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By Frosty Wooldridge
uary 20, 2014

A book review: Who Lost America by Bromwell Ault

Part 4: The true crisis in America

“Good government should produce an atmosphere of national responsibility and opportunity created for the people by the combined efforts of their elected representatives. Divisions will always exist as to government’s direction, and decisions must be resolved by the objective application of both personal and political integrity. The structure of government should be firm and open, and should not be burdened by becoming a proving ground for either individual or party ideology. Politics is one thing. Good government is quite another.” Bromwell Ault

That lofty statement gives credence to our founding fathers, but in 2014, via our past four presidents, we must question their motives. For the past 200 years, we Americans voted men and women into office in order to move our country forward with vision, ideas and actions. That’s not happening today.

In his book Who Lost America? by Bromwell Ault, he asks what happened to that vision. What happened to our government now reeling in hopeless gridlock by staggering through the latest crisis without a plan to stop the next calamity?

Congress skids up to the door of a “national debt” deadline with all the finesse of a drunk staggering into the gutter. Congress serves something other than the interests of the American people who elected those 535 people to coordinate the business of a successful country.

“Today, our country faces multiple, serious issues, each of which is referred to from time to time as a crisis,” said Ault. “These include the environment, immigration, Social Security, health care, energy, national deb, and of course, population. There are a host of others like nuclear proliferation, education, taxation and foreign policy.”

Ault nails down what we face by what our leaders don’t do. His 86 years grasp our current predicament better than George Will, Bob Scheifer, David Gregory, Tom Brokaw and Brit Hume put together.

“Accordingly, we must come to realize that America’s true crisis, that transcends all of these issues,” said Ault, “is the appalling and pervasive incompetence and intellectual isolation of the executive and legislative branches of our government over the past three decades, and, with regard to some matters, notably longer.”

Ault says the incompetence lies in the failure of a vision. Congress continues with a blankness that obscures the national interest. With 48 million Americans on food stamps, why can’t Congress and our presidents figure out a simple dynamic to provide jobs? If we buy 80 percent of our manufactured goods from China, which puts their people to work, but keeps our standing in welfare lines, why can’t Congress stop importing so many products from China and other countries—and start the textile factories, manufacturing facilities and mercantile goods growing in our own communities?

Everything stems from cause and result. We either use our “tipping point” of logic to work toward America’s interests or we become victims of other countries taking advantage of what Congress and our president allow them to do—undermine our jobs.

“Tipping points are unique events that can break completely with what took place before them,” said Ault, “and can create both new directions for the future and the need for new ways of thinking to accommodate their consequences.”

Today in America, our leaders and most citizens fail to see “tipping points” in our energy supplies or danger from climate change or massive pollution of our lakes, streams and the oceans that girdle North America. If we fail to take care of the basics of nature, at some point, we face Mother Nature’s backwash. One look at the air pollution and toxic waters in China and India should bear fair warning to all industrial nations.

“Major tipping points in our economy, our environment, our population or other vital areas of life can produce change, pain or chaos on a grand scale,” said Ault. “Not only do we fail to see threats in their true light, but we also seemingly cannot grasp that most tipping points are irrevocable.”

One of the biggies: our national debt of $18 trillion. Our second president, John Adams said, “There are two ways to conquer a nation: by the sword or by debt.”

Ault understands the power of debt. “We must be aware of the scale and seriousness of our true debt,” said Ault. “Its accumulation has become a narcotic to which both political parties are now addicted. It has the power to overwhelm our government and way of life, and will surely do so if we do nothing.”

Ault continues with “tipping point” factors such as Social Security, energy and immigration-population.

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He stated some sobering figures, “Last August the U.S. Census Bureau released its revised population projections predicting that our population will increase by 135 million more people by mid-century. (36 years from now) As Dr. Steven Camarota points out, such an increase is equivalent to the entire populations of Mexico and Canada moving into the United States.” (Source: , Dr. Steven Camarota)

Clearly, no one in Congress or the president give an iota of time to this gathering dilemma, but it most certainly faces our children in rather distressing ways.

Part 5: A time like no other?

Who Lost America? By Bromwell Ault
Publisher: Authorhouse
ISBN # 978-1-4634-7446-1

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Ault understands the power of debt. “We must be aware of the scale and seriousness of our true debt,” said Ault. “Its accumulation has become a narcotic to which both political parties are now addicted.