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By Kevin Abrams

March 8, 2005

"Give me control of a nation's money and I care not who makes the laws." -- Mayer Amschel Rothschild

"We will not be able to hold our politicians accountable until we get rid of the Fed." -- Howard Phillips Chairman, Conservative Caucus

"We do not enjoy liberty by grace of government, but by limitations upon its powers." -- Francis Lieber

Preface: What the Rothschild reference implies, is how through a control of money absolute control of the nation and its people are achieved - That those who control and oversee your pocket, actually control most, if not all, of your life. "None shall be able to buy or sell without a tax, or revenue number." It's a Corporate State cartel poker game wherein every trade, "deal" or business transaction is submitted to a "house" cut.

The present tax on domestic incomes, enacted in both Canada and the United States as an emergency war time measure, must today be investigated for its overall impact upon the freedom and productivity of the people who find themselves under said tax regimes. The income tax, has in fact, become a pretext for an increasing violation of the private domain and surveillance of all Americans and Canadians.

Captured in a prison of double jeopardy, the individual "taxpayer" is both, required to incriminate him/her self through the provision, to the income tax collection regime of a "confession," or so-called "tax return." So, the "taxpayer" finances his/her own prosecution, while simultaneously giving evidence against his/her "taxpayer." The so-called "Social Insurance" number, originally given as a number which identified one's financial "entitlements" in later years, has now morphed into a number which tracks one's tax "liabilities" and financial life (evidence), increasingly both in sales AND purchases.

The technocratic utilitarian utopia is not the world of freedom spoken of by America's founding fathers, but a world of surreptitious control and economic servitude. As President Thomas Jefferson observed, "the income tax is a slavery tax." And just how is this slavery enacted? Let us study the issue and how Government has increasingly become less accountable as its capacity to spend has correspondingly become largely unlimited. In fact, the modern Government cartel or Corporate entity, almost has no need of the people whatever to finance or approve of their operations. The Government simply has the Fed write a check which is then officially monatized by the US Treasury. New money or paper currency is essentially created from nothing. In effect, the domestic income tax is imposed to pay the interest levied on fiat currency issued by the Fed. In fact, the so-called "Federal Reserve" has absolutely nothing to do with the Federal Government other than serving as the originator of what is American fiat currency, paper money or legal tender.

With an ability to create an unlimited supply of fiat currency, the Government functions more like an autonomous Corporation then a representative body. The funding of multi-billion dollar black-op budgets without proper oversight and accountability has become common. The Government no longer serves the people, rather the people are designated as servants of the Government. The social "security" or "insurance" number has become a social "surveillance" number, the history of which is best described as a long term bait and switch scheme. The people vote in elections, but are forced into selecting their present "representatives" from an exclusive and narrowly defined "family" of candidates, who all belong to the same extra-governmental bodies like the CFR and Yale based Skull & Bones, of which both Bush and Kerry are members.

So, even under cursory examination, fiat money and a tax on domestic incomes undermine the democratic process, which is the heart beat of the American Constitutional Republic and the freedom and liberation for which it originally stood. Today's domestic income tax serves to pay interest derived from real wealth, on the fiat currency created by the Fed for Government expenditures. And if there is nothing intrinsically valuable about Federal Reserve notes (which are not even "notes" in the conventional legal sense) then let the printing presses rip and accountability be damned.

It's not simply, or only the banks who are responsible for this situation. Consider also those who spend the freshly created dollar bills. And dollar "bills" would be correct in the sense of, one must pay a "bill," because each American "dollar" in circulation today represents a share in debt rather than a claim on wealth. In case you haven't noticed, the, "will pay to the bearer on demand," a holdover relating to receipts issued by Gold Smiths for gold deposited in their vaults, has been eliminated from all US & Canadian Currency. Essentially, the fiat or Corporate Governments of both the United States and Canada are obligated to pay bearers of Federal Reserve "Notes" NOTHING.

