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By Frosty Wooldridge
October 31, 2005

A New Hampshire reader wrote, �After reading your November 17, 2004 "How to Destroy America"; I feel compelled to compliment you on your ability to see clearly.�

�You have issued a most profound call to arms and I find myself in agreement with its necessity. You not only have a good take on America's self-destructive plummet, you seem to know what corrective actions are needed as well,� the writer said. �However, I begin to harbor doubts concerning any success in regards to stopping the fall when I take into consideration my opinion of today's American.�

The writer illustrates a classic defeatist and disinterested attitude in present day America. The tragedy of America�s freefall stems from apathy. What if Jefferson, Betsy Ross or 1776 Minutemen said the same thing?

The man said, �America has become a land of indifferent, ass sitters. Although I do not consider myself as being indifferent, I have indeed become an ass sitter. I see our politicians� blatant disregard of truth and our leaders appear spineless when asked to do the right thing. Nothing short of a revolution can turn this thing around.�

�The government has all of the weapons including the knowledge that we will do nothing,� he said. �TV network executives are not going to air a regular "Call to Arms" type program. America's TV viewers would rather watch Desperate Housewives than learn of the imminent danger awaiting. Americans won�t even stand up until the outcome of our self-destruction is close to completion.�

�Believing such as I do, causes me to think any attempts to rally Americans to answer a call to arms is a clear waste of time,� he said. �What I see in fellow Americans leads me to believe America's self-destructive plummet cannot and will not be stopped. Therein is the reason I became an ass sitter. So.......I sit.�

�Mr. Wooldridge, I present you with this: How would you handle Americans as I see them? How would you handle a sitter like me? What could be said that could shake an indifferent, ass sitter so badly it would provoke a positive action? What could be said that could shake someone like me who sees the futility of trying to stop the fall?�

This self-described ass-sitter American poses a daunting question. What affects people to point of action from a comfortable position of inaction?

1. Actual or probable (not just possible) damage to loved ones or self.
2. Actual or probable damage or loss to personal property.
3. Actual or probable and most importantly, recognizable loss of personal money.
4. The critical rather than gradual loss of identification with our culture which is a gradual rather than critical loss of momentum.

When do people donate to cancer organizations? When they or a loved one develops cancer. When do people donate significantly to disabled organizations? When they or a loved one is or becomes disabled. Who got the Americans with Disabilities Act organized? The people with the disabilities! Who is the watchdog now? People with disabilities; not the able-bodied.

Therefore, I asked Americans what they would say. They responded with answers.

Roy Beck, director of, said, �To all those who consciously or subconsciously lean toward inevitable destruction, I say this:

1. All of the tools our nation's founders put at our disposal are still available.

2. Despite the power of public opinion elites and a few hundred corporate chieftains and financiers -- the American people have, often in the last 40 years, broken through and inserted their will ahead of the elite's will.

3. An example of #2 is that the power elites have done everything possible to keep the immigration problem out of the news while trying to radically increase the annual numbers over the last decade. They have failed at increases and they are failing at sweeping the problems under the rug. Yes, the media is still overwhelmingly opposed to the American people's point of view on immigration, but it is professional enough that it is now reporting problems in a flood now.

4. The American people are gradually asserting their opinion and are not willing to sit back. Keep in mind how effective even 10,000 highly motivated and activated Americans can be and consider that for alone, we have gone from around 3,000 active members in 2001 to 120,000 active members this fall of 2005! That is a 60-fold increase of people who refuse to accept inevitability.

5. When Tom Tancredo came to Washington in the late 1990s, he ran in a five-person primary for an open congressional seat and wanted to be a voice in Congress for our movement. Tom became this incredible lightening rod to fight against all the destructive inclinations in our society to accept the inevitability of its doom. Tom has built the Congressional Immigration Reform Caucus to more than 90 Members now -- the largest caucus in Congress. Every day on the floor and in some committee, somebody is advocating our immigration positions, and most of the time it isn't Tom because so many people want on the bandwagon.

6. Last week I spoke at a Press Conference on Capitol Hill in favor of a great new enforcement bill by Rep. Sullivan of Oklahoma. Speaking with me was Paul Egan from FAIR and four other Congressmen. This is a regular activity now. Somebody in Congress introduces a bill advancing our cause at least once a week, and more and more, two or three times a week. Members of Congress are falling all over themselves to prove to their constituents that they are on our side. Yes, the open borders people are more aggressive than ever and have powerful allies. But our side has never been stronger in Congress since 1924. Each skirmish leads toward victory for Americans.

