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By Frosty Wooldridge
November 14, 2005

Did the Paris riots and fires catch you by surprise? Did those youthful Muslims burn 3,000 cars, kill a few French people, set a woman on fire, shoot at police and promote anarchy in their host nation? Even after France generously welcomed them into their huge welfare country?

Why did it go on for two weeks? Anybody have a clue?

As explained in Part I, Paris stands as a harbinger for what is coming to any country that imports large numbers of immigrants with disparate cultures and values that comprise the Third World. As clarified, the Middle East runs on a culture loaded with theocracy which means their religion dominates their government. It�s a deadly combination because it allows Imans and religious power brokers to keep their citizens illiterate�which is the case for much of the Middle East.

France did not and could not assimilate their massive immigrant load. Neither have Holland, Belgium, Britain and Germany.

Witness America�s next �Paris riots�. They will explode in Los Angeles or Chicago or Detroit or Atlanta or Miami�depending on the spark. Anarchy and social violence grow as America�s new slave class accelerates in sheer numbers.

Today in America, 10 million illegal alien Mexicans inhabit our major cities. We suffer 56 Mexican consulates supporting lawlessness in major cities. The commensurate fraud of counterfeited green cards, matricular consular cards, birth certificates, social security cards and driver�s licenses boggles the mind. We suffer millions of fraudulent Mexican employees by thousands of lawbreaking companies across America. Employers pay slave wages, treat illegals poorly and don�t pay taxes as they slip cash under the table. American taxpayers pick up the social/financial tabs of schooling, medical, imprisonment, crime, language chaos and diseases.

All the while, illegal alien �critical mass� numbers grow. They�ve made a trash pit out of Los Angeles and any other place they grow in high numbers. Examples abound in Chicago, Hartford, Atlanta, Houston and Phoenix. Crime and drugs escalate in areas where they have enclaved.

In twenty years, ten million illegal alien Mexicans that constitute one-tenth of Mexico transplanted themselves into America�unlawfully. Mexican President Fox enjoys $15 billion in cash transfers sent back to Mexico. His corruption that forced them over the border now reimburses him handsomely.

This can�t continue much longer. As their numbers grow in America, powerful organizations like La Raza, MALDEF, LULAC, MECHA and other separatist groups that demand the four borders states be returned to Mexico�accelerate in critical mass.

As you saw in the Paris fires, LEGAL immigrants rioted! Wait to see what happens in America when millions of illegal aliens riot in the streets of Los Angeles or any other city where a provocation occurs.

What if they don�t riot? Chances are�they will simply make living conditions SO unpleasant in our cities that Americans flee. Once critical mass takes over, those illegals can vote anything they want for themselves, i.e., horse tripping, cock fighting, dog fighting and other Third World rituals. They can and will use our Constitution for their own purposes. They will manifest Third World momentum in our country.

You can see examples in Los Angeles today. A billboard last spring read, �Los Angeles, Mexico� to announce a new TV station. Bumper stickers on thousands of cars read, �F**K YOU! THIS IS MEXICO.� Jay Leno is one of the few left in LA who speaks English. High school race riots in LA are common. Blacks and Mexicans coexist with razor sharp tension. Educational standards degrade into meaninglessness in California schools faster than you can flip a burger. Crime grows by the day as Mexicans imbed further into the systems faster than laws can imprison them. Illegal alien Mexicans comprise 95 percent of all felony warrants in Los Angeles.

Combine a slave class of illegal aliens from Mexico, Brazil, China, Central America and other volatile areas with a growing class of Muslims whose prime directive is to �dominate� America�and what have you got?

Disparate passion exploding into violence! Ask Paris, France. Ask Denmark. Ask Belgium. Ask Germany. Ask Britain.

There is no rational way we can continue, legally or illegally, immigrating millions of people with contrary cultures and languages diametrically opposed to the American way of life. I don�t give a damn if they �do the jobs that Americans won�t do.� This is national suicide�plain and simple.

You know what sickens me? The majority of Americans, like the French, sit on their asses watching TV and doing nothing--while this monster grows. What one action step will you take?

We must create �counter critical mass� SO huge and SO wide across America that we shut down the borders with an immigration moratorium. We cut legal immigration to fewer than 100,000 a year after the moratorium. We allow no amnesty or guest worker program that allows citizenship. We may let them work here for a specified amount of time, but we send them back after the berry picking season. We enforce our immigration laws in the interior with jail penalties and forfeiture of property and money for employers who break U.S. laws.

We must stop automatic citizenship for 380,000 anchor babies born here illegally each year. We stop all H-1B, H-2B and L-1 visas. Enforce a moratorium until items one through six are in place. Any national office holder who fails to enact such measures to �protect and defend� us, as our Constitution provides, must be ousted in 2006. Let�s start with Utah�s Chris Cannon and Orrin Hatch, along with Nancy Pelosi, Teddy Kennedy, John Kerry, Harry Reid, Wayne Allard, Ken Salazar, John McCain, Jim Kyle, Mark Udall, Diana DeGette, Joe Baca, James Kolbe and others who serve illegal aliens and mass immigration over American citizens� interests.

Californians need to vote in Jim Gilchrist and Arizonans need Randy Graf for Congress. Average citizens in every state MUST step up for elections to the U.S Senate and House on an immigration platform. We all need to vote for Tom Tancredo for president in 2008.

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It�s far past time for allowing this nation-destroying invasion to leave us in the clutches of a growing conflagration in our cities. Do we want immigrants burning down our society? Will we be the next �Rome� in future history books?

My God! We can�t be as na�ve as France! Yup! We are! However, since the Paris fires�things, they are a changin�!

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Any national office holder who fails to enact such measures to �protect and defend� us, as our Constitution provides, must be ousted in 2006.