Government has become an entity unto itself feeding upon the trough of paper money it compels the servants of the Corporation to accept under "legal" sanction. The system works only as long as natural persons consent to "voluntarily" remain servants of the fiat system. Ironically the Corporate form of Government which claims the status of a natural person, as do Canadian banks, today relegates the true natural person or citizen, by legalese or slight of hand, to the status of an inferior entity, legal fiction or strawman devoid of all human and citizenship rights except those "benevolently" granted by the Corporate Government cartels.

Largely unnoticed by the average natural person or citizen of the Constitutional States of America, and the natural country and government of Canada, is how Americans AND Canadians have been made slaves in their own homes through their respective Federal Reserves and the taxes on domestic incomes which accompany them. And, just as the tendency for Government to spend credit capital has come unhinged, so too has this propensity emerged amoung the average "consumer" with electronic, credit card capital expenditures - defaults breaking all previous records.

But don't worry, credit card capital is just as fictitious as the monatized check issued by the Federal Reserve. In essence, no "lender" is "loaning" anyone anything of intrinsic value, which in and of itself would or could represent a legal claim on real wealth. Could one then not postulate, if banks really lend nothing, and have nothing other than a license to fabricate fiat, electronic or paper money, then does a so-called "borrower" really owe them anything of real wealth in return?

One may conclude, which would be true of both Canada and the United States, that natural citizens certainly do not owe real wealth created by the productive and creative energy of the natural citizen. Banks today essentially lend credit and not money, which many stipulate is not commensurate with the Bank Act's regulating what and how a bank may loan. To be sure, fractionalized banking permits banks who have suffered large defaults, through reckless or inflationary lending practices to stay solvent, being that if nothing was loaned in the first place then nothing was really lost.

Today's banks, like the Fed, have a lot of "nothing" to loan, so this kind of "deficit capital," - an oxymoron, theoretically, is as endless as the paper upon which it is written. What has truly corrupted and undermined our true economies, is the capacity of unearned or deficit credit capital to out bid earned capital and real wealth in the market place. A person who hasn't worked a day in his life or created anything, but with a hundred thousand "dollar" line of credit or electronic capital, is always in a better market position than one who has worked and saved $15,000 of earned capital. The first represents a deficit or fiat debt based energy, while the other represents a true repository of real labor or earned capital. The corruption is essentially the perception that earned capital is somehow equal to fabricated or credit capital, when they couldn't be further apart.

What the Fed and its companion the IRS permit, is an all powerful Government unaccountable to the people. The Corporate Government cartels are essentially fiat Governments just as the currency they issue is also a fiat or intrinsically worthless currency. And worse, a fiat Government's currency is not only worthless, it is also a deficit currency. Picture a light bulb which EXTRACTS light from your home rather than providing lumination. The basis of a deficit currency is that it also represents a deficit in light AND life.

The right to one's personal capital is usurped by the State cartel which through their surveillance (income) tax, comes to regard so-called "taxpayers" as servants and liabilities, rather than independent and free agents entitled to ownership of the capital or wealth they create or earn through their own productive labor and endeavors. In any free society, labor produces and has first claim upon any capital or wealth it creates. Only the soveriegn citizen can build and sustain a truly free and just society.

A Disturbing Expose' of The American "Domestic" Income Tax System

� 2005 - Kevin Abrams - All Rights Reserved

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Kevin E. Abrams is not a product of Academia. Kevin refers to himself as a lay "psycho-historian," meaning, the study of "who," and the "why" of history. Over the past 20 years, he has written numerous articles on the "gay" issue, and in 1995 co-authored The Pink Swastika: Homosexuality In The Nazi Party with Mr. Scott Lively. The Pink Swastika can be downloaded free of charge at:











Banks today essentially lend credit and not money, which many stipulate is not commensurate with the Bank Act's regulating what and how a bank may loan. To be sure, fractionalized banking permits banks who have suffered large defaults, through reckless or inflationary lending practices to stay solvent