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By Ken Freeman
October 16 , 2012

[Note: Last week this article was posted by mistake under the name Kelleigh Nelson. Here is the article again under it's proper name.]

“So what do you want? Dumb Growth?” this feller yelled at me from across the meeting room. He thought he was smart. (I thought that smart was probably only the first half of his handle.) I was supposed to be instantly shamed into silence. I wasn’t. “Why yes I do,” I replied. “If you mean by that- dumb is what we want to do with our lives and property and smart is what you want to make us do. Under that definition, dumb is what built this country. If dumb means the people’s freedom to choose, then dumb is better.”

He was a government trained facilitator. He was not supposed to lose control. But he did. He slammed his briefcase shut and stormed out of the room. By now folks had figured out what he was really up to anyway, so for him, that might have been smart.

We, on the other hand, are just dumb. Lots of smart people say so. The government tells us so and you know they wouldn’t lie to us. The news media thinks we’re dumb too. They think we are so dumb that they have to tell us what we just heard someone say one minute ago on live TV. When they explain what we should have heard if we were smart, instead of what we actually heard, this is called “spin.” The environmentalist’s think we’re dumb too. They believe that we are too dumb to know what we should do with our own property.

People who are really smart and are therefore qualified to tell other people what to do are called Socialists. These Socialists try to make our lives more meaningful by telling us what is dumb and what is smart. (They even put labels on things so we will know.) Not to make it too complicated for the simpleminded masses to grasp, they label things that we should do as “Smart ---something-or-other:” Such as “Smart Growth,” “Smart Cars,” “Smart Meters” and coming to your neighborhood soon, “Smart Food.” So anytime you see something labeled as “smart” you should automatically know that it is good because ---well-- “they” say it is. Everything else is not smart or is more commonly known as “dumb.”

Here are a few examples:

Smart Growth… Obviously we dumb property owners don’t know how to use our property. We don’t have a clue about where we want to live or work and how we should get back and forth between work and home. We were just dumb when we moved our families to the suburbs or out into the country to find a better place to raise our children. We were fools when we left the congestion and danger of the city. (When we escaped that was really not smart.) We were labeled “despoilers” because we spoiled the countryside. They figured that we couldn’t spell “despoilers” so as a favor they called us sprawlers. They figured we could understand that. (Sprawl sounds like some drunk laid out in an alley doesn’t it? Not a pretty picture.) “Sprawl” is actually defined as when you live where you want to live. “Smart Growth” is when you live where the Socialists want you to live. Obviously Sprawl is bad. Smart growth is good. The fact that we are willing to travel several hours a day back and forth to work in order to keep our families from living in substandard conditions or to have the freedom to live as we chose means we are just dumb. We should all repent and move into five story walk-up “ghetto style” buildings downtown, with no yards and no automobiles allowed, like the Sierra Club wants us to do. That way we could quit uglying up the countryside with our homes and schools and families and we could give 60% of America to the United Nations and the environmental groups as wildlife habitat. 50% of America would be “human free” as Mother Earth and the Socialists want it to be with another 10% used as buffer zones to keep ordinary people from contaminating the wilderness. This is all explained by some very smart people in the “The Wildlands Project.” I still don’t understand why I should want to go along with that. I guess I am just dumb. But maybe you can figure it out. See for full details and maps that show whose land they are going to take. If you want to be smart you’ll read this.

Smart Transit: Highways are bad; they take you where “you” want to go. It is much smarter to build subways and light rail systems and then force people to live next to them. This is sometimes called “smart transit” but usually as “mass transit.” Even though the systems that have been built in Washington State and elsewhere have cost taxpayers billions of dollars to build and most people refuse to ride them, these Socialists still know that this is what we need to do. I have seen figures that prove that some of these systems on the West Coast cost the taxpayers more each year than it would cost to buy every regular rider a new automobile; an automobile by the way that would actually carry them where they wanted to go. But it is called “smart transit” and it is part of “smart growth” so it must be smart. We are just dumb not to like hanging on to those straps, jammed up with all those tired, crabby, smelly people everyday.

Smart cars: You have heard those advertisements about people who are dumb and accidentally lock their sleeping babies up in their cars with the engine running or have an accident and need help. These smart cars talk back to them and tell them that help is on the way or simply unlock the door for them. Amazing; they know exactly where they are without being told. Recently I read about a court case where smart people from the government were listening in on what bad guys were saying while in their cars. Now we find out that not only can we talk to them when we want to, but they can listen to us when they want to. They don’t want to distract you while you are driving so for safety’s sake they don’t always tell you when they tune in. This makes police and FBI eavesdropping so much easier. Also, the control module built right into your dashboard monitors your engine RPM, highway speed and breaking time etc. so that way if you have an accident, you won’t have to remember all these things in court. Somehow that doesn’t seem right to me. To most of the cowboys I know, their truck is like a member of the family. If your spouse can’t be forced to testify against you, it doesn’t seem like your truck should either.

Smart Meters: A smart meter is that new-fangled electric meter, the ones with the digital read out instead of the dials, that you most likely already have hanging on the outside of your house. They are part of the “Smart Grid” that will control your electric power consumption. This is literally a power grab of the highest magnitude.

