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By Frosty Wooldridge
7, 2014

Part 7: Cunning deceptions, obfuscation

The deeper you dig into GMO foods, the uglier and meaner it gets. Monsanto, Dow Chemical and ADM (world’s largest chemical company of herbicides, insecticides and other poisons) executives employ their enormous financial war chests to block detrimental reports and facts about GMO foods. They reach beyond the immoral into the amoral.

One Ph.D. researcher in Europe, Dr. Pusztai, when he expressed his concerns, Monsanto mandated his firing and threatened him with a lawsuit if he discussed his research. His 20-member research team experienced disbandment. Monsanto forced testing protocols to be dropped and funded a campaign to discredit the study.

“Then an invitation to testify before Parliament allowed Pusztai to tell his story, and all hell broke loose,” said a spokesperson for Natural Revolution. “By April 1999, the protests of informed consumers had convinced manufacturers that GMOs would not sell in the EU, and all agreed to keep GMOs out of their European products, in spite of official approvals by a pro-GM European Commission.”

Americans Ill-Informed about GMOs

In the United States, the Pusztai story received little press. The U.S. mainstream media, greased by greenback dollars, failed to discuss other data suggesting GM foods may pose enormous health risks, including:

The estimated 10,000 sheep that died in India within 5-7 days of grazing on GM cotton plants engineered to produce their own Bt-toxin pesticide.
The only human GM feeding study ever published, which shows that the foreign genes inserted into GM food crops can transfer into the DNA of our gut bacteria. This study gives new meaning to the adage, “You are what you eat.” Long after those GM corn chips you munched are history, your intestinal flora may still be churning out the “Bt” pesticide GM corn plants have been engineered to produce.

“U.S. consumers mistakenly believe that, unless the FDA had approved each and every GM food through rigorous, well-designed, long-term studies, GM food ingredients would not be allowed in our food supply and certainly could not be omnipresent in prepared foods in the form of corn, soy, cottonseed and canola derivatives,” said the spokesman. “Reality is that the FDA has absolutely no GMO safety testing requirements, and GM ingredients are ubiquitous in prepared foods. Unless a processed food contains only organic ingredients, it is highly likely to contain GM ingredients. The “research” that supports GMO safety is voluntarily provided by companies on their own GM crops and has been described by critics as “meticulously designed to avoid finding problems.””

What I found makes me sick: 44,000 FDA internal documents later made public as a result of a lawsuit revealed problems. The overwhelming consensus among the FDA’s scientists showed that GM foods showed substantive differences, so different that their consumption might result in unpredictable and hard-to-detect allergens, toxins, new diseases and nutritional problems. Agency scientists urged superiors to require long-term studies, but were not only ignored; their statements about possible negative effects of GMOs were progressively deleted from FDA policy statement drafts. Evidence of this FDA activity was presented at a Washington, D.C., press conference in 1999, another story major media didn’t publicize.

The result: The same companies that carefully avoid including GM ingredients in their European products, feed GMOs to ill-informed Americans who know so little about GMOs that, although most of us have now, unwittingly, consumed GM foods (the vast majority of processed foods contain derivatives from the four major GM crops: soy, corn, cottonseed and canola), only about one in four Americans realize it.

What’s the Problem with GMOs?

In his book, Genetic Roulette, Jeffrey M. Smith, provides a detailed discussion of the documented health risks of GMOs, including evidence of reactions seen in animals and humans. The following offer a few of the indications he provides that GMOs significantly changed the process and may produce undesirable effects:

Evaluation of gene insertion sites has shown relocations of up to 40,000 DNA base pairs, mixing together of foreign and host DNA, large-scale deletions of more than a dozen genes and multiple random insertions of foreign DNA fragments.

Sound scary? You betcha! The limited amount of research and case reports regarding what actually happens when animals and people consume GM foods does not reassure. You may be interested in a few highlights from Smith’s coverage of GMOs effects:

Rats fed Monsanto’s Mon 863 Bt corn for 90 days showed significant changes in their blood cells, livers and kidneys.
About 25% of the sheep in herds grazing continuously on Bt cotton plants in India after the cotton harvest died within a week, according to reports from 4 villages. Post mortem studies suggested a toxic reaction.
Twelve dairy cows died on a farm in Hesse Germany, after being fed a diet with significant amounts of the GM corn variety, Bt 176. Other cows in the herd developed a mysterious illness and had to be killed. Syngenta, the producers of Bt 176, compensated the farmer for part of his losses, but despite the farmer’s demands and public protests, no detailed autopsy reports were made available.

In male mice fed Roundup Ready soybeans, the structure and gene expression pattern of testicular cells changed significantly.

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All I can say, the more you read this information, the sicker in your heart and mind you become. Some pretty evil people operate in the world. Money stands as their god. They care little for you, your kids or the natural world.

As I said, my family eats organically grown foods, nothing from packages, non-GMOs, no soda pop and no synthetic sugars. Please use the organizations below to stop GMO products in America. If all of Europe did it, all of America can do it. You received enough information in this eight part series to educate you. Take action for your family.


Go to to get involved and learn how to avoid GMOs. Look for Non-GMO Shopping Guide.

Start buying non-GMO today.

Help stop the genetic engineering of our food supply.

You may become involved:

By mail: Institute For Responsible Technology, P.O. Box 469, Fairfield, IA 52556 Online: by phone: (641) 209-1765

Read the book—Genetic Roulette: The Documented Health Risk of Genetically Engineered Foods by Jeffrey M. Smith.

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What I found makes me sick: 44,000 FDA internal documents later made public as a result of a lawsuit revealed problems. The overwhelming consensus among the FDA’s scientists showed that GM foods showed substantive differences, so different that their consumption might result in unpredictable and hard-to-detect allergens, toxins, new diseases and nutritional problems.