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By Frosty Wooldridge
uary 17, 2014

A book review: Who Lost America by Bromwell Ault

Part 3: Losing our national identity

“A nation is not defined by its borders or the boundaries of its land mass; rather, a nation is defined by adverse people who have been unified by a cause and a value system and who are committed to a vision for the type of society they wish to live in and give to the future generations to come.” Fela Durotoye

In his book, Who Lost America? by Bromwell Ault, the author chronicles the reasons for the loss of America’s culture, its inherent ethos and its “now-evolving” transformation into a society that no longer resembles its origins.

“We continue to explore how the ways we have failed our institutions have played out in our politics and policies and have separated us from the original intentions and character of our democracy,” said Ault. “Good government should produce an atmosphere of national responsibility and opportunity created for the people by the combined efforts of their elected representatives.”

Currently President Barack Obama enjoys a scant 36 percent approval rating by the American public. The U.S. Congress hovers around a 9 percent public approval rating. Obviously both Congress and the White House failed the American people with such poor ratings.

As we see nationally, Democrats condemn Republicans and vice versa. In the interim, they gridlock the nation’s business. The United States today suffers from an $18 trillion debt, over 10 million Americans without jobs, $1.4 trillion annual trade deficits and 50 percent dropout rates from high schools across most American large cities. Congress’ and the president’s worst record continues with the 11-year war in Afghanistan—with nothing accomplished. Lives lost and money poured down a rat hole, but the war continues without end.

“In this warfare, at the heart of our government, broad claims and accusations such as “tax and spend”, “support our troops”, “fiscal responsibility”, etc., are lobbed back and forth by both parties in a punch/counter punch process designed to provide cover in capsule form,” said Ault. “There is no effort to define the national interest, nor how we, or they, can serve it.”

Ault pulls no punches. America stands eyeball deep in quagmires it created, but cannot solve or remains too gridlocked ideologically to compromise toward solving.

On the foreign front, America pays billions of dollars to countries like Egypt, Israel and Iraq—but they continue in conflict for various reasons.

“Nations define themselves, as individuals do, and seek the approval of other nations through foreign policy,” said Ault. “This is not easy because in foreign affairs there are always games within games, circles within circles and mazes within mazes.”

In 2014, our U.S. Congress wrestles with 20 million illegal migrants who jumped the borders without invitation or stamped passports. Yet, for the past 30 years, no president or Congress enforced the laws. Now, this invasion of our country affects all of us as to depressed wages, scant jobs, multiple languages and lawlessness that morphed into “business as usual.”

“There is nothing more pernicious to democratic government than selective law enforcement,” said Ault. “It strikes at the very foundation of the democratic concept of the relation between government and citizens. For the last half century, this discrepancy between what government says and what it actually does is most evident in its broad failure to enforce the letter or the intent of its own immigration laws.”

Ault strikes the question: do we remain a nation where the rule of law prevails or do we morph into a third world country where the “elected representatives” enforce or fail to enforce laws as they desire?

If we lose the “rule of law”, most certainly we lose America. Ault defines that ongoing process presently gathering speed across the land.

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We see little movement by our 535 representatives for standing by our U.S. Constitution. They mask their “I swear to uphold the United States Constitution” with insufferable ideology and polarization.

“There would be enormous honor in being able to reform our ways of government and realign them more closely with our origins and Constitution,” said Ault. “The term ‘peace and honor’ is used frequently in referring to our various military ventures, but it has different meanings for different people. If we could end our ideological war of attrition and provide our government with a new form and direction fueled by dedicated and broad public involvement, we could achieve a real ‘peace with honor’.”

As this country slips out from under us with incoming incompatible citizens, accepted lawlessness and a multiplication of other peoples’ cultural ideas abrogating our “American Way of Life”, we must consider what our children face.

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Part 4: The true crisis in America and where it’s accelerating origins

Who Lost America? By Bromwell Ault
Publisher: Authorhouse
ISBN # 978-1-4634-7446-1

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Ault pulls no punches. America stands eyeball deep in quagmires it created, but cannot solve or remains too gridlocked ideologically to compromise toward solving.