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By Rusty Mason

May 24, 2004

Over the past year, I have been noticing a slight change in the attitudes of my conservative friends and relatives. Many suspicion that GW and them Republicans is messin' up. They see an unjust war and the massive growth of government under their boys' leadership and don't like it, not one bit, nosir.

I am encouraged by their discomfort.

But not enthusiastic. Despite the growing mountain of evidence proving them right, my Republican buddies still attack anyone who criticizes Bush or the GOP. All cerebral activity stops the moment the emperor is denounced for his actions.

I think it's because most Americans do not want to believe that their government is lying to them. Even though the average US voter knows that governments throughout history could not be trusted and that power corrupts, he still believes that his government is different, that his party, his politicians (people who live for power) can be trusted.

I'd like to point out something that should have been obvious to my conservative compatriots (and to me, too) long ago: our government ain't what it used to be. I'm not saying it needs to be fixed, I'm saying that it's not at all what the Founders set in place -- it's not the same government. The law no longer serves its original purpose, that of protecting individual rights to life, liberty, and property. It is used more often now as a weapon. Those in power are not working for liberty and justice. They see us as servants (human resource), to be beaten into submission by any and all means expedient, with little or no regard to the Constitution.

Republicans have proven themselves different from Democrats in propaganda only.

First, let's consider the Iraq war. Originally it was about WMDs. No WMDs, so then the war was about the link between Al Queso and Saddam. No link, so then the war was about removing Saddam. Saddam was captured, but then we had to rebuild Iraq and impose democracy (a cruel enough punishment in itself). But first we had to install a US-favorable government, but before we could do that we had to collect the citizens' guns and shut down opposing newspapers. And, "by God," we will torture and kill all who resist this new democracy. Now, that's freedom!

(And for those of you hoping for proof that we had to attack, remember that whatever "new evidence" miraculously appears in future, it doesn't alter the fact that the reasons for the war were bogus at the time.)

Our government, especially the executive branch, and the government-controlled media have been lying about terrorism and about our new colony in Iraq. If all you listen to is Rush, Hannity, Savage Nation, Dan Patrick, O'Reilly, even NPR or Air America, you are only getting part of the story, mostly the government's.

Also consider the Republicans' domestic shenanigans.

The Patriot Act was prepared in advance, before 9/11; no time for debate was allowed before it was rushed to the floor for vote. Then the existence of Patriot II was denied until it was finally exposed. Since then, thousands of organizations and towns across the country and the political spectrum have remonstrated against these new "terrorism" laws because of the laws' potential to finish off the Bill of Rights.

Zillions of dollars and millions of snoops didn't prevent 9/11, didn't detect several hijackings by a bunch of goat-herding goobers, and didn't help our jets scramble in time to stop it. So how are new freedom-corrosive laws going to help? Of course they won't because it's just a power grab, same as it ever was.

Think, you guys. If it's all about fighting terrorism, why aren't they enforcing immigration laws? In fact, just the opposite is occurring. Federal, state, and local governments have actively been encouraging more illegals and forbidding their ejection. Rep. Tom Tancredo and are constantly pointing out that known terrorists are among those waltzing in from Canada and Mexico (and the flood of flotsam and jetsam is increasing, thanks to GW's amnesty).

If it's all about fighting terrorism, why is racial profiling illegal (it's one of the highest crimes in the land)? Young, male Middle-Easterners are allowed to board flights without comment while white, wheelchair-bound old men and women are routinely harassed and subjected to humiliating searches.

If it's all about fighting terrorism, why all the lies about Iraq? And why are we intentionally provoking more terrorism?

And look at what's happening to our legal system. Federal judges increasingly have been increasingly basing their rulings on UN / international law instead of the Constitution and US law. Why? And why is there a big move in DC to rewrite our constitution (a new "constitutional convention" they call it) so that it will be more global, more tolerant, more in line with the UN?

Why are Republicans giving the UN more money and power? Why do our schools, under Bush's "No Child Left Behind" programs, teach "global citizenship" instead of a traditional American education? Why are gun control laws continuing to tighten and the socialist expansion of government accelerating under so-called conservatives?

The answers should be obvious to the most casual observer. These changes are evidence of the intentional destruction of American sovereignty and liberty by US government insiders. And GW and other phony baloney conservatives are leading the charge. His "war on terror" and "educational standards" are just the excuses. It's all a sham. You have been duped I tell you.

The average Greek, Roman, Russian, German, Jew, or Frenchman wouldn't believe that his government would or could turn on him, even though he could see it happening right in front of him, albeit in slow motion. He believed that his democratically elected snake-in-the-grass would probably do more good than harm.

Early Americans knew better. They had a healthy disrespect for all government, fiat money, empire building, and war.

My friends, you have been put to sleep by the socialists' utopian lullabies. You are dreaming if you think the Republicans or the Democrats are your saviors.

We are being murdered in our sleep. It is time to wake up.

� 2004 - Rusty Mason - All Rights Reserved

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"I think it's because most Americans do not want to believe that their government is lying to them. Even though the average US voter knows that governments throughout history could not be trusted and that power corrupts..."