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By David Dastych
January 17, 2010

The case of Ambassador Leo Emil Wanta:

Part I of this article catalogued events leading up to the illegal arrest of Ambassador Leo E. Wanta on July 7, 1993, in Lausanne, Switzerland. It was the beginning of a nightmare destined to haunt the Ambassador for many years… until the present time, in fact.

To add to Leo’s injuries, as soon as he was "imprisoned" on falsified charges, the ruthless Wisconsin authorities sold his former Wisconsin family home, behind his back and without his permission, for a knock-down price of around $60,000, and kept the proceeds. All attempts to procure a proper accounting of this theft have failed. So far. (Interview, M. Barnewall, June 11, 2009: Wanta said, “After they illegally took my family home, the property was occupied by a State of Wisconsin Attorney.”)

By March 1994, Leo Wanta had already languished for nine months in what he terms "a Swiss dungeon." The U.S. government distinguished itself at the outset by forcing him to be strip-searched in the snow. It is behavior indistinguishable from what happens in the Soviet GULAG (about which the U.S. State Department affected such outrage for decades).

At least four attempts were made to murder him inside the U.S. Of these, the most outrageous was the criminal behavior of a Deputy Sheriff who drove up to the Kettle Moraine Corrections Facility in Wisconsin, changed into prisoner’s clothing, established proximity to Leo and attempted to murder him in the washroom. On that occasion, his life was saved by Duty Sergeant Randy Miller who dragged the deputized murderer out of the washroom and the prisoners’ quarters. The intruder fled back to the administration area, took off his false prisoner’s clothing, dressed back in his Deputy Sheriff’s uniform, and made off in his County car.

When these successive Soviet-style liquidation attempts failed, the Soviet technique of trying to have Leo certified insane, was attempted. After the seventh attempt, his fate was sealed when Dr. Connie Lee, Chief Psychiatrist for the State of Wisconsin, mindful of such abuses and fully satisfied that Leo was mentally stable and proficient, refused to go along with the State’s conspiracy and certified Leo to be of sound mind. After that episode, attempts to delete him from history ceased.

Leo Wanta was moved around the U.S. prison system. For example, he spent from 1998 until September 2001 at a maximum-security facility in the State of Oklahoma. During that period, he was regularly removed from his cell. His cell was searched, items were taken from it and they were not returned. The papers taken from his cell included legal documents, files, and papers from attorneys. A routine was now established whereby Leo was deliberately moved around the Wisconsin/US prison compounds, so his mail always lagged behind his latest movements, and/or failed to catch up with him.

Institution authorities from the State of Oklahoma informed him that they lacked certain background information on him and requested his cooperation in obtaining it. Leo cooperated and learned from institution personnel that they had queried the Wisconsin State Department of Corrections, which had confirmed that no criminal background report was available on him.

Meanwhile the Central Intelligence Agency put word out that Leo Emil Wanta was dead.

This false information was disseminated among strictly compartmentalized agents and cadres, with poor knowledge of the broader picture, and throughout the relevant sectors of the international financial community. Given this ‘tabula rasa’ situation, the coast was clear (or so the criminalists assumed) to ransack, steal, misappropriate, misuse, divert, claim, usurp, collateralize, hypothecate and otherwise unlawfully exploit the $27.5 trillion of which Leo Emil Wanta was and remains the sole Principal and Trustor. All concerned were happy with this illegal state of affairs – which has continued without ceasing. They have also used the Ambassador’s $4.5 trillion compromise funds Settlement agreed in May 2006. On June 28, 2001, eight years after his illegal arrest, Leo Wanta was released from prison and on November 28, 2004, Leo Wanta’s parole case was discharged absolutely. He began his consecutive probation case. (End of comments based on facts as presented by World Reports.)


Leo Wanta has had no probation violations. On July 21, 2005, Wanta’s court-ordered financial obligations were paid in full.

Perhaps the best way to end this era of Wanta’s life and look hopefully to the future is with a letter from Wisconsin Revenue Agent Angela Dunlap. In her February 18, 1999 letter to Wanta’s California CIA attorney, she said: “The Department of Revenue has no record of a delinquent tax account issued to Lee E. Wanta…” The letter is on State of Wisconsin Department of Revenue letterhead.

