goodman or Englerth?

What are the results of these Colorado citizen rapes and deaths on Denver and Boulder�s �Sanctuary Policy�? Nothing! They still support the sanctuary policies in those cities. Even Governor Bill Owens says absolutely nothing, but keeps smiling.

Dear fellow American, since I wrote my book on illegal immigration, vicious and deadly MS-13 Gangs jumped from 8,000 members in 28 cities to 11,000 members operating in 33 states. They are ALL illegal aliens. They spread drugs and kill at will. They are deadly but so are thousands of illegal aliens from driving drunk to smuggling drugs and people.

- 12/09/04 - An illegal alien shot Representative Russell Pearce's son, Deputy Sean Pearce. Jorge Luis Guerra Vargas allegedly also shot another Maricopa County deputy when both law enforcement officials tried to execute a search warrant.

- 07/23/05 - Scott Garner was killed and his wife critically injured by Ramiro Gallagos, an illegal immigrant who had five previous DUI arrests on his record.

- August 18, 2005 - A 15-year-old girl was killed, after allegedly whistling at a construction site where her murderer Jose Ramirez, an illegal immigrant, was working.

- June 2005 - A 4-year-old girl was allegedly kidnapped, molested, and killed by illegal immigrant Cornello Rivera Zamites.

- June 2002 - 19-year old Travis Smith was killed near his home in Mesa, Arizona after Isidro Arano-Flores' allegedly rammed into his truck. Flores was transporting four other illegal immigrants.

- May 18, 2005 - Amy Dumas, a 16-year-old from Massachusetts, and her wheelchair-bound father were shot dead by four illegal immigrants of Asian descent.

- April 29, 2005 - Mary Nagle, mother of two, was killed in her New York City suburb home. The 42-year old was allegedly brutally killed by Ronald Gerera Castellanos, an illegal immigrant from Guatemala. Castellanos, after killing Nagle, taunted the victim's family with what he had just done, making phone calls using Nagle's cell phone.

- January 2005 - Roberto Ramirez, an illegal immigrant, allegedly killed 21-year old Melissa Doerner in her Chicago home.

- August 2005 - Three Iraqis were detained in the city of Mexicali. They were carrying Greek passports.

- April 2005 - Six Iraqis were detained at the Mexican border after four of them entered the US through Calexico, California. They were all carrying false passports.

- June 2005 - Two Iraqis were caught trying to cross the Mexican border near San Diego. The Iraqis had paid Mexican smugglers to help them cross.

Those guys are serious about retribution. What about the ones that got into the USA. Are we ready for another Madrid train bombing? How about London subway bombing? Anyone want to be in a nightclub like the one in Bali? Who wants their daughter to be the next Central Park rape victim?

The list goes on and on into the thousands of cases. We�re being invaded with a deadly legacy already manifesting itself into the tens of thousands of American victims? A full 30 percent of illegals fill our prisons. But they leave thousands of us with heartache, pain, loss, and suffering. When will Bush and Congress, governors and mayors pull their heads out of their proverbial behinds and take action in favor of American citizens? We need our borders secured and illegal aliens effectively deported by pursuing employers of illegals. We need to give employers jail time while we deport their slaves.

How do I know about these deaths in Denver? I live here. I�ve met some of the family members. Dale Englerth lived less than five minutes from my house. I ride a motorcycle. It could have been me. It could have been you. Given the present path of Bush and Congress�more of these tragedies will play out on someone you love.

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This national nightmare exceeds anything you can read in fiction. Mr. Bush, it�s your watch and you�ve failed us miserably�starting with 9/11, lying about Iraq and on to your demonstrated incompetence with Katrina. Your support of this illegal invasion will place you in the history books next to Nero of Rome. This invasion will prove ten times more disastrous than Hurricane Katrina. Your actions disqualify you as our commander and chief. Either do your job or resign Mr. President.

Source for deaths: �A broken border will make a broken country� By Abe Villarrael, September 22, 2005

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We�re being invaded with a deadly legacy already manifesting itself into the tens of thousands of American victims? A full 30 percent of illegals fill our prisons. But they leave thousands of us with heartache, pain, loss, and suffering.