You know, every time one of the “Smart People” gets an idea, you can practically see that little light bulb symbol shinning above his head. Ordinary people, on the other hand, according to them, don’t even have enough sense to turn off a light switch. Therefore, they have to be able to do it for you. That is why a smart meter is so wonderful. This is all for your own good, of course, and will help you be smart and save power and therefore save money by not using electricity when you want to.

How does this marvel work? Well, not to worry, smart people have already taken care of everything without you even knowing about it. All you have to do is buy smart, now called energy efficient, appliances which already have smart chip technology built right in. The government will even give you incentives to trade your old dumb appliances in and buy new smart ones. Then the smart meter can “talk” to the appliances and they can tell it when they are on and how much power they are using and then the smart meter tattles, (oops, I meant talks) to the power grid, which talks to the smart people running the smart grid and determines if you should really be using that appliance at that time or if you are using more than your fair share of Mother Earth’s resources. If they decide that you are being greedy by running your air conditioner too cool or dumb by drying your clothes at a convenient time for you but not for the power company, then they can shut off the offending appliance, or indeed your whole house if you continue to be dumb about it. Even though they have the technology, they probably won’t do this right away. At first, they will probably just charge you mitigation fees (a sin tax, as it were) if you use too much power or use it when they don’t want you too. (After all, we need power for Al Gores’ massive heated pool and concrete sidewalks around his estate; so just cooperate, will you!) They could have called it an extortion fee or a freedom penalty and that thing outside your house could have been called a “snoop meter” instead of a smart meter but mitigation fee just sounds so much less threatening, don’t you think? But now that I think about it, it sounds like un-mitigated gall on their part to me. I just must be dumb.

It occurs to me, also, that there is not much difference between the electronics of a speaker and a microphone, and many communication devices have both, so if smart appliances can talk to each other, then things like radios and TV’s can probably also listen- and tell the power grid what you and your family are really up to.

Comprehensive Plans: Comprehensive means just what it says; it controls everything. It encompasses everything about your life and the way you live it: where you live, how you live, where you travel, what you teach your children, what you eat and eventually what you are allowed to think- or at least speak out loud. All of the smart items listed above are, or eventually will be, spelled out in the Comprehensive Plan and it serves as a contract with federal agencies and the UN, which must be followed by local government. After all, this is for “the greater good” as they, the smart people see it. In fact, they can’t comprehend how you dummies can get by without it.

All of these “Smart Items” fall under the United Nations Agenda 21 program called, “Sustainability.” Sustainability means to make something last for a long time. The best way to make something sustainable is to not let you and me use any of it. If we don’t use it, it can last practically forever. In the old days Americans used what was at hand or invented what they needed for the future.

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This Nation was built on optimism and self-reliance. Sometimes an awful lot can be accomplished by dumb people if they don’t believe that it can’t be done. Our Nation was dumb to fight England for independence. We were dumb to settle the West and we were really dumb to fight many, many times over seas for the sake of other people’s freedoms. Building America took courage, sacrifice and a lot of hard work and innovation. America was known the world over for our “can do” attitude. Now we are learning to just “do without”. Doing without is what they lovingly call Sustainability.

I think I liked “Dumb Growth” better, when people were free to live their own lives without government interference. Back then we saw our future not “as a glass half empty” but as a future to be renewed with human innovation, faith in the human spirit, individual responsibility and hard honest work. I liked it better back when people had common sense. Back then people knew that a man was more important than a minnow and that government was supposed to be smaller and more efficient. Back then the people at the Department of agriculture were smarter than the produce they monitored. Back then you didn’t have to be told when something was smart, you just knew. That was back when we believed that the Supreme Power was God and not The United Nations. I miss back then. I guess that makes me really dumb.

� 2012 - Ken Freeman - All Rights Reserved

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Ken is the Chairman of The Alliance for Citizens' Rights, (ACR) a group dedicated to protecting and preserving the property rights of the people of the United States. He has authored many articles on and debated numerous topics relating to property rights, the Alabama Constitution, the constitutional convention (an attempted re-write movement) and other topics on Alabama television, in live public debate, and on talk radio.

Ken and vice-chair of ACR, Don Casey, travel widely giving presentations on Sustainable Development and helping to form organizations that defend Constitutional rights. In the 2012 Alabama Legislative Session, the ACR authored and then strongly supported passage of what is believed to be the first Anti-Agenda 21 law enacted anywhere in the world. This law forbids Alabama's state and local governments from cooperating in any fashion with Agenda 21, United Nations mandates, or their NGO's, which would violate citizen's "due process" protections under the U.S. and the Alabama Constitutions. Recently, they were instrumental in the writing of the "Anti-Agenda 21 Resolution" which was unanimously adopted by the Alabama Republican Party and carried to the National Republican Convention.

Ken has a degree in Animal Science and did post-grad work in the field of economics. He served as a Navy Pilot and Line Officer with duty stations in Japan and the Phillippines; he was deployed the equivalent of three full tours of duty to VietNam. In 2000, Ken retired as a Northwest Airlines Captain. He and his wife of 45 years have a nationally recognized pure-bred Angus cattle operation.








All of these “Smart Items” fall under the United Nations Agenda 21 program called, “Sustainability.” Sustainability means to make something last for a long time. The best way to make something sustainable is to not let you and me use any of it.