Recent “Wantagate” Developments

Ambassador Wanta’s restrictions have been lifted, with effect from November 14, 2005, thanks to a loan of $ 35,000 from the Publisher of International Currency Review – World Reports, Christopher Story. The loan enabled Leo Wanta to pay the unlawful tax (which Wanta had already paid) plus interest. Payment was duly confirmed. Earlier, in 2003, “in an unexpected move” Wanta filed a court case. Although the case was dismissed under sovereign immunity, he received verification from the court that his status as legal Trustor is valid. This decision of the District Court of Virginia (April 15, 2003), announced by a truly independent Judge, Gerald Bruce Lee, charged Wanta with repatriating the $ 23 trillion from foreign sources and instructed him to pay taxes on it. He told Wanta to use federal collection courts as a recovery process.

In 2006, due to an Agreement Wanta made with the Bush Administration, $ 4.5 trillion was wired to Wanta care of Bank of America in Richmond VA. He has never been able to collect the money and pay $ 1.575 trillion tax to the IRS. Interesting, isn’t it? In 1993, Wanta was arrested on a bogus charge of non-payment of Wisconsin taxes. In 2010, the government prevents him from paying $1.575 trillion in taxes he openly admits he owes the IRS on the $4.5 trillion wired to him in 2006. Why won’t the government allow Leo Wanta to collect his money and pay his taxes? It appears an “invisible hand” in the federal system stopped the money flow. Was the agreed upon $ 4.5 trillion stolen? If so, who did it? That’s really the most important question.

In the last few years Ambassador Leo Emil Wanta and/or his lawyers wrote several letters to U.S. President George W. Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney. Each letter proposed positive ways in which Leo Wanta could use his funds to help his country. With his repatriation funds he proposed purchasing Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae so a stable base could be put under America’s faltering real estate market. No response. The repatriation of the secret U.S. intelligence funds ($ 23 trillion) could go far to ease the pangs people feel from U.S. economic problems. It could have prevented the U.S. financial crisis. (Some of Wanta’s letters are archived in my files).

Let me quote the last public letter by Ambassador Leo Emil Wanta, dated January 13, 2010, addressed to President Barack Obama and other members of his Administration:

Mr. President: -

I am ready to work with you and your good presidential offices, to rebuild Haiti WITHOUT USG Tax US Dollars, upon the immediate release of my personal monetary funds of US Dollars 4.5 trillion _ plus interest accruals; less my personal/civil repatriation/federal tax payment upon my economic receipt, in conjunction with my preferred US Treasury Bond Investment programs, inter alia.

Please advise so we can develop immediate food/rebuild/safety/medical etc. programs forthwith.
Thank you for your rapid response to these emergency conditions to assist the Haiti Populace, inter alia. No need for a second Katrina incident...

Thank you... Lee

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Will President Barack Obama answer Leo’s letter and proposal? I doubt it. The officialdom in Washington D.C. usually ignores Leo Emil Wanta. Maybe they will appoint a Czar to dispose of his money. Who knows? Maybe that has already been done – at least for the $ 4.5 trillion that has disappeared, the $4.5 trillion wired in 2006 to the Bank of America in Richmond, Virginia that has disappeared. For part one click below.

Click here for part -----> 1,

� 2010 - David Dastych - All Rights Reserved

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David Dastych is a veteran international journalist and a former intelligence operative. In 1961, he joined the Polish Foreign Intelligence Service. Between 1961 and 1968 and in 1973 he worked in Western Europe, the US, and Asia (Vietnam and China). In 1973, in South Vietnam he joined the C.I.A. He later worked as a journalist and political analyst, specializing in the Soviet and East European regimes with foreign institutes for strategic studies, and with American and other Western diplomatic missions and international organizations.

Between 1976 and 1981 Dastych worked as a Public Relations Officer, then as an analyst and Deputy Manager of the Japanese Foreign Trade Organization (JETRO) in Warsaw (1982-1983). In 1987, Dastych was arrested. The Polish Communist Military Tribunal sentenced him to 8 years for spying for the CIA and allegedly for the Japanese Prime Minister’s Intelligence Service. Having served 3 of an eight year sentence in special wards for political prisoners in Warsaw and Barczewo Prisons, he was released in 1990 after the collapse of communism in Poland.

From 1990 to 1994 Dastych worked with several intelligence services monitoring illegal nuclear trade. In 1994, he broke his vertebral column in a mountain accident in France. After several years of cure and rehabilitation, he resumed his career as a journalist, free-lance editor and columnist and writes for, among others, Polish, American and Canadian media. He runs his own media agency serving foreign authors and businesses.










Leo Wanta was moved around the U.S. prison system. For example, he spent from 1998 until September 2001 at a maximum-security facility in the State of Oklahoma. During that period, he was regularly removed from his cell. His cell was searched, items were taken from it and they were not returned.