7. Finally, I would say that the reason so many Members of Congress act and talk about something that was basically dormant six years ago is that their constituents are hounding them in a true mass movement fashion. Who is doing that? American citizens who are NOT apathetic! And they are being spurred to action by a growing cadre of writers and commentators like William Gheen, Jim Gilchrist, Chris Simcox, Barbara Coe, Terry Anderson, Jeff Rense, Frosty Wooldridge and by a burgeoning number of local grassroots groups and by increasing participation -- finally -- in this issue by some of the biggest talk radio and cable TV folks like Lou Dobbs. Also, by the growth of national movement organizations like into a size that begins to rival long-established powerhouses on other issues like the Sierra Club, National Rifle Association and the ACLU. Just our website traffic on NumbersUSA alone competes with those giant organizations. Our issue has ripened and our movement is reaching critical mass.�

Beck continued, � enjoys an email list that has just crossed the one million mark of people who aren't quite ready to be activists but who have said they are on our side and want to get information about the fight. Every day, more people jump off that info list and become active members.�

�This is an army on the march. There is no possible reason for any soldier sitting on the sidelines. We are going to lose some battles along the way because the people who make money off mass immigration have too much at stake to let us win easily. We are winning because more Americans are taking action in every sector of the United States.� Roy Beck, Director at

From Debi of Denver, Colorado, �All Americans will not respond to this very important issue no matter how much it affects them. Therefore, we need to focus our efforts to those who might be willing to take action, no matter how small. Not every one that is interested in this issue will be willing or able to be a part of the minutemen crew.

Fred of Aurora, Colorado wrote, �Don't know if this man who wrote you has children or grandchildren, but what about your kids and grand kids? What kind of country will they be living in? What are you going to tell them? That you just gave up?�

Mike of Washington, DC wrote, �If it takes two days out of the year to convert two friends, this is not a major commitment of time; it is do-able. Perhaps it will provide inspiration to our �evangelists� in knowing that they will be part of a network that is converting not just two friends, but 2,000. These are turbulent times for our nation when dramatic terms such as apocalypse, conversion, evangelist, apostle and creed take on a deeper and more significant meaning. Turbulent times demand dramatic solutions. Evangelistic conversion is high drama applied on a massive scale. This model, if applied, would prove invincible.�

In the end, we work with the willing. The more this invasion affects every citizen, the more we will stand to be counted. We are building �counter critical mass� of American citizens who realize this country is in peril. Bush can�t run or hide and he can no longer pretend. As our numbers grow, we shall vote out deadwood like Senator McCain, Kyle, Teddy Kennedy, Pelosi, Baca, Cannon, Kolbe and others who support illegal immigration at the federal level. Marc Holtzman (D) in Colorado, running for governor, shows that this issue reaches both parties. He�s running to stop illegal aliens in Colorado. We�ll vote in California�s Jim Gilchrist to stand with Congressman Tom Tancredo. We�ll vote in Randy Graf in Arizona. We�ll unseat traitor Chris Cannon in Utah along with his sidekick Senator Orrin Hatch. We�ll support Rep. Nathan Deal in Georgia. We�ll bolster Jim Sensenbrenner in Wisconsin.

"Today we need a nation of Minutemen, who are not only prepared to take arms, but citizens who regard the preservation of freedom as the basic purpose of their daily lives, and who are willing to consciously work and sacrifice for that freedom." -- John Fitzgerald Kennedy

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Jim Gilchrist, Chris Simcox and thousands of others honor that passion for our country. I stood with them on the border April 1, 2005. Yes, I am a Minuteman Vigilante and proud of it. Our fellow American in New Hampshire may enjoy his �retirement� from responsibility for his personal reasons. But for those of us who fight on--we continue growing with passion, purpose, more effective tools and the understanding that we fight for God, family, community, our state and our beloved country�America. I can think of no greater purpose and no greater honor. Lead, follow or get out of the way because this country was not built by ass-sitters!

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In the end, we work with the willing. The more this invasion affects every citizen, the more we will stand to be counted. We are building �counter critical mass� of American citizens who realize this country is